Do Golden Retrievers Like the Beach?

Would you believe that man’s best friend loves summer as much as we do?

If you’re planning a summertime getaway, you’re probably wondering, “Do Golden Retrievers like it on the beach?” Well, not only do they love it at the beach, you’re also bound to find a couple of playmates for your furry buddy during a particularly beautiful summer day.

Dogs absolutely love the beach!

However, there is still a general list of things you should keep in mind while taking your Golden Retriever along for this much-awaited weekend trip or vacation. We can relate to whatever you are feeling right at this moment, and therefore, are going to introduce you to a checklist that could ensure that you come with the best of memories.

Do Golden Retrievers Like the Beach?

Paw-some! So let’s get right to it then:

1. Don’t Let Them Drink Saltwater

Most pet parents who love beach trips learn this the hard way, but salt is your dog’s kryptonite. Think of it this way though: humans and dogs share approximately 86% of each other’s genes. For this reason, whatever you think is unsafe for human consumption, is automatically also going to be unhealthy for your dog.

More specifically, salt water is a huge no-no for your Golden Retriever and this is probably one of the only things that they wouldn’t like at the beach.

While we’re on the topic, make sure you bring along your pup’s preferred water bowl and a few bottles of water for them and yourself.

2. Let Them Swim If That’s What They Want

Yes, it is true that Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers and they were actually bred in the Scottish Highlands to retrieve game from both – land and water. If you have a closer look at their feet, you’ll also notice webbed joints which is, arguably, the best explanation for why they swim so well.

Be that as it may, you shouldn’t force your dog off the coast just so you can see their swimming skills in action. In fact, we would recommend buying a life jacket for your furry little friends to be absolutely sure that they will remain safe unsupervised.

3. Golden Retrievers and SPF

Keeping in mind the genome similarities between man and his best friend, you will also be right to assume that if the sun is too bright for your skin, it is bad for theirs as well. Yes, dogs can get sunburnt and to make sure they enjoy their day-out, we’d suggest that you invest in a separate sunscreen for their sake.

If you prefer our opinion on the matter, we’d recommend specially formulated sunscreens for dogs, however, anything that is at least SPF-30 will work just fine. While applying sunscreen to your anxious buddy, don’t forget to apply a healthy amount around their nose and ears as well.

4. Cover Them Up

Once you and your Golden Retriever(s) have spent some time under the sun, it is always a good idea to relax for a bit by heading to a shaded area and re-hydrating. Make sure you summon your panting beach buddy over as well for a short breather before going at it again.

If you aren’t expecting to see shade where you’re driving off to, you’d be better off if you invested in a comfortable tent, with ample space for you and your dog. You don’t even have to buy the ones that are enclosed with 4-thin walls. Instead, you could just buy a canopy test as it offers enough shade for both and still lets you enjoy the blissful summer breeze.

5. Don’t Overexert Them

Your Golden Retriever is probably going to go bonkers on the beach, but in all of this excitement, don’t forget that it is quite possible for them to overexert themselves without knowing it. Oftentimes, overexertion tends to lead to heat strokes, especially if your pup doesn’t take short breaks in the shade during playtime.

It is your responsibility to give your Golden Retrievers a time-out, perhaps whenever you’re heading back to your car or your tent for refreshments. Rest assured, Golden Retrievers are very excitable dogs, and they wouldn’t even realize that they may have overexerted themselves until it starts to ache. This is where you should step-in and make sure everything is a-okay!

6. Rinse Thoroughly

Whether you’re driving up to a beach for a couple of hours or for days, you should make it a point to give your wiggly-tailed friend a bath. Their thick golden coats can easily accumulate a lot of sand, salt and bacteria and all of these contaminants are very bad for a dog’s health since all of them can lead to infections.

Go ahead, rinse away and be on guard for when they drench you with second-hand water!

7. They Might Gobble Up Sand

Golden Retrievers may be the 4th most intelligent dog breed in the world, but when it comes to chewing or eating random objects, they are quite dumb. They are bound to eat anything they find and this could include sand, stones, shellfish, etc. All of these objects can lead to gastrointestinal injuries or other serious health conditions.

For this reason, you should always try to keep a look-out for what your pup is up to or what they have in their mouth – especially at the beach!

Our Final Thoughts

Do Golden Retrievers like it on the beach? They probably like it as much as you, if not more! Of course, this also means that you need to keep our checklist in mind while preparing or finally heading off to the beach.

In addition, you can also take your Golden Retriever’s usual tendencies into account while determining whether you should have them on a leash, or how close of an eye you should keep on them at all times.

With all things considered, Golden Retrievers aren’t threatened by water and therefore are going to have a blast at the beach. Make sure you bring along a camera to capture all those splendid moments!

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