Best Bones for Golden Retrievers: Our Top 7 Dog Bone Chews

Golden Retrievers are loyal, fun and playful canine companions that are loved by Americans. However, there is one thing about this breed that isn’t so great – they are heavy chewers. Since Goldens are retrieving dogs, they love carrying things in their mouths and chew on it while it is in there.

Their heavy chewing needs can sometimes lead to destructive behaviors. When there is no chew toy for a Golden Retriever, they might start chewing your furniture, curtains and shoes. That’s why if you have recently brought a Golden Retriever home, consider investing in a high quality chew bone for them.

It will quell their destructive chewing and also provide the physical and mental stimulation your pooch needs to expand their high energy. There are different dog bones available in the market so you might feel overwhelmed to select the one that is best for your Golden Retriever.

We have listed some of the best bones for Golden Retrievers to help you find the one that is right for your canine friend.

best bones for golden retrievers

Choosing Between Synthetic and Natural Bone Chews

When you are searching for dog bones in the market, you will come across two types of bones – synthetic bone chews and natural bone chews. Both have their own pros and cons, so you can choose either of them depending on your personal preference.

Most dog owners don’t buy chew bones because they have heard stories about canines falling ill because they were left along with a chew bone. Bones aren’t really dangerous when you allow the dog to chew them under your supervision. Whether the chew bone is natural or synthetic, the risk to canine is very small and can often be eliminated by monitoring the condition of the bones you give them.

Some key differences between synthetic bones and natural bones are discussed below.

Synthetic Bones

  • Synthetic bone chews are designed to support healthy gums and teeth and come without any risk of bacteria
  • Will not stain furniture or carpets
  • Don’t have calories
  • Come in a range of flavors and sizes
  • Can cause problems if ingested by the dog

 Natural Bones

  • Are attractive to canines
  • Good quality products don’t have any added preservatives and only natural ingredients are used.
  • These bones are full of nutrients that your Golden Retriever might be missing from their diet

Best Bones for Golden Retrievers

1. Buck Bone Organics Elk Antler Dog Chews

This product might seem expensive on the first look, but it is important to note that you are getting 3 to 5 pieces in each pack so the higher cost isn’t an issue. Wild bull elk across the country shed their antlers and they are collected and used as a healthy treat for canines. These antlers are carefully crafted by Buck Bone Organics into the perfectly eco-friendly dog treat. Since they are sanitized before being packed, there is no risk of contamination. Moreover, they are unlikely to cause digestive upset. They can provide your Golden Retriever with a great source of zinc, manganese and calcium phosphorus. The texture of this bone helps scrub away tartar and plaque to promote healthy gums and teeth.

2. Fido Texas T-Bone Dental Care Beef Flavored Dog Bone

If you want a long-lasting chew bone that your Golden Retriever can hold with their paw while chewing it, then the Fido Texas T-Bone might be a good option. This dog bone is made using non-toxic polyurethane and is safe to chew. The shape and texture of the Fido Texas T-Bone works to massage teeth and gums while fighting tartar and plaque buildup. It’s both gentle and strong so you can get it for your teething Golden Retriever puppy or an adult canine. The beef steak flavor of this chew bone will keep your pooch coming back for more. The Fido Texas T-Bone is available in small and large size. The large option would be best for your Golden Retriever.

3. Pet ‘n Shape USA All-Natural Chewz Knuckle Bone

If your dog quickly chews the standard bones, then this option might be worth trying. The unique knuckle shape of the bone will keep your Golden Retriever interested in it for hours. Moreover, the Pet ‘n Shape USA All-Natural Chewz Knuckle Bone has the soft tissue and cartilage which means that your Golden will get a good teeth cleaning session as they chew the bone. One of the best things about this bone chew is that there aren’t any artificial additives and it is sourced from grass-fed cattle. While many bones splinter once chewed, the Knuckle Bone tends to crumble, which means that there is less health risk for your Golden Retriever. The shape of the Pet ‘n Shape USA All-Natural Chewz Knuckle Bone make it a great option for keen chewers like Golden Retriever and it will take a while for your Goldie to break down this chew bone.

4. Nylabone DuraChew Bacon or Chicken Flavored Bones

Nylabone makes high-quality dog chew toys and edible treats. The DuraChew Twin Pack Bacon and Chicken Flavors Bone is a great option for powerful chewers like a Golden Retriever. This combo pack gives you good value for money and the flavor variety will keep your pup interested. While your Golden Retriever chews the bone, the bristles will help clean their teeth and gums. This chew can cause issues if your Golden Retriever rubs it aggressively on their torque. So you should only allow your Goldie to chew the Nylabone DuraChew Twin Pack Bones under your supervision.

5. Nylabone Power Chew Dog Chew Toys/Bones Customer Favorites Pack

Dogs like certain flavors on their treats more than others. This means that your Golden Retriever can have a preference for beef, bacon or chicken flavor. If you want to explore different flavors and see which one your pooch likes the most, get the Nylabone DuraChew Dog Chew Bones Triple Pack.

Some chew bones are made from poor-quality materials so they can’t stand up to aggressive chewers. The Dog Chew Bones from Nylabone are built to last and they are safe for even the most aggressive chewers. Tough and durable nylon is used to make these chew bones which makes them ideal for dogs that love to chew longer. Most Golden Retrievers quickly get bored with an activity or a toy. The bone shape of Nylabone chew toy should keep your pooch interested in it for longer. This shape also makes it easier for your Golden Retriever to hold the chew toy with paws.

Since the Nylabone DuraChew Dog Chew Bones are very strong and built to last, you should only give it to your Golden Retriever if they have strong teeth. Otherwise, their teeth might break while try to chew the toy.

6. Petstages Beyond Bone Dog Toy

The Petstages Beyond Bone Dog Toy is a long-lasting bone chew that’s made to keep the most aggressive chewers busy. Your Golden Retriever would love the natural scent from the delicious bone chew. Moreover, the bone dog toy is much safer than other bones because it won’t splinter or split. This unique bone shaped toy gives canines of all ages something to chew on and helps curb the destructive chewing of your valuable possessions. It can be a great stress reliever for your Golden Retriever and the curved edges of the bone make it easy for you pup to hold the toy while chewing.

The Petstages Beyond Bone Dog Toy lasts longer than several other chews available in the market. Broken teeth wouldn’t an issue with this bone toy since it softer than other bones. As it is a chew toy, you should only allow your Golden to chew the Petstages Beyond Bone Dog Toy under your supervision. If the bone is showing signs of wear, you should replace it.

7. Petstages Dogwood Stick Bone

If you haven’t noticed, dogs love the texture and taste of real wood. These bones bring the natural flavor and feel of real wood, but you don’t have to worry about splintering. Golden Retrievers absolutely love these fake sticks to chew on!

Our Final Thoughts

If you want to attend to the chewing needs of your Golden Retriever and curb their destructive chewing behaviors, get a high-quality bone chew toy for them. We have listed some of the best bone chews available in the market for Golden Retriever. You can pick any of these bones for your Goldie. Since Golden Retrievers are aggressive chewers, we recommend you choose a long-lasting bone chew. Flavor is another important thing to consider.

If you don’t know which flavor your Golden Retriever would like the most, you will have to experiment with different options to determine your pooch’s taste. All the chew bone toys we have listed above are available on Amazon making them easy to purchase. Maybe try a few to see which bones your Golden Retriever likes the best.

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