Best Dog Costumes for Golden Retrievers: 11 of Our Favorites

Dressing up your pet dog can be fun. You dress up your dog for different occasions. There are so many funny, cute, and even scary costumes available online that choosing the best one can be an ordeal. The trouble is not all costumes are worth the money due to poor build quality.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

To make it easier for you to select the best costume for your golden retriever, we have scoured the net and listed 10 best costumes that will be perfect for your pet dog.

1. Lion Mane Dog Costume

Your Golden Retriever will look like the king of the jungle in this adorable lion mane costume. Whether you have a male or female dog it doesn’t matter. He or she will be looking like Simba or Mufasa from The Lion King this Halloween.

This costume for your Golden Retriever will be a big hit. It perfectly compliments the colors of a Golden Retriever. Plus, you can use it every year if you want to. The costume is easy to clean and very durable.

This lion mane dog costume also makes a great gift for any Golden Retriever owner. I mean, who wouldn’t want to turn their Golden Retriever into a lion for the day?

2. Batgirl Cape Dog Costume

Your pet dog will look great wearing Rubie’s Costume Company Batgirl Cape Costume. This costume is made by the DC Comic’s official designer. Your pet will seem hilarious and adorable wearing this costume. The cape boasts of the iconic Batgirl symbol in gold color on a black cap with distinctive batwing.

The licensed costume will have adorable features including gold on a black cape with fuzzy with a neck strap. The fuzzy net strap makes it easier to secure the dress. The distinctive gold trimmed bat wing that cut across the bottom complements the stylish design of the costume.

Your dog will look perfectly ready to fight crime on Gotham’s streets. You can dress up your dog with this costume for a leisurely walk in the park or special occasion such as Halloween.

Post pictures of your dog on social media to make your dog a viral sensation. Your dog will light-up the social media wall capturing the attention of online audiences.

3. Yoda Ears Dog Costume

Adorned in Yoda Ears Dog Costume, your dog will become a part of the force. It’s the ideal alternative for pet dogs that don’t like wearing a full costume. Your dog will appear adorable and funny wearing the costume.

The officially licensed costume features green ears and tufts of white hair that mimics the distinctive appearance of Yoda. This costume features a convenient fastener and elastic straps that make it easier for you to put on the cloth.

4. Holy Hound Pope Dog Costume

You should adorn your pet golden retriever in Holy hound Pope Dog Costume that looks holy and hilarious at the same time. The officially licensed pet costume of Animal Planet boasts of a printed robe and miter headpiece. There is also a detailed stole that completes the sacred look of the costume.

Whether you want to dress your pet dog for a pet parade, photo shoot, or Halloween, this costume is the best for your pet pal. The head-turning sacred looking costume is made of 100 percent polyester. A fastener makes it easy for pet owners to put the costume on and off.

5. Mexican Serape Dog Costume

Serape Dog Costume is another great costume made by Rubie’s Costume Company. The costume boasts of a traditional gold and black sombrero headpiece that makes the outfit looks adorable and authentic.

The outfit has an elastic under-chin strap that allows you to keep the hat fixed on the head of your canine friend. The costume is easy to put on without causing any irritation to your pet.

Available in different sizes, you can select a size that best fits your furry friend. This is a great costume for the parade, fiesta, or photo shoot. You can let your four-legged friend join the party wearing this Mexican costume and become an instant star of the show.

6. Red Tutu for Dogs

Tail Trends Winged Heart Red Dog Tutu costume is yet another great costume for your pet dog. The costume will be perfect for different occasions. The pet costume has been expertly crafted using polyester lace and wrapped with a satin bow.

The elastic waistband allows the costume to fit snugly and comfortably. You just have to slip the costume on and your dog will be ready for the pet party. The pet costume features stitched edges that reflect the quality and detailed craftsmanship.

You should let your pet golden retriever swirl around wearing this costume. The costume is great for different occasions including pet shows, holidays, and other events. Your pet dog will bring a smile on the faces of the guests as it sashays along in this costume.

