Best Puppy Treats for Goldendoodles: Top 5 Reviewed

Do you have a new small golden doodle puppy in your home now? The little boy would be roaming all over your home now looking for possible treats to devour. While this is going to be a tough time to manage for you, it can reap rewards if correctly done right now.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Why do we say this is a tough time to manage for almost every pet parent? Because, pet parents find it hard to get the best result that they are looking for during the training phase. The training phase is by far the most important part of the lifetime for almost every pup golden doodle. It is necessary that you train your pup using the best treats in this time, so that they don’t have any issues when they grow up.

When your pup is growing up, you should make sure that you buy the best puppy treats for golden doodles. The best treats will attract them into training and will also help them keep healthy and not fall sick. When they are new to your home, everything happening around them is new for the small puppy. They haven’t had such an experience before and are experiencing everything for the very first time. Chances are that they will be a bit ruffled as well.

The 5 Best Puppy Treats for Goldendoodles

So, if you don’t provide them with the best treats during this stage, you will see them fall sick and lose their appetite as well. If you want your golden doodles to grow, you should take care of what they eat during this stage, because this is when they need you the most. They need to be fed with the best treats in the market and should know just what exactly they want. If you don’t give them the best treats, you wouldn’t be able to train them and surely wouldn’t be able to keep them healthy.

1. Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats

These Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats are perfect for your puppy, as these are targeted for their taste buds and make them feel good. Freeze dried liver has always been a high value treat for puppies and makes them feel loved.

These treats will get them to do as many backflips as you like and will train them well. You can tickle their taste buds by sprinkling some of this onto their normal food.


  • A reliable treat for training
  • Light treats are easy to break up
  • No filler inside the single treat


  • Most dogs won’t have an acquired taste for this treat

2. Blue Bits Salmon Recipe Dog Treats

These Blue Bits Salmon Recipe Dog Treats are made out of fish proteins and are perfect to fill the stomach of your sensitive golden doodles. Their tummies are a bit sensitive still, which is why you should look to give them treats that they can manage.

These Blue Puppy treats also contain DHA for supporting the cognitive development of all puppies. This food item plays with the brain of your puppies.


  • These small soft treats are perfect for training
  • Salmon is healthy for a shiny coat
  • No artificial flavors


  • Can be a bit heavy for puppies

3. Wellness CORE Pure Rewards Soft Beef Jerky Bites

These Wellness CORE Pure Rewards Soft Beef Jerky Bites are quite a treat for your dog. These aren’t strictly made for golden doodles, like several of the other treats on our list, but they surely are some of the best treats that your dog will ever have.


  • An all natural formula that is meant to help your dog grow
  • Comes without artificial colors
  • Easy to chop into tiny pieces


  • Might not serve as a good meal to give your golden doodle at all times.

4. Old Mother Hubbard Classic Crunchy Natural Puppy Treats

These Old Mother Hubbard Classic Crunchy Natural Puppy Treats are a good way to treat your puppy to some amazing food. These natural treats come without any additional flavors and are made for the taste buds of your puppy.


  • The mini sized bites are perfect for the mouth of your small puppy.
  • These are the right crunchy treats for your puppy.


  • Only work as snacks

5. Zuke’s Tiny Naturals Flaxseed Recipe Treats

These Zuke’s Tiny Naturals Flaxseed Recipe Treats are a good way to feed something healthy to your puppy. These little snacks have a peanut butter feel to them and would give your puppy the right nutrients for growing up, without any sacrifice as such.

The best part about these treats is that they are best for golden doodles to consume.


  • Made through the use of healthy and natural ingredients
  • Great for training
  • Not as messy as meat options


  • Your puppy might take time adjusting to the taste.

The Different Uses for Puppy Treats

The treats that you provide for your golden doodle puppy aren’t just to be used for training them. There are numerous purposes that these treats serve and it is best for you to be fully aware of these purposes.

Treats as Snacks

To begin with, you can use the treats that we mention here for the snacking purposes of your puppy. Your puppy has just arrived into your home, which is why now the time to treat them in a royal manner is. You should make sure that you have the right goodies snacked for your golden doodle, so that they can come home to some real delicacies. Once they chew on these delicacies, the early butterflies will be gone and they would be jumping around with you in no time.

Treats for Teething

Teething is an important part of every puppy’s growth, especially golden doodles. This is exactly why you should have treats for teething when a golden doodle comes visit you. Puppies have a set of baby teeth that happen to be quite sharp but are temporary. These teeth will soon wither away and will be replaced by a fresh new pair. Puppies start developing their new teeth when they grow to be around 4 years old. This is exactly when they start adulating and get the feel of the new teeth that they have. This is also the time when you have to give them all the attention in the world and should make sure that they are snacking well.

Treats for Training

As we have already mentioned above, the treats you get for your golden doodle are primarily going to be for training them. From crate training to other training, you should make sure that you use the treats accordingly. Lure your golden doodle through the treats and make them excited.

Treats Because You Have the Best Puppy

That golden doodle you have with you is the best puppy in the whole wide world, which is why you need to shower them with as much love as you can show. And as a proud pet parent looking to pamper the pet kid, there is no better way of pampering them through the use of the best treats in town.

Our Final Thoughts

It is necessary that you get the best treats for your puppy when you first grab hold of them. Your puppy will be ecstatic when you give them the best treats. The treats that we have mentioned above and the purposes mentioned below will help you get started with this process.

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