Do Dogs Absorb Negative Energy?

Do Dogs Absorb Negative Energy?

It is widely known that a man’s best friend is his dog. And what exactly is it that a best friend does? A person needs all the mental and emotional support they can get in their lives, and a best friend provides all of that support. It is commonly known that dogs are the most friendly and joyful of all animals, and they are responsible for keeping our fellow humans smiling at all times.

Dog Owners Are Generally More Positive

Dog owners are much more positive than any other animal owner. The amount of love and affection a dog delivers cannot be compared to any other animal, such as a bird or even a feline: cat. Dogs love to show affection, are highly expressive, and enjoy being around their favorite humans. Dogs are known to de-stress people with emotional imbalances or mental health problems. They are also scientifically proven to be one of the best support animals for travel or for living with.

How Do Negative Energies Affect Us?

Energies can manifest inside us in many different ways, each with its baggage of the good and the bad. These can be caused by emotions, thoughts, people, places, etc. Every day comes with its unique flavor, and that includes the effect it has on our being. These flavors often carry a terrible taste, and we struggle to complete daily tasks, maintain focus, or even engage in conversation.

Furthermore, the more we get bogged down by these “vibes,” the “more likely they are to impact us in a more literal sense. For example, an unpleasant emotion may lead to a disruption in our hormonal balance. Serotonin, a hormone in our brain cells, is responsible for the feel-good factor and even acts as a natural anti-depressant.

However, having a bad diet or prolonged stress can severely alter our concentration, making us feel entirely under the weather. That is why renowned physicians and psychologists worldwide recommend having an active lifestyle and good eating habits to keep these ordeals at bay. In turn, safeguarding against negative energies and the like.

How Do Our Furry Friends Help?

Dogs have been known to have an interesting sixth sense of recognizing when their human companion isn’t all too well. This has been shown in studies and casual behavior that our furry buddies have an in-built superhero system to detect distress. This is good reason, too; a dog considers you, their family. And they are only looking out for you as much as you are looking out for them.

Towards negative energies, dogs behave like sponges and detect and absorb negative energies that humans might be radiating. The dog absorbs all strong negative feelings and emotions such as envy, hate, or anger, which might be directed toward a human being. Dogs are said to be guardians, but this way, they prove in the truest sense that, yes, they function as true guardians for the human race.

There is an exciting phenomenon in spirituality: dogs represent the sun’s energy, and the sun is the energy humans tend to want to soak in when everything around them is gloomy and hazy.

Ancestry or lineage plays a part in this, too, as having each other’s what wolves used to do in their packs when hunting or when tamed and in charge of protecting human babies when the human guardians were off fighting wars. As with all living beings, good affection and care go a long way. Dogs value the care of their human, and this only boosts their responsibility to be on their best in return.

Different Breeds Help in Their Way

Different dog breeds reflect protectiveness and responsibility in different ways. For example, smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, Shi Tzus, or Jack Russell come from a lineage of pest-controlling dogs and will not spare a minute to chase down rodents like squirrels or mice. They do this to protect their territory, their human, and the game. And coming loaded with energy in a tiny body certainly does help.

The larger breeds like German Shepherds, Labradors, or Dobermans may falter a little compared to energy, but they make up for it by being excellent guard dogs and generally much more cuddly. Each dog breed has its perks and quirks, but they all have one thing in common; loyalty. This sole characteristic sets them apart and gives them an attachment factor to their humans, providing them with an energy-sensing capability.

Recommended By Therapists

Therapists have even recommended keeping animals, particularly dogs, as pets to deal with an ongoing bout of depression or something similar. This ties into ADHD in humans. Having a pet, such as a dog, could assist adults and children with ADHD reduce their energy levels. Running about in the park with a dog will get a person out and help them feel better. Overall, having a furry buddy around is both psychologically and physically beneficial.

Our Final Thoughts

Whoever is reading this, we hope you found this helpful information and that you will no longer be motivated to have a dog at home after doing so. If you cannot keep your dog at home, be sure to take your canine companion outside or to a location close to you so that you may have a more pleasant experience in life.

Dogs are the best companions because they are lovable and cuddly to be around and exude the most positive energy of any other animal. Therefore, make it a point to adopt a cute little puppy so that it may grow up with you and provide you with the most satisfactory possible life experience.

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