7. Glow in the Dark Skeleton Dog Costume

Frisco Glow in the Dark Skeleton Dog Costume is another great costume for a golden retriever. This costume is easy to put on your golden retriever puppy so that it becomes ready for the party. The hoodie of this costume is made of soft polyester that is both comfortable and cuddly.

The glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume is ideal of a Halloween or any scary party. The costume is available is a variety of sizes so you can select a costume that is a perfect fit for your pet pal.

The costume features a leash hole allowing you easy access to the collar under the costume. You can select a costume that fits the unique size of your golden retriever.

8. Prisoner Dog Costume

Frisco Prisoner Dog Costume will make your cute puppy friend one of the cutest jail pets. You can dress up your canine furry friend with this costume that will sure to make it a star among the guests.

The two-piece costume consists of a hat and a pull-over shirt with stripes creating a genuine prisoner look. This costume has an adjustable chin strap that provides the perfect fit. Made of lightweight polyester, the costume is extremely comfortable to wear.

The costume also had ear loops that provide extra comfort. What’s more, the costume is available in different sizes allowing you to select a costume that is a perfect fit for your furry friend.

The prisoner themed costume looks authentic with the words ‘K9INMT’on the front. The shirt is comfy to wear and easy to put on due to being made of a poly-cotton blend. This prisoner costume has adjustable toggle loops that result in a snug fit. This is a perfect costume for any themed parties making your pet the center of the attention.

9. Pirate Dog Costume

Pet Krewe Pirate Dog costume will make your canine friend appear like an adorable sword buckling pirate. The costume contains three pieces including front paws tunic, skull and crossbones hat, and a dashing cape. The costume is made of a quality material that will feel comfy for your pet dog.

The costume is great for general parties and holidays. The adjustable fuzzy fastener ensures a perfect fit for the pet. The fastener allows you to easily put on the pet and ensure that it remains in places.

The premium quality material of the costume is non-toxic and perfectly safe for your pet golden retriever. You can rest assured that your canine friend will be perfectly safe in this three-piece pirate themed consume.

10. Vampire Cape Dog Costume

With the Frisco Cape Costume, your pet golden retriever will be transformed into an adorable vampire creature. The costume feels glamorous that will make your pet friend an instant star. This adorable one-piece costume will feel comfortable for your furry friend.

The costume has a built-in fastener band that fixes around the belly resulting in a perfect fit. The fastener keeps the cap in place while the extended collar that remains in place creating the perfect Dracula look. There is also a bow that looks so cute that will make the guests gasp.

The Halloween themed costume is available in different sizes. The costume is easy to put on your canine friend and also easy to put off so that you can allow the pet to answer the call of nature. This costume is great for small golden retrievers.

11. Shark Dog Costume

Rubie’s Costume Company has made a name for itself due to excellent quality customs. And the Shark Dog Costume is also one of the best. The funny and adorable bodysuit appears like a blue-and-white shark that seems to be gobbling up your poor canine friend.

The costume has large felt teeth that look like it’s gnawing at the neck. This is the perfect costume for beach or pool parties, photo shoot, and pet parade.

MUYAOPET Halloween Crocodile Dog Costume Small Large Dog Clothes Dog Party Dress (XXL, Green) Our Final Thoughts

Dressing your canine pet is a sure way to get compliments from others. Your furry four-legged friend will revel in the attention due to wearing a funny and amusing costume. Our favorite is by far the lion’s mane, which is super cute on Golden Retrievers.

When selecting a dog costume, your first priority should be the comfort and safety of your pet dog. You should not select costumes that are a bad fit. In addition, you should not select a costume with small parts that will cause your dog to choke.

Note that pet costumes are intended for wearing for short time period. You should supervise your pet throughout the time it’s wearing the costume. Avoid your pet to chew the product since small parts present a hazard for your pet.

Lastly, you should consider carrying out a few trials the night before the party. Make sure that the costume fits your dog perfectly. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable during the big event.

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