Having a Golden Retriever and a Baby

If you’re expecting or already have a baby, you might be wondering if it’s alright to have a pet, especially a large dog like the Golden Retriever. Doctors’ advice regarding pets often scares parents because it’s usually about potential illness or diseases more than physical safety. So how does having a golden retriever and a baby play out?

Let’s find out!

Concerns of Having a Golden Retriever and a Baby in the House

First of all, it is completely normal to live with a dog during pregnancy. There are no cons, but you have to pay extra attention like washing your hands, avoid rough games and heavy lifting. Leave all that to the dad to be.

How Golden Retrievers behave around babies

Golden Retrievers are wonderful animals because they’re fun-loving, provide companionship, and are affectionate. They are great for families, but during the time of pregnancy, there are a few concerns parents need to know since many pets pose potential safety and health risks. So, if you’re wondering if having a golden retriever and a baby is safe, here are a few things you need to know:

Safety Concerns

Before the illness, there are other things to consider, such as accidental scratching, biting, or any form of physical harm. Moreover, Retrievers crave attention since they’re full of energy and want to play all the time, so giving them less time could make them jealous or aggressive.

Golden Retrievers have soft mouths, but even an accidental bite can become infected and might require you to get treatment and antibiotics.


Dogs can become rabid and spread the rabies infection through their saliva. The infection starts with symptoms such as chills, fever, and weakness, followed by confusion, anxiety, and insomnia. Your Golden must get anti-rabies shots to avoid being infected. And if you contract the virus, see a doctor immediately, especially during pregnancy because, without treatment, it becomes deadly.


This is an illness caused by Toxocara, a parasitic roundworm. They live in the intestines of dogs and usually pass through dog feces contaminating the soil or area. Due to accidental ingestion, the eggs hatch in the intestine, and the larvae spread to other organs causing symptoms such as fever, cough, enlarged liver, and swollen lymph nodes.

So, whether you’re pregnant or not, you must use gloves and decontaminants when cleaning.

Campylobacter Infection

Like most dogs, Golden Retrievers can carry Campylobacter Jenuni bacteria. Pregnant women can become infected through contaminated water, raw meat, or unpasteurized milk. The infection causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever in people.

Is it Safe to Have a Golden Retriever with a Baby?

It is generally safe for pregnant moms, babies, and toddlers to be around a Golden Retriever as long as it is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations. Caring for your Golden shouldn’t cause any problems during pregnancy. Although safety is also conditional to your dog’s training and general behavior. Untrained Goldens can pose a risk to anyone, especially young children or a pregnant mom.

So, it’s your job to keep yourself and your baby safe. Here’s what you can do:

  • Golden Retrievers are large dogs and love to play. They tend to jump around and may knock you down, jump on your belly, or accidentally harm you while you’re pregnant. So, let dad and others play with them during pregnancy.
  • Make sure your Golden sees the vet regularly for vaccinations.
  • Watch out for changes in behavior. Goldenscrave attention and the sight of moms giving more attention to their new baby could make them jealous.
  • Protect yourself and your family from health risks like touching infected feces or touching soil by regular washing and using disposable gloves.

Now that we’ve got safety concerns out of the way, you might have other questions such as:

  • Can Golden Retrievers aggressive?
  • Are they protective?
  • How Goldens are around babies?
  • How Goldens are around Toddlers and Older Children?

Keep reading and find out!

Are Golden Retrievers Aggressive Towards Kids?

Goldens are among the most loving dog breeds, but like any dog, they can be aggressive. However, they’re not born aggressive, but they become this way due to neglect, abuse, and improper socialization. Aggression usually comes from a lack of socialization, which follows by fear. For example, your Golden Retriever loves playing with kids, but seeing a kid in a Halloween costume might scare them.

So, while you’re training them, let them get used to noises, environments, different people, and other animals, so they remain calm in most situations.

Are Golden Retrievers Protective of Babies?

Having a Golden Retriever and a baby might just be the best thing for moms. Although they are not great bodyguards, they have the loudest bark of any dog breed so they can sound the alarm. Just the presence of a large barking dog will deter most criminals even though your Golden is more likely to bring an intruder a toy to play with them than attack them.

How Are Goldens Around Babies

Goldens are known for being great around babies as long as you carefully establish their relationship. What’s great about them is that they’re not only affectionate and gentle but don’t like barking a lot. So, take your time and slowly introduce them to your baby and supervise them. Since it’s a newborn, try to avoid licking since their mouths could have germs that you don’t want your baby to get. You can find so many stories, pictures, and videos on the internet of Goldens around babies.

How Are Goldens Around Toddlers and Older Children?

Goldens and toddlers make a perfect match. Golden retrievers love attention, and toddlers love to touch things and play around. However, you wouldn’t want to leave the two together alone. As kids grow older, they become more physically active and goldens love to chase and be chased all over the yard and in the house.

Our Final Thoughts

Golden Retrievers are one of the best dog breeds for families. However, having a baby and a Golden Retriever depends on many conditions such as the availability of dad, other kids, space, safety, and hygiene. As long as you’re safe and your Golden is getting proper care and attention, there’s no reason to be worried.

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