Best Ways to Exercise Your Golden Retriever: Get Creative!

Ensuring your Golden Retriever is getting plenty of exercises is not just about keeping them healthy. Exercising your dog regularly ensures that they don’t develop health problems and get too heavy from inactivity. It also allows you to establish a bond with your pooch. It’s advised that a healthy adult Golden Retriever should get at least an hour of exercise per day. Some require more than that while others need less time to exercise.

If you don’t provide Golden Retrievers with enough exercise, they will start displaying destructive behaviors, and you don’t want to experience that.

Golden Retrievers Are A High Energy Sporting Breed

The Golden Retriever, as the name suggests, is a sporting breed that emerged in the 19 th  century in the Scottish Highlands for retrieving fallen game for hunters. Retrieving in the Scottish Highlands is physically demanding work, as the mountainous landscape has plenty of streams, lakes, and ponds. So, when the Golden Retriever was created, it was meant to be a sturdy, high-energy breed with an affinity to water and a lot of stamina.

Best Ways to Exercise Your Golden Retriever: Get Creative!

The hunters needed a dog that could swim and hike in rough terrains and travel large distances in a single day without tiring out. That is exactly what the Golden Retriever offered them. The modern-day Golden Retriever that is a popular family pet doesn’t need to perform hard work like their ancestors, but their genetic disposition is tailored towards high-energy activities and retrieving. The Golden Retriever has a mind and body that is made for physical activity. If they aren’t exercised regularly, the result isn’t going to be great.

Golden Retrievers Become Destructive When They Don’t Get Exercise

All Golden Retrievers love physical activity and is something that they inherently need. If they don’t get enough exercise, they store up a lot of energy. They will look for ways to release this pent-up energy. This can cause them to engage in destructive behaviors like digging, chewing, and running around the garden and your home like little whirlwinds.

With so much unused energy bursting out of them, they won’t manage to behave themselves, follow commands or concentrate. Some of them will also try to escape their garden and home every chance they get. Most people who don’t exercise their Golden Retriever often will complain about struggling to control their behavior. Their Golden Retriever isn’t to blame for running all over the home since they have basic needs that must be met and their pent-up energy must have an outlet.

That isn’t the only problem you’re likely to face.

Lack of Exercise Is Bad for the Health of Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers will eat almost anything you put in front of them since they love their food. They are a sporting breed that loves using their energy when working in the roles designed for them. They will still have a voracious appetite even if they’re barely exercised, stuck at home, and only go on occasional walks. The problem with a lack of exercise for your Golden Retriever is that all the food they eat will turn into fat and will result in weight issues and poor health.

Golden Retrievers are prone to obesity which is mainly because their owners don’t teach them any discipline and are guilty of the following:

  1. Not exercising their Golden Retrieversufficiently
  2. Giving them food whenever their Golden Retriever starts making those puppy-dog eyes and begging for food.

There will be weight gain if calories burnt are less than calories consumed. So, if you don’t exercise your Golden Retriever often and give them plenty of table scraps and treats, they are likely to put on a few pounds quickly.

Excessive weight will result in different problems like high blood pressure, damaged elbow and hip joints, increased diabetes risk, and heart diseases. Every caring owner has a responsibility to ensure that their Golden Retriever maintains a healthy weight, which can be achieved through frequent exercise.

Exercising your Golden Retriever

Best Ways to Exercise Your Golden Retriever

If you’re searching for the best ways to exercise your Golden Retriever, you have come to the right place. We are going to reveal all the fun ways that will help keep your Golden Retriever both healthy and happy. This list consists of outdoor and indoor activities, so you’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to exercising your Golden Retriever. So, without further ado, here are the best ways to exercise your Golden Retriever:

1. Hiking

If you’re tired of jogging or walking in your neighborhood, you should plan an exciting trip by going hiking with your Golden Retriever. All you need to do is ensure the park or trail is dog-friendly, and if you would need to keep your dog on a leash there. You should note that hiking is very tiring and requires a great deal of athleticism. So, you should speak with your vet first if you have an old, sick or young Golden Retriever. You must be mindful of properly hydrating your Golden Retriever which means bringing a bowl and lots of water with you and stopping frequently to rest and allowing your Golden Retriever a drink.

You should also pick a soft terrain that doesn’t have any sharp rocks or dense underbrush, as your dog can easily injure their paws. Check for fleas and ticks after you get home and give your Golden Retriever a nice and relaxing bath.

2. Agility Training

One of the best ways to exercise your Golden Retriever is through dog agility training, which is something will keep them occupied and they love doing it. You will also manage to develop a special bond with your Golden Retriever through this training.

You can easily find an agility group for dogs, depending on where you live. If you can’t find any in your area, you can create your own mini-agility course in the backyard.

