Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mixed Breed: Everything You Need to Know

Mix dogs breeds have become a popular option for families that are looking for canine companions. A mix breed dog is a result of combining different dog breeds together. Although, there are many mix breed dogs that promise fun, loyalty, and obedience, a recent, popular choice has become the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix.

Both Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are dogs that can serve as pets or workers, which is why the mix of both is something that is highly sought after.  However, before welcoming a dog like this into your house, it is important to have knowledge about it. Here is everything you need to know about an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix.

Origins of the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers originated from Scotland. In the 1800s, Lord Tweedmouth bred these dogs in his Inverness-Shire estate. Initially used as retrieving and guard dogs, Golden Retrievers soon came to be the ultimate family dog.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mixed Breed: Everything You Need to Know

Despite what their name suggests, Australian Shepherds originated from Europe. Pyrenean Shepherds in the Pyrenees Mountains bred the Australian Shepherd. This dog breed was known for its herding skills, work ethic, and content nature, which is why they were taken along everywhere. They were taken to Australia by the Basque people, and later, they were taken to America.

Fun Facts


Golden Retrievers grow up to 22 to 23 inches tall at their shoulders, whereas the Australian Shepherd grows up to 18 to 21 inches tall, depending on its gender.

A Golden Retriever male weighs around 65 to 75 pounds, and a female weighs around 55 to 65 pounds. An Australian Shepherd male weighs between 50 and 65 pounds, and a female weighs about 40 to 55 pounds.

The offspring of both results in a medium-sized dog.


Just like other crossbred dogs, it is not possible to predict what the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix would exactly look like. The offspring could either look exactly like a Golden Retriever, an Australian Shepherd or the perfect combination of both.

What you can guarantee about the offspring’s appearance would be the qualities that both the breeds have in common. Both these breeds do not like the water, they both have undercoats, and their hair can either be wavy or straight. The neck area also has a ruff around it. This is why the result of mixing the breeds together will result in having a double coat, wavy or straight hair, and a ruff around its neck.

The color of its fur and eyes may vary. Golden Retrievers typically have brown eyes, but an Australian Shepherd can have different eye colors.  The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix can possess the eye color of either parent.

A Golden Retriever usually has glossy caramel colored tone, whereas an Australian Shepherd may have a red, black or blue coat accompanied with copper or tan markings and white patches.

The overall appearance of the dog can have dominating features of either parent, but the physical properties can be hard to distinguish.


A Golden Retriever is known to be a friendly and intelligent dog that is extremely loyal towards its owners. An Australian Shepherd is known to be a hardworking and smart dog that has the innate ability to herd. The common personality between both the breeds is that they love to play and they are high on energy, which automatically means that the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix will have the personality traits of both its parents.

The dog will also be in constant need of attention, but it will turn out to be the most loyal partner. The bonus part about both these breeds is that they are both highly intelligent, resulting in a smart offspring.

Golden Retrievers are friendly and social dogs, making them great pets. Australian Shepherds are dogs that call for brave owners. Since an Australian Shepherd has the natural instinct to herd, it will herd pets, humans, and children.

The best thing to do would be to make offspring exercise and train, so they are always stimulated mentally.


Golden Retrievers are bred to be gun dogs, and Australian Shepherds are bred to be herding dogs. Because of these qualities, both dogs thrive when they are in human settings, making them a great family dog. Both the dog breeds are physically and mentally strong. With a “never fail to impress” attitude, the mix of both breeds turns out to be highly intelligent.

The Golden Retrievers shows off its gun dog tendencies by enthusiastically chasing balls and playing fetch, while the Australian Shepherd shows off its herding tendencies by nipping at human heels.

However, you need to keep in mind that the temperament of the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever solely depends on its genes.


An Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix will possess a beautiful coat. However, their gorgeous coat requires a lot of effort and attention to take care of. It is important to brush your dog on a regular basis to prevent shedding. However, this dog does shed. To keep your house clean, you will need to make sure you vacuum it every other day.

Regular grooming will not only make your dog look good, but it will ensure its health. You need to give your dog regular showers, brush its hair regularly, trim its nails, brush its teeth, and clean its ears.


A study has proved that the Australian Shepherd and the Golden Retriever are easier to train as compared to the other dog breeds. With the ability to learn and pick up on new habits, both these dogs are easy to potty train as well.

