Best Videos for Golden Retrievers to Watch

Colorful videos and catchy music in videos can easily catch the attention of babies. But that might not be true for golden retrievers. You might be thinking that you have seen your golden looking at the TV quite often, so what do we mean? It’s true that dogs watch television but what they like to watch differs from what humans like to watch. Find out what golden retrievers like to watch to engage your doggo.

You may have heard that dogs can’t see color- that’s not entirely true. Dogs have dichromatic vision, which means they can only see two colors, blue and yellow. So certain images appeal more to them than others. If a picture doesn’t have many shades of yellow and blue, then it may be uninteresting for dogs. They might find it dull and not be attracted to watch it. Content producers that make visuals for dogs use colors that are visible to dogs.

What do Golden Retrievers Like to Watch on TV?

Research also suggests that dogs like to watch other animals on screen. Put on an animal show or specifically a dog show, your buddy will get involved in the show pretty quickly. Using their visual sense, dogs can register the presence of dogs on a screen.

Domestic dogs often start watching videos if their owner is watching them. Dogs get roped into any show following the gaze of their owner. So if you’re watching animal planet, chances are your golden would follow your gaze and get hooked to the TV.

Stuff that is relatable for dogs is often preferred by them. For instance, if a golden sees another dog on the TV playing fetch and running around, that’s going to be more appealing for it. Dogs are more likely to pay rapt attention to dogs doing activities and barking. Since it’s something they are familiar with, they even respond to it by barking or running around.

Often times, a golden would run behind the TV set to look for the dogs on television, and that’s their adorably funny way of responding.

Best Videos for Golden Retrievers to Watch

The 6 Best Videos for Golden Retrievers to Watch While You’re Gone

Just like humans, dogs cannot concentrate for long periods of time. Golden retrievers are especially distracted very easily. So they might not continuously watch what’s on the screen but they might watch it with intervals.

Dogs register images more quickly than humans do, so a video with instantly changing shots is better for dogs. Channels that show content exclusive for dogs have fast-paced videos that often show dogs. It could have dogs playing with each other or playing with their owners.

Goldens respond well to videos in which dogs follow the command of their parents. This also helps to train goldens along with engaging them.

Want to make sure your furry friend isn’t wandering around the house sadly and lonely while you are away? Then here is a list of 5 best videos for golden retrievers to watch:

DogTV: Videos for Dogs to Watch- Birds and Squirrels for Separation Anxiety

Research shows that dogs are interested in watching animals, so show your doggo this video when you go to work. It’s a fast-paced video, in which birds are munching on grains. The video is visibly fast-forwarded as dogs’ eyes register moving images faster than human eyes.

The video is set up in a natural habitat, which is a familiar environment for a dog. Seeing forests and open spaces make dogs feel at home and is good for their overall well being.

Dog Chill Out TV: Entertainment for Bored Dogs (YouTube)

This video caters to the eye needs of dogs, as it is graded in a specific mix of colors, which might look odd to the human eye but are supposed to work well for dogs. This video will help calm your dog.

If your golden is hyper and restless, then this video is the perfect solution for you. It comes with colors suitable for your bud’s eyes and music that is relaxing to listen to. It also shows natural settings that provide a feeling of being at home to your dear pal.

DogTV Stimulation: A sample Dog Video

If you’re looking to charge up your golden retriever, then you should make it watch this video. Edited in colors that are dog-friendly, this video shows dogs indulging in various activities. Show the video to your fluffy friend and get ready to spend a fun-filled day with it.

This video is a treat not just for your pet, but for you as well. It shows dogs playing with their owners and other dogs. It also shows them running after balls which is something which will surely excite your canine friend. After watching this video, you’ll be taking your dog for a picnic or a day at the beach to make memories.

Funniest& Cutest Golden Retriever Puppies # 9- Funny Puppy Videos 2019

Engage your golden by showing it this video of golden retrievers puppies being adorable and playing with their owners.

Golden retrievers love to play in the water as well, and this video has a lot of clips of retrievers playing by the pool or in a pond. This video is surely a treat for your playful buddy and would hold its attention effectively.

Funny Golden Retriever Puppy Videos – Compilation 2017

Have a binge-watching session with your best friend with this endearing video. This video will make you love your retriever a lot more. The cute puppies in this video perform activities that will melt your heart and make your golden all giddy.

Bond with your golden retriever with this video.

TV for Dogs & Anxiety Music- Videos for Dogs to Watch- Relax Your Dog Nature Footage (2018)

If you think that your golden is sad or isn’t eating well, then he might be depressed. Get its spirits up by showing him this nature footage. It shows several animals in their natural habitat roaming around. The natural setting would appeal to your friend and the music in the video will help it feel better.

To make sure that your golden’s attention is fully immersed in the video, it is graded with colors that work for a dog’s sight. Help your dog relax by showing him this video.

Our Final Thoughts

Just like humans, dogs also have different personalities. Even in the same breed, different dogs may react differently to the same stimulus. So before deciding on a video, be sure to know what your dog likes. Does it respond more to the sound of barking? Or does he like to be around its own kind? Does it tend to go toward other animals when you take it out? All these habits/actions of your pet will help you analyze its personality and that will help you make a decision about what to show him.

If you already know what you’re looking for to show your best friend, then pick out any video from our list of best videos for golden retrievers to watch.

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