Best All Weather Boots for Golden Retrievers: Top 6 Reviewed

Golden retrievers need just as much exercise during winters as they do in summers. However frozen roads and icy pathways are not easy to walk on. Dog boots are an often-overlooked aspect of a dog’s outdoor accessory.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

To protect your dog from scratches, thorns, hot and cold surfaces we bring to you the 6 best boots for Golden Retrievers.

The Importance of Winter Boots for Dogs

Golden retrievers are popular breed for pets in the United States. They are very active, loveable creatures who have won over hearts for generations.

With winters coming, all pet owners need to be extra careful when taking their retrievers out for a walk. It is not easy to walk on snow. Icy particles and snow can collect between your dog’s toes and they may catch flu. Most road salts and deicers are toxic for dogs. To keep your pups feet warm and safe from toxins, you need to invest in a pair of good winter dog boots.

How to Chose the Right Dog Boots

  1. The sole of the boot should be textured. A good texture provides a good grip making it easier for you pup to walk on slippery icy surfaces.
  1. The boot must be made from either water proof or water resistant materials. You cannot guarantee your dog a dry surface to walk on especially during winters. Good boots are made out of materials that can keep moisture from soaking through, keeping your dog’s feet dry.
  1. To help your dog maintain their natural gait, it is important that the sole of the boots be flexible. Stiff soles can make leisurely exercise a painful experience for your retriever.
  1. Chose boots with adjustable Velcro straps. Adjustable straps are essential as they ensure that the boots are not too tight or too loose. Boots too tight can hamper blood circulation in your pup’s paws.
  1. It is good practice to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications before buying any product. Maybe the product is not fir for Golden Retrievers. You should always buy products that cater to your pups needs specifically.

To make the choosing process easier for you, we are listing the 6 best boots for your golden retrievers.

Best All Weather Boots for Golden Retrievers: Top 6 Reviewed

Kurgo Blaze Cross

The Kurgo Blaze Cross shoes are made from breathable tight weave mesh, rubberized synthetic leather water resistant rip stop material. The rip stop material provides added durability and protects you dog’s paws from snow, ice, salt, heat, glass, thorns and other hazards.

The ankle cord and double closure system ensures the boot is adjusted on your dogs paws securely. These lightweight shoes feature an ergonomic sole that mimics your pups paws for added comfort.

The Best Features

  • Ankle cord
  • The double closure system
  • Ergonomic no-slip soles
  • Water Resistant

Bark Brite All-Weather Dog Boots

The All weather Dog Boots by Bark Brite adapt to your retrievers paws and provide a spandex like fit. These boots feel like second skin on your dog’s paws. They shield the paws from extreme temperatures and provide protection from sharp objects, rocks and more.

The reflective straps provide better visibility for night errands. The linked interior controls the temperature in all weather conditions.

The Best Features

  • Spandex-like fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Reflective straps
  • Lined interior
  • Tough and durable  non-slip sole

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

Made from water-resistant nylon, these design patented boots provide the ultimate protection for your dog’s paws in all weathers. The foam pad inserts and dual fuzzy fasteners provide a comfortable snug fit.

The toe and sole are coated in Tough Tekk- a high grip, flexible and skid resistant thermoplastic. The flexible thermo plastic coating and the nylon grip are ideal for help senior golden retrievers and those with hip conditions. It also makes the boots extra durable.

The Best Features

  • Durable
  • High-quality dog boots
  • All-weather protection
  • Water-resistant nylon with a high-grip,
  • Flexible thermoplastic coating on the toe and sole.
  • Dual fuzzy fastener closure
  • Foam pad inserts

My Busy Dog Anti Slip Dog Boots

These water and weather resistant shows adapt to your retriever paws effortlessly. The reflective fuzzy straps provide a snug fit for your retriever paws.

The anti slip sole is particularly useful for aged golden retrievers. It makes maintaining traction on slippery surfaces easier. These shoes are extremely easy to take off making it easier to keep your house clean.

The Best Features

  • Available in eight sizes
  • High quality, all-weather boots.
  • Durable
  • Reflective fuzzy fastener straps
  • Rugged anti-slip sole
  • Water-resistant

Healers Urban Walkers Dog Boots

Healers Urban Walkers dog shoes are designed by a former Nike shoe designer and tested by the National Guide Dogs for the blind. Made in the USA these shoes come in pairs as front and back paws may require a different fit.

The no skid sole is designed to protect the paws feet from injury. The lightweight breathable material provides a comfortable and flexible fit for your retriever. Both these features make the shows ideal for retriever with joint pain as these features provide added comfort to the dog’s paws.

The Best Features

  • Wraparound design
  • high-tensile fuzzy fastener
  • Flexible and lightweight,
  • Non-skid sole

Pawz Water Proof Dog Boots

Made from a 100 % biodegradable environmental friendly natural rubber, The Pawz are disposable and recyclable. These water proof shoes are easy to put on and give a secure fit without unnecessary zippers and straps.

These flexible shoes are ideal for young pups. Their sock like feel provides full flexibility and motion control. These can help develop your pups traction movements.

The Best Features

  • Easy to wear secure fit
  • Made from environmental friendly natural rubber – 100% percent biodegradable.
  • Protect your pup from ice, snow, salt, lawn chemicals and hot surfaces.
  • Each pack contains 12 boots

Finding the Right Boots for Your Golden Retriever

All of these suggestions are ideal for Golden Retrievers especially aging Retrievers.

As your Golden Retriever grows older they may start experiencing joint pain which makes it harder for them to walk. Exposure to cold surfaces for excessively long periods of times is only going to make it worse.

The above-mentioned boots are all water proof and have no skid soles. Each boot has an additional feature for added comfort for example padded soles. They are available in different sizes. You can check their availability and view their size charts on chewy. To ensure that you have the right size we suggest you opt for a paw fitting.

Dog Boot Fitting

Deducing the size of your pups paw can be difficult. In case you cannot go to a professional for a fitting, here are a few ways you can do it at home.

  1. Have your dog stand on a blank piece of paper. Mark the front and back, left and right side of the paw include the length of the toenails
  2. Using a ruler measure the length and width of your dogs paw including the toenail
  3. Put the ruler on the floor and have your dog stand on it
  4. Wet your dog’s paw and press it on a piece of paper. Then measure the length and width of the paw.

Always make sure to include the toenail’s length in your measurements. For hairier dogs also take into account the volume of the hair. Ignoring these will give inaccurate measurements and you will end up buying the wrong sized boots.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article of some help. Remember dogs take a while to get used to wearing a boot. Always measure your dog’s paw before buying a new boot and make sure to choose a comfortable boot in the correct size. Now that you’ve seen the best all weather boots for Golden Retrievers, you should be able to make a better decision.

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