It is a known fact that Golden Retrievers are easy to train for obedience as they have the high intelligence to do so. Similarly, Australian Shepherds have shown similar tendencies as well. As an owner (or a soon to be owner), it is important to start training your crossbred puppy at a young age. Moreover, since Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are dogs that thrive with humans and human interaction, you must start their socializing at a younger age. This way, your dog will not have any issues related to its behavior when it is exposed to other dogs, humans, or changing environments.

The American Kennel Club suggests puppy training for at least 5 minutes a day, every day. But, instead of giving your dog 5 minutes of training in one day, opt for exercise two times a day. Feel free to increase the amount of exercise as your dog gets older.


Since they are energetic and healthy, Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are top priorities for dog breeders. The reason for this is that both these breeds are usually free from most kind of diseases.

Unfortunately, similar to almost all cross breeds, there are diseases that are commonly present in Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. There is a high chance that your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix puppy could inherit diseases from its parents, which is why it is important for you to be aware of them.

Diseases that Golden Retrievers are prone to:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Heart Disease
  • Allergies Atopy
  • Underactive Thyroid
  • Inverted Or Out-Turned Eyelids
  • Cataracts
  • Cancers

It is common for Golden Retrievers to have cancer. In fact, 40% of Golden Retrievers pass away because of cancer, which is why it is important to regulate the health of your dog.

Diseases that Australian Shepherds are prone to:

  • Abnormally Small Eyes (Microphthalmia)
  • Hereditary Cataracts
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Abnormal White Blood Cells

Recently, the number of Australian Shepherds with cataracts has increased. Both breeds are inclined towards having hip dysplasia and eye issues, which is why both the breeding parents should be tested for these conditions before they are bred together.

Almost a quarter of the Golden Retriever population has a genetic mutation for progressive retinal atrophy ( PRA), but this genetic mutation is not commonly found in Australian Shepherds. It is important to ask the breeder for test certificates before purchasing a puppy. In addition, the Golden Retriever parent needs to have recent PRA tests, and they must be clear.

Finding an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

Since mixing dog breeds has become popular in recent years, it has become easy for many individuals to find a crossbred dog at pet stores or puppy mills. Wherever you are choosing to purchase your crossbred dog from, you need to make sure the breeder is trustworthy and has knowledge about the puppy’s parents.

Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy dog breeder can be a hard task for newbies and others, which is why it is highly recommended to do thorough research before going on a puppy hunt. There are plenty of dog guides that assist individuals in looking for the ideal puppy breeder. With that elaborate information, it will be easy for you to avoid any issues when you are purchasing your Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix puppy.

Raising an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

Before getting yourself an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever, it is important to know its pros and cons.


  • Both the parent breeds are known for their affectionate nature, which means the puppy will be,
  • Both the parent breeds are active dogs.
  • Both the parent breeds are highly intelligent and respond to training very well.


Would an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Be a Good Family Dog?

Because of its great temperament, a Golden Retriever is considered to be the ultimate family dog. Most of the times, these dogs are used as therapy dogs as well. Similarly, the Australian Shepherd is also known for its affectionate and friendly personality along with its great work ethic. However, keep in mind that an Australian Shepherd is a herding dog, which is why it may nip at human feet as it conceives them to be a part of a “flock.” This could be the biggest reason why this dog is not the ideal choice for families with small kids.

If a family wants to make an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever a part of their household, they can make it work. With a few changes in lifestyle, the right amount of time dedicated to training and reinforcing the right behavior, you can decide what your puppy turns out to be like.

Is an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy the Right Choice for You?

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppy is the combination of the two most popular dog breeds in the world. But since you are adopting or purchasing a mixed breed dog, it is not possible to distinguish which parent’s features it will possess in terms of appearance and behavior. If you are someone who is accustomed to an active lifestyle and needs mental stimulation, then this puppy is the ideal choice for you! Along with being your pet, this dog will prove to you that it is loyal and friendly towards you, your family, and friends.

An Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix has become a popular option these days as it possesses the brilliant qualities of a Golden Retriever and the dedicated qualities of an Australian Shepherd. Its loyalty towards you and your family makes it a promising member of the clan. All you have to do is that before purchasing this dog, is get in contact with a trustworthy breeder and do a background check. On top of that, make sure you perform thorough research before becoming the proud owner of this magnificent dog.

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