3. Playing Fetch

Playing fetch is another great way to exercise your Golden Retriever. It’s simple as well since all you need to do is take their favorite toy with you to the park or your backyard and throw it. They will rush to bring it back so that you can repeat the process again. Remember to give your dog some rest if they start tiring or panting.

Be careful of the object you are using for the game, as heavy and sharp objects may hurt your dog. The best objects for playing fetch with your retriever include small sticks, vet-approved toys, ropes, squeaky toys, and rubber or tennis balls.

4. Running or Walking

The simplest form of exercising your Golden Retriever is by taking them on a walk daily. Golden Retrievers are an energetic breed, and they will walk with you for an hour or more easily without tiring.  You can take your dog running or jogging with you, and because they are built so strongly, Golden Retrievers don’t have a problem running alongside human runners.

5. Hunting

Golden Retrievers were initially bred as hunting dogs if you go through their history. Nowadays, they’re one of the most common family pets and live with people that don’t hunt. However, their genetic makeup hasn’t changed, and you can easily take your Golden Retriever outdoors to let it do what it loves doing best.

Golden Retrievers love the outdoors and will enjoy hunting and retrieving in open fields with you, ensuring they have strong muscles and stay in great shape.  The plus side with this option is that you will also manage to form a lasting bond with your Golden Retriever as well.

6. Use a Treadmill (Be Careful)

If you don’t have time to walk your dog outdoors, you can think about exercising them indoors by training them to run on a treadmill. You should let them get familiar with the machine first, and then slowly let them get on top of it by encouraging them with treats. When they’re comfortable staying on the treadmill turn it on a low speed and let them stay on the treadmill by giving them treats.

You can increase speed over time, once your Golden Retriever is comfortable using it, and ensure that your Golden Retriever gets a good workout.

7. Hiding Treats Around Home

You can give your Golden Retriever some much-needed exercise by hiding their treats and letting them search for it in the home. All dogs love treats, so you can be assured that your Golden Retriever will try to look for their favorite treats in the home or the outdoors. You can start off by putting them behind doors, under tables, behind chairs or under rugs.

When your dog is frolicking around the house searching for treats, they will be getting a workout. You can also use a toy that gives out treats to dogs when they solve puzzles. The most important thing you must remember is not to go overboard with the treats. The objective is to make the dog exercise and not overload them with treats which may prevent them from losing weight.

8. Following A Laser Pointer

Laser points aren’t just a great source of entertainment for cats. Golden Retrievers have a ball with these simple toys as well. All you need to do is shine the laser around the room. Watch as they chase and follow the red dot all over the place. Be careful when using a laser point since you shouldn’t shine it directly in the eyes of your dog.

9. Swimming

Another great exercise for your Golden Retriever is swimming which will help them stay cool on hot summer days as well. Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers. Their special coat allows them to dry off quickly and protects them from the cold as well. Don’t worry if you don’t have a private pool at your home since you can take your dog to a dog-friendly lake to swim.

You can also buy a small kiddy pool for your dog and fill it up with water for them to play in. if you’re planning on going swimming with your Golden Retriever, you should remove their collar and keep an eye on them while they are swimming to ensure they are safe. Even though retrievers are natural swimmers, there are times when accidents can take place.

You should take it slow if you’re swimming with a Golden Retriever that isn’t used to water or a puppy. Also, bathe your dog thoroughly after they have been swimming in a pool or lake to clean out all dirt and chlorine from their coats.

10. Dock Diving

If your Golden Retriever absolutely loves being in the water, you should think about dock diving with them. It’s a great exercise for them since it combines fetch, diving, and swimming together. All you need to do is grab a toy they love and throw it in the water. They will jump into the water and swim to retrieve their toy so you can repeat the action.

Make sure that there are no potential dangers like sharp objects or hidden rocks in the water and that your Golden Retriever is a confident swimmer before you take them for dock diving.

11. Jumping

If you’re stuck inside and want to exercise your Golden Retriever you can encourage your dog to jump in different ways to burn calories. One way is to get the favorite toy of your retriever and squat on the floor with it. Gently tap them on the nose to show them you have it and stand up while holding the toy above your head. Your Golden Retriever will jump to try and reach the toy which will give both you and your dog’s legs a nice workout.

Another way to get your dog to jump is to use bubbles. Dogs love chasing after bubbles. However, you should ensure that you’re using non-toxic bubbles. Simply blow the bubbles in the air and watch as your Golden Retriever jumps high into the air to catch them.

A Fit Dog is a Happy Dog

Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercise. Keeping them fit will not only keep them healthy, but it will also keep them happy. As you can see, there are many ways to exercise your Golden Retriever. Get creative and have some fun along with them!

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