About Us

About Us

Passing on Our Love for Golden Retrievers


Hey dog lovers!


I’m Lindsay and this is my blog that’s all about Golden Retrievers. iHeartGoldens.com was created to help other Golden Retriever parents care for their pets in the best ways possible. Golden Retrievers are such great dogs, and they deserve to be taken care of well. We can help you out with that!


I, myself am the proud mama of a beautiful Golden Retriever named Jenny. She’s the best dog ever! (minus the hair she leaves behind all over our house)


I’ve found that Golden Retrievers are the perfect family dog. They’re typically easy to train, are very loyal to their family, love kids, and they enjoy both exercising and cuddling up on the couch. Basically, you couldn’t ask for more in a dog.

A couple with their Golden Retriever

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