Best Chew Toys for Goldendoodles: Top 4 Reviewed

As if Poodles and Golden Retrievers weren’t adorably cute on their own, you now have the super cute and beautiful cross-breed, “Goldendoodles.”

Goldendoodles are extremely affectionate and gentle, with a very social personality. If you have this four-legged furry companion in the house, it’s best to bid farewell to boredom because they will never let you get bored! They are super fun, entertaining, and are amazing with both kids and adults.

Your Goldendoodle surely loves you a lot – just the same way you feel about them, but you know what will increase their love for you even more? Giving them their favorite chew toys!

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Goldendoodles love playing with their toys, as it’s a great way for them to relax and be happy. But even more than that, chew toys provide them with mental stimulation, allow for behavior modification, and help them develop new skills.

The 4 Best Chew Toys for Goldendoodles

If your furry buddy already has their favorite chew toy, great! If not, here are some of the best chew toys for Goldendoodles that your pet will absolutely love.

1. KONG – Classic Dog Toy

This is quite a popular chew toy among almost all types of dogs. It is recommended worldwide by trainers and veterinarians, which makes it one of the top chew toys for Goldendoodles. The Kong is a classic rubber toy sporting a bright red color that provides mental stimulation to your pet and also highly satisfies their instinctual needs.

It has a very bouncy texture that makes it a wonderful option if you want to play fetch with your pet and engage them in a lively and exciting playing session. Along with all this, the toy can be stuffed with treats, which means that your dog can almost treat it as a puzzle in order to get at the yummy treats inside.

Best Chew Toys for Goldendoodles: Top 4 Reviewed

This chew toy is made of a durable, natural rubber that greatly satisfies your dog’s need to chew, and in doing so, it further helps them adopt appropriate chewing behavior.

One of the best features of this toy is that it is available in three different sizes, along with an ‘extreme’ version that is tailored for highly aggressive chewers. So, if your Goldendoodle has quite a prominent chewing habit, this is the toy for them!


  • It is highly durable
  • Provides great mental and physical stimulation
  • Has a unique shape with an unpredictable bounce
  • Can be stuffed with your dog’s favorite snacks and treats


  • Older dogs can easily chew off parts of the toy
  • The hole is too big for large treats

2. Nylabone Dura Chew Barbell

Often referred to as the number ‘one’ chew toy for dogs, this Chew Barbell toy is an excellent option for your cute little Goldendoodle. It is a chew toy that greatly challenges all the determined chewers out there and also properly satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew.

This is quite a large chew toy that is mainly intended for dogs that weigh over 50 pounds. It has a textured appearance that not only keeps them busy but also helps clean their teeth. A great feature of this chew toy is that it has a delicious peanut butter flavor that your Goldendoodle will truly love.

In terms of durability, this toy is said to be ‘as hard as a brick,’ which suggests that your pet will barely be able to make a dent in it, even with constant chewing! It’s also available in many sizes, so you can easily pick the right chew toy for your Goldendoodle.


  • Keeps pets busy and entertained
  • The textured surface helps clean and freshen teeth
  • Fights destructive chewing habits and behaviors
  • Can alleviate puppy teething pain in the initial critical stages


  • Aggressive chewing can cause gums to bleed
  • Some dogs might find the material to be too hard

3. Nylabone Romp ‘N Chomp Chew Toy

This is yet another incredible chew toy from Nylabone and is primarily designed for teething Goldendoodles and moderate chewers. For Goldendoodle pups, this toy seriously helps comfort and soothe their hurting gums and teeth.

The toy also comes with an option to fill water inside it that you can freeze and give it to your puppy to cool or massage their irritated gums.

What makes it one of the best chew toys for Goldendoodles is that it provides a natural brushing sensation with the help of the ribbed sides of the bone toy. These sides rub against your pet’s teeth and help clean them and freshen them up.


  • Comes with an amazing chicken flavor
  • Has a great, interesting design
  • Keeps puppies busy and entertained for hours
  • Very gentle on the teeth


  • Not a great option for aggressive chewers
  • Some puppies might easily chew off pieces of the toy
  • Can be very heavy for some small dogs

4. Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring

This chew toy is referred to as the sturdiest chew toy that you can buy for your dog as it’s practically indestructible! It’s primarily been designed to give your Goldendoodle a tough, but a highly safe toy to chew to their heart’s content.

It is an excellent chew toy for aggressive and strong chewers and is even an excellent fetch toy for your playful pet. The toy feels extremely solid and sturdy, which means that it will last a very long time, even under the toughest usage conditions. It also has a hint of soft squishiness that perfectly complements its dense and firm texture, making it highly appealing to most dogs.

This chew ring toy is available in several different varieties with varying colors and textures, which help pet owners choose one that is most suitable for their Goldendoodle.


  • Extremely durable with a thick material
  • Can be chewed on for hours without causing any damage
  • It can roll, float, and even bounce
  • An excellent option for all outdoor games


  • Aggressive chewers can bite into it with enough effort
  • The bitter taste can be a turn off for some dogs

What to Consider When Buying Dog Chew Toys

While your Goldendoodle will literally chew and bite anything that comes their way, it’s important to give them the right kind of chew toy. When buying chew toys for Goldendoodles, there are some key features you must consider in order to get the perfect toy for your pet.

This is also because there is such a wide variety of chew toys available out there with different colors, textures, and sizes. Not every toy is meant for your Goldendoodle, which is why we have listed some features to help you get the right toy for your pet.

· Your Dog’s Chewing Habits

When buying chew toys for your Goldendoodle, you first need to figure out what kind of a chewer your pet is. Are they mere nibblers, or are they true destroyers?

Some dogs simply like savoring their chewing and taking their sweet time with it, while others end up destroying whatever they come across. Depending on your pet’s chewing personality, you should get the toy with the most appropriate size, toughness, and material.

· Quality of the Chew Toy

Given the plethora of chew toys available out there, you are likely to find a mix of quality from good to bad-quality chew toys. Look for some key traits in the toy you get for your Goldendoodle, including the coating, texture, hardness, washability, shape, and size.

Our Final Thoughts

Chew toys are indeed an excellent way to keep your pet busy and entertained for hours, especially if the toy is bought according to their needs and requirements. The best chew toys for Goldendoodles offer great durability, fun, and enjoyment, so you must look for one that has all these qualities in it for your adorable pet.

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