Best Chew Toys for Golden Retrievers: Keep Your Pup Busy

Golden Retrievers are a highly energetic breed. Golden Retrievers’ playful energy and excitement reach another level when they are chewing and exploring.

A Golden Retriever is never short of excitement. The tricks and antics they have up their sleeve are enjoyable for anyone. If you don’t find ways to channel the enthusiasm, the dog will look for ways to vent it out. Spending time with the young pet is integral to the upbringing of any dog breed; however, regardless of how much you love your pet, you cannot be around them all the time.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Yes, we know that leaving your young Golden Retriever at home when you go out for work is hard, especially with the innocent eyes your goldie gives you when you are about to leave. Leaving them alone can be tough both emotionally and practically because, when alone, these mischievous little puppies are usually up to no good.

One Golden Retriever trait that can be difficult to limit is the love for chewing. When they have no one to play with, a Golden Retriever turns to chew. If you don’t have a prescribed chew toy for the Golden Retriever and the pup is not trained well enough, your furniture will bear the brunt.

Golden retrievers, especially puppies, love to chew on anything that comes their way. From idle lying books to shoes in the rack, none of your personal belongings are safe when a Golden Retriever puppy is on the loose.

To ensure that the puppy does not damage your stuff, it is imperative to train the Golden Retriever from a very young age. You cannot curb the natural desire for chewing in a Golden Retriever with a suitable chew toy; however, you can train your puppy to stay away from furniture and housing appliances.

The Best Chew Toys for Goldens

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when looking for a chew toy. First and foremost, you need to accept chewing as a natural process. For puppies growing up, chewing helps them in relieving them of the pain of teething.

Dental care should be your priority when looking for chew toys. You don’t want to hurt the process of dental growth in your Golden Retriever as they chew on a toy that is not suitable for the growth of their teeth.

Another critical factor that owners often tend to ignore when choosing a toy is the attention to detail in a toy. All pups, especially Golden Retrievers, are attracted to toys that have their attention. For instance, a squeaky toy gives the Golden Retriever something interesting to deal with in addition to providing the dog a material to chew on. Casual toys can soon become boring to play with; this is why you should opt for creative ways to get the attention of your dog. To help you find the right toy for your Golden Retriever, we have compiled the list of best chewing toys for Golden Retrievers.

1. Nylabone DuraChew

This chewing toy has been explicitly designed for the exercising and chewing needs of Golden Retrievers; the Nylabone DuraChew is just as good for chasing as it is for chewing.

A disc-shaped toy that can endure long hours of chewing is ideal for Golden Retrievers. The textured ring is there to promote healthy teeth and gums in your dog; plaque and tartar buildup gets removed as the dog chews on the toy.

That’s not all; the toy also has a flavored chicken chew made of durable nylon. The texture of the chew toy has rubs and ridges that help in cleaning your dog’s teeth as it chews on the toy.

In addition to keeping your pet busy, the presence of the Nylabone DuraChew will prevent your sneakers from falling prey to a vicious attack from your pet.

2. GoDog Gators Chew Guard Dog

Durability is one problem that all toys have. The countless hours of chewing and munching by the Golden Retriever can have its toll on a toy, leaving it torn and not attractive to play with.

Keeping in mind these general considerations, the makers of Go Dog used Chew Guard Technology to add a sharp, durable liner to the plush toy. With double stitching and a soft touch, the toy lasts through countless games of fetch while doubling as a companion for the dog to snuggle with.

Given the Golden Retriever’s need for hours of solo play, the toy does an excellent job in keeping the dog interested as it has a built-in squeaker that adds to the excitement.

3. Kong Wobbler

If you want your Golden Retriever to play and have an enjoyable meal time, then the Kong Wobbler is the right choice.

This toy not only wobbles but also gives out treats when it is pushed by the dog. The toy moves randomly, providing ample fun and treats for Golden Retrievers.

The toy may not be suitable for other dog types but since the Golden Retriever is always up for a challenge and is willing to learn, the toy becomes ideal for them. The Wobbler is easy to use for the owners too; just removing the screws off from the bottom allows you to fill in the food quickly. Once done, you can wash the dish since it is also easy to clean.

While the dog chews off the treats in the Wobbler, you can ensure that it gets the training and discipline it needs.

4. Benebone, Bacon Flavored Wishbone

Made with durable nylon and real bacon, the benebone is not your average chew toy. While the chew toy  is already a favorite for Golden Retrievers around the world, combining it with bacon flavor makes it the ultimate for pets around the world.

Unlike some other chew toys, the Golden Retriever will not face the issue of adjusting for a good bite in the Benebone. The deep grooves in the toy allow the Golden Retriever to get a good bite due to the increased surface area.

However, while the toy is great fun for the dog, it is your job to ensure that the dog does not go overboard with the chewing. Benebones are for playing and not eating; while the flavor of the toy itself is very tempting for the dog, it is your job to ensure that the Golden Retriever does not eat it.

Therefore, if your dog is an aggressive chewer and above 70 pounds, we don’t recommend the product as it could damage the product and the dog’s teeth.

5. Nylabone Romp’n Chomp

It is not only the pups that have the urgency for chewing; bigger dogs can feel bored too. While the other toys are great chewing toys, Romp’n Chomp toys are explicitly designed for the fully grown Golden Retriever.

The chew toy is made from durable and long-lasting nylon; the Romp’n Chomp also comes with a chew bar where you can place a delicious treat for your dog which it can enjoy while chewing on the toy.

Designed specifically for dogs that are powerful chewers, the product helps in keeping the teeth and the breath of your dog clean and fresh. Additionally, the design instills in the Golden Retriever a dislike for destructive chewing; the texture and the treat within are best enjoyed by the dog when it chews at it calmly. The discouraging of the destructive chewing habits helps to keep the shoes and furniture safe.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Need Chew Toys?

The intent Golden Retrievers show while chewing can at times, border on destructive. Therefore, the durability of the toy is one thing that you must ensure. However, it is imperative to train the dog even after you give it a chew toy because there are likelihoods for the dog to fancy chewing when it sees something remotely similar to its chew toy.

Every dog behaves and plays differently. Since not all toys have the same features, it is essential to monitor the playtime of the Golden Retriever closely. Close supervision of the playtime will help you in assessing the toy and your Golden Retriever preference for it.

Once pieces of the toy whither off, it is always safe to remove the toy from playtime and replace it with a better version; regardless of how good a toy is, your dogs’ safety should be your top priority.

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