Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Yes – A Lot!

There is no greater joy than having a Golden Retriever around, sharing your life. The playful, friendly, and tolerant nature of the breed makes them an excellent family pet.

The breed has come a long way from its origins as a working and retrieving dog. However, the intelligence and obedience that the breed displays is an indicator of the confidence they have in sharing tasks and responsibilities with their human friends. We can give you more than a million reasons why we absolutely love this dog breed but this is not why you are here.

As first-time dog owners, it is easy to lose your mind at the sight of bits of fur spread across your home. We have come across many owners that let go of their pet just because they don’t have an answer or the temperament to deal with the shedding.

As dog owners, you may be confused about the shedding and not sure if the shedding is normal for Golden Retrievers or due to an issue with your dog. Well, to answer the first part of your question – YES! The thick coats that make Golden Retrievers so attractive are also the reason why Golden Retrievers shed as much as they do.

Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Yes – A Lot!

As owners and companions of the dog breed, it is imperative to accept shedding as part of the package. It is very common for us humans to accept the flaws of our fellow human beings. Similarly, in addition to accepting the playful and friendly nature of the Golden Retriever, it is essential to also recognize and accept shedding as a natural process.

Complete knowledge and understanding of shedding in Golden Retrievers are crucial for dealing with floating balls of fur in your living room.

Why do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Shedding is a natural process for many animals, including us humans. Shedding occurs when we lose old and damaged hair. Dogs and other animals, however, have just a lot more hair than we have.

Golden Retrievers are one of those few dog breeds that shed all year long. Although the shedding is moderate throughout the year, it is in the fall and the spring season when you can expect the worst shedding to occur.

The reason for dog shedding primarily is that a dog’s skin adjusts to the surrounding temperatures and the levels of exposure to daylight. This means that if a dog spends the majority of its time outdoors, then it’s very likely that their coat would be thicker and warmer for the winter which will shed more during the spring season.

Although there are many reasons for shedding in dogs, the change in the seasons and skin is the primary reason behind shedding. If, however, you notice excessive shedding in your pet even during the off-shedding seasons, then the following reasons could be the main reasons for the shedding.

Bad Diets

Diet is the main contributing factor that determines how your dog sheds. A dog that has poor nutrition and does little exercise will have dry and itchy skin with damaged roots and increased stress.

If you want to ensure that your Golden Retriever does not shed during offseasons, it is imperative to keep the dog well fed.


A dog that develops a rash because of an allergy to the environment will display it by virtually scratching the hair off.

At times, dogs suffer from allergic reactions; usually, it is because of the presence of excessive proteins in the diet they consume. An ear or eye infection or itchy ears, paws, and armpits often result in shedding too.

Dogs can develop these allergies at any stage of their life; it is imperative to visit the vet as soon as you notice the presence of the allergy.


Going through family changes, moving to a new home or unnecessary noise in your location can stress your Golden Retriever too. Just like us humans, a Golden Retriever can go through emotional turmoil. Like us humans, it is bound to shed when faced with a stressful situation.

Now, these are some of the main reasons for offseason shedding. Just like any other breed, the reasons mentioned above can affect the Golden Retriever too.

The Golden Retriever Shedding Cycle

For many Golden Retrievers, the shedding speeds up twice during the spring and the fall seasons. If the shedding during the offseason has not convinced you to purchase a dog hair vacuum, wait during the shedding season.

It is difficult to say for sure the quantity of fur or hair your dog is expected to lose during the season, as the loss of fur varies in different dogs.

Just like any other dog breed, it is during the change of seasons when Golden Retrievers shed off the existing coats so that they can grow in new coats during the summer and winter seasons.

Can I Somehow Control the Shedding?

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent a Golden Retriever from shedding. It is impossible to stop any dog from shedding.

However, the one thing that you can do is control the amount of shedding. You can implement the following tips to control the shedding in your Golden Retriever.

Home Control

Shedding may not be under your command but your house and preventive measures are. The first thing to do at the beginning of the shedding season is to ensure that the vacuum is functioning properly; you don’t want to be running around town looking for a new vacuum cleaner as your dog sheds all day long.

The next thing that is under your control is power. If you have electric fans in your house, it is suggested not to use them, as they can spread the fur that your dog has shed to all parts of the house.

Before you go about taking measures to control the shedding in your Golden Retriever, it is imperative to take preemptive steps for the cleaning and maintenance of your house during the shedding season.

Regular Grooming

The hallmark of all good pet owners is grooming. In addition to the natural factors, it is also how you take care of your pets that determine the shedding. It is essential to brush your Golden Retriever at least three times a week. Once you are done brushing, it is imperative to get rid of the extra fur that the grooming removes.

If you want easy maintenance and want to minimize further the level of shedding, then you need to brush your pet daily. While brushing your Golden Retriever, you may come across knots of tangled fur on its coat. Using a slicker brush will help you in removing the knots while ensuring the maintenance of your dog.

Bathing Periodically

Another activity that needs your attention is bathing. The love Golden Retrievers have for water makes the job considerably easier and fun. It is essential to bathe your dog once or twice every month. However, it is crucial to not go overboard with the activity.

Bathing your dog too frequently results in dry skin for the dogs that may lead to shedding again. Another equally important factor is the shampoo you use for washing your Golden Retriever when choosing a shampoo look for an all-natural dog shampoo that has ingredients such as coconut or oatmeal.

If you are still unsure and cannot find the right product for your Golden Retriever, consult your vet about it.

Don’t Use Pills or Sprays!

New Golden Retriever owners who are not pleased with the excessive shedding look for dangerous ways of getting rid of it. While only the most irresponsible pet owners are unaware of the dangers of shaving your Golden Retriever, there are still many that fall prey to products that claim the prevention of excessive shedding.

Sprays and pills of such sort contain dangerous chemicals that can harm the dog’s coat and skin; the damage to the dog’s coat only increases with repeated use.

Keep Your Dog Happy

A Golden Retriever that is anxious and stressed out is bound to shed more. As discussed before, stress and anxiety play a vital role in excessive shedding during the offseason. Feeding the Golden Retriever regularly and spending time with the dog will ensure that it is not stressed out. The fun-loving breed only needs our attention and love and we should not be hesitant about showing it to them.

Planning your week with the retriever and keeping your dog busy with fun and games are ways to prevent the dog from feeling stressful at any time.

Of all the reasons for controlling shedding, the one that stands out is the time and fun you have grooming and bathing your Golden Retriever. The bonding session that you get to have with your pet helps both you and your Golden Retriever in having a good time; just as the Golden Retriever learns to accept your faults and love you unconditionally, you are doing the same.

Our Final Thoughts: You’ll Have to Live with the Shedding

If you have a Golden Retriever, you’ll just have to live with it shedding ALOT. It’s going to happen so just be prepared for it. Make sure you have a good vacuum that will help to keep your house clean. You’ll also want to make sure to have lint rollers so that you can keep the hair off your clothes and furniture as best as possible. The hair may seem endless, but with a little bit of effort, you can keep it from making your house and your clothes too dirty.

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