Best Dog Collars for Golden Retrievers: Top 7 Buyers Guide

You have finally brought a new Golden Retriever into your home–something you always wanted and dreamt of. It feels great. You were so excited that you have already bought a new dog bed, a toothbrush, a hairbrush, and a shampoo to keep your new canine friend clean. However, you forgot one important thing – a dog collar. Since Golden Retrievers are energetic dogs, you will have to take them out for exercise regularly. For that, a leash and a collar are a must.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Buying the right dog collar for your Golden Retriever isn’t easy, especially if for first-time dog owners. There are different varieties available in the market, so knowing which one would be right for your Golden can be hard. That is why we have done the hard work of finding the best dog collars for Golden Retrievers. Use our list to pick a dog collar that you think would be best for your Golden Retriever

Why You Should Get a Collar for Your Golden Retriever?

Dog collars are the ideal solution for walking a Golden Retriever. They come in a variety of styles. Some dog collars are designed to cause discomfort or constrict when a dog pulls too hard. These can be used for training but we advise against them since they can hurt your Golden Retriever.

A traditional collar would be right for your Golden Retriever. It will be comfortable and won’t cause harm to it. A harness isn’t as comfortable as a collar for all-day use. Also, if your Golden has very long hair, they can get caught up in the harness. You won’t face this problem with a collar.

However, if your Golden Retriever pulls hard during walks, a harness might be a better option since collars increase the risk of neck injury for such dogs.

Best Dog Collars for Golden Retrievers: Top 7 Buyers Guide

For pups that are more likely to slip out of traditional colors, we recommend the use of slip collars. When a pooch tries to pull or back up, these collars close around the neck without choking. This can prevent the dog from getting loose.

Tips for Buying a Golden Retriever Collar

When you are shopping for a collar for your Golden Retriever, don’t just pick a collar that looks good. Make sure that the collar would be comfortable and safe for your pooch.

Consider the Size and Weight of Your Golden

When you are selecting a dog collar for your Golden Retriever, consider the size and weight of your pooch. A lightweight webbing collar would be the best option for a puppy while a stronger, thicker collar would be the right option for an adult Golden Retriever. Also, make sure that the collar is comfortable for your pooch.

Don’t Use a Prong or Choke Collar

We advise against the use of a correctional collar like a prong or choke collar. They are inhumane and can damage your canine’s neck and windpipe.

Choose a Well-Fitting Collar

If you are buying a collar for a Golden Retriever puppy, get one that will fit them well now instead of getting something that they can grow into. You should measure around the neck of your pooch before buying a new collar so that the one you get would fit correctly. If you can get two fingers in between the neck of your Golden Retriever and the collar, it means that the collar has a comfortable fit.

Best Dog Collars for a Golden Retriever

1. Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

If you want your Golden Retriever to stand out while wearing a collar, then the Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar would be the best option for you. These collars come in black with bronze hardware or silver hardware but you get plenty of options for the inner padding including bright pink, snakeskin print, hunter green, and turquoise.

The padding isn’t just decorative but is also comfortable for your Golden Retriever so they will love wearing it all the time.

2. Circle T Leather Round Dog Collar

Circle T Round Dog Collar is made from vegetable-tanned, high-quality leather that makes it ultra-comfortable for your Golden Retriever. The leather core ensures that the rolled shape of the collar is retained after overuse.

Rolled collars are a good option for you if you plan on leaving the collar on your Golden Retriever all day long. Unlike flat collars, they won’t result in hair breakage or matting even if your Golden Retrievers wears them throughout the day. The Circle T Leather Round Collar is equipped with durable hardware that’ll stay securely fastened even if your adult Golden Retriever pulls hard. This makes it a good option for tough pullers.

3. OneTigris Military Dog Collar

Made from durable nylon with comfortable padding on the inside, OneTigris Military Collar is one of the best dog collars for a Golden Retriever. The reinforced holes and metal buckles on the collar make it stand out and your Golden Retriever will look tough wearing it. It is available in three colors including black, ranger green, and coyote brown.  The sizes available are medium and large. The medium size fits necks of 14.6 – 17.7 inches while the large size collar can fit necks of between 17.7 and 20.9 inches.

4. Soft Touch Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar

Soft Touch has combined quality, style, and durability into a single collar– the Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar. The soft padding on the inside of this collar makes it comfortable for your Golden Retriever. You can put a leash into it and take your dog for a long walk without worry about your Golden Retriever becoming uncomfortable because of the collar. Moreover, you don’t have to take the collar off until it is time for your Golden to sleep, as it is extremely comfortable. A variety of color options are available so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

The Soft Touch Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar boasts a solid brass buckle functioning as well as D-ring. Both of these are tightly stitched in and will stay secure even if your Golden Retriever pulls hard. This dog collar is available in four sizes – small, medium, large, and x-large. Large size, that fits necks of 18 to 21 inches, would be the right option for the majority of Golden Retrievers.

5. Dogline Round Leather Dog Collar

Dogline Round Leather is a great option for dog owners who want to see a classic looking collar on their Golden Retriever. Flat collars can sometimes break fur; this could be a good option for you if your dog is experiencing fur breakage issues because of flat collars. The Dogline Round Leather Dog Collar is available in a wide variety of sizes. The maximum size is 22 to 25 inches which means that you should be able to find a good fit for your Golden Retriever. Another exciting thing about this collar is that it is available in a huge variety of colors. If you are looking for a colorful and comfortable collar for your Golden Retriever, add Dogline Round Leather Dog Collar to your shortlist.

6. EzyDog Neo Classic

This dog collar is designed for active dogs which makes it a great option for Golden Retrievers since these dogs are very energetic. The EzyDog Neo Classic is extremely durable and can stand up to all the elements as well as running and swimming. Comfort is one of the central design points of this dog collar.  Thanks to its soft neoprene padding, your Golden Retriever can wear it all day long without feeling any discomfort. It is lightweight and comfy but also hard-wearing with adjustable Velcro straps. Since high-quality materials are used to make the EzyDog Neo Classic, it should be good for several years.

7. Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar

The Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar is one of the best collars currently available in the market. It is handcrafted using premium leather and its fine quality serves as a testament to that. The collar’s comfortable padded lining ensures that your Golden Retrievers doesn’t feel irritation or any kind of discomfort while wearing the Logical Leather Dog Collar. It’s handmade in the United States; if you prefer buying American, the Logical Leather would be the right option. The Logical Leather Dog Collar is also easier to clean than some of the other collars.

Our Final Thoughts

We have featured some of the best dog collars for a Golden Retrievers. Since you now have the best collars right in front of you, you won’t have trouble selecting the one that is most appropriate for your Golden Retriever. Pay attention to the size and weight of your Golden when selecting a dog collar to ensure that your Golden Retriever is comfortable wearing it.

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