Best Grooming Tools for Golden Retrievers

Don’t you just love your Golden Retriever’s locks of golden hair, because we definitely do? As an owner of a Golden Retriever, we all want to make sure that our goldie looks and feels good. And for that, at-home grooming is necessary.

Golden Retrievers have thick fur, which is great for cuddling. However, you need to brush your snuggle partner’s hair every day and keep it trimmed to stop it from gathering dirt and dust. Even though bath time may not be their favorite, but you know you love them more when they smell nice.

It is important that you take good care of your Golden Retriever, trim its nails and maintain its fur if you want it to lead a full, healthy life. And well, you can’t do this by hand. It is essential that you equip yourself with grooming supplies and equipment.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Grooming Tools

Below, we’ve compiled for you a list of the best grooming tools for Golden Retrievers. From brushes to shampoos to ear care products, we’ve got it all covered.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

There is a wide variety of brushes available that might suit your goldilocks hair type. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is the top pick for us.

The bent wires of the brush gently and effectively remove loose hair and untangle tangled fur without harming your pet’s skin. This makes it a great choice for everyday brushing and grooming. Brushing regularly also improves blood circulation and promotes the growth of a healthy coat of fur.

The brush is easy to clean. With a click of a button, the bristles retract, making it effortless to clear all the hair from the brush. The brush is made with high-quality durable material designed for a comfortable grip and with an anti-slip handle.

Best Grooming Tools for Golden Retrievers


  • The self-cleaning function is its main feature, as it allows you to remove the collected fur with just a push of a button.
  • With the help of this brush, you can eliminate knots, tangles, and mats with ease and remove dirt and dander from your golden retriever’s fur.
  • It is suitable for both young and adult dogs as the pins penetrate deep into the coat without scratching the skin.
  • The ergonomic handle is perfect for extended grooming sessions without you putting a strain on your wrist.


  • The brush is on the pricier end compared to other products with similar functionality. However, the quality of care it offers is worth the price tag.
  • Due to the self-cleaning mechanism, this brush has shorter pins than other slicker brushes. You might want to reconsider your choice if your golden retriever has a dense and long coat though.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

For the overall best shampoo for your golden retriever, Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo is a quality yet affordable option. The shampoo will make your golden’s fur shine as bright as the sun and have your pooch smelling great all day long.

This product is the best choice for your goldie as it only contains natural products that help soothe dry and itchy skin and also eases skin irritation. It leaves your dog’s skin feeling soft and supple with its pH-balanced and soap-free formula.

The shampoo will not wash out the topical flea and tick medicine that you may have applied to your dog’s skin, which is a plus.


  • Eco-friendly shampoo which is cruelty-free with 100% bio-degradable shampoo bottle.
  • The shampoo is made with natural ingredients, containing no chemicals. It doesn’t over-dry your pet’s skin and relieves itching.
  • The product comes in a wide variety of scents and products that would cater to the individual needs of your golden retriever.
  • It is a soap-free shampoo that makes it gentle and safe to use for regular grooming.


  • It is reported to have had an allergic reaction on some dogs, but it is rare and could happen with any product you use.

Andis Ultraedge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

This hair clipper is the perfect clipper for your golden retriever as it is capable of cutting through the extremely heavy coat.

When trimming the golden locks of your pet, the dual rotary motor of this clipper allows you to set two different speeds. It comes with a 14-foot long heavy-duty cord that lets you move around comfortably. It is made of shatter-proof material, so you won’t damage it even if you drop it.

This model is maintenance-free, and the blades are easy to replace. You can fit different brands of blades on the clipper as well.


  • The clipper is known to be one of the most durable and long-lasting ones available on the market.
  • It features a detachable blade that comes in handy.
  • The clippers come with a long cord which makes it easier to move around and use.
  • It provides you with two-speed options.


  • On/off button has an accessibility issue as it can be easily hit accidentally.
  • It is heavier compared to other clippers and louder than advertised.

Safari Professional Nail Trimmers

Designed by two veterinary professionals Safari Professional Nail Trimmers needs to be a part of your grooming box.

The trimmer was designed with a focus on safety so it comes with a quick-stop guard and a locking mechanism for storage. The ergonomic handles are lightweight and have a rubber grip for comfort that prevents slipping while in use.

You can cut your dog’s nails fearlessly since the trimmer’s sharp stainless steel jaws make the cut quick and smooth.


  • The nail trimmer has a super sharp, high-quality stainless-steel blade.
  • It has a user-friendly design as it is light in weight with handles that are rubberized for a comfortable grip.
  • Great to make a clean painless cut as it comes with a quick-stop guard for safety and locking mechanism for safe storage.


  • The steel becomes blunt much more quickly than expected.
  • May be dangerous for a small pup.
  • The quick guard is loose and thick nails may require a greater force.

Zymox Ear Cleanser

With daily use of the bestselling ear cleaner, Zymox Ear Cleanser, you can keep your dog’s ear in mint condition.

The ear cleaner is gentle and does not sting as the formula contains natural ingredients and is alcohol-free, as approved by the vets. This makes it a good option for daily use.

It not only cleans but provides relief to inflamed and itchy dog ears. It controls smelly odor and wax buildup that helps promote ear health.


  • The vet-approved formula makes use of only safe natural ingredients in this cleanser.
  • It is gentle on your dogs as it has a non-stinging formula.
  • Cleanser can handle the issue of debris and odors and control wax buildup.


  • Your dog might find the scent of the cleaner a bit too strong.

Features to consider in Grooming Tools for Goldens

When purchasing these grooming tools for golden retrievers, you must consider the different features each of them offer. Ask yourself these questions before making a purchase.

Is one brush enough for my golden retriever?

Depending on the various coat types, different brushes are available that may be the perfect one for your Goldendoodle. When choosing a good fit for your pup, keep its hair type in consideration. So, you might need more than one type of brush.

How to choose between the different styles of nail trimmers?

Trimming your pup’s nails can be stressful, so you should pick a nail trimmer carefully. You can cut the nails in a scissor-like manner with the use of plier-style trimmers. A guillotine trimmer, on the other hand, cuts the nail when the spring-loaded handle is pressed. If your golden has small and soft nails, scissor-like trimmers would be a good choice.

Does an ear cleaner serve as medication in case of infections?

Even though ear cleansers are beneficial if used daily, they cannot replace ear medications. If your dog is suffering from infections in its ear or ear mites, you should refer to a vet.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that you found some useful information in this article, and you’re now better aware of the essentials that you need for your Golden Retriever’s grooming routine. Our list of the best grooming tools for golden retrievers can surely come in handy and enable you to take good care of your pet.

By maintaining a healthy grooming routine for your golden retriever you might save your beloved dog from vet visits.

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