Best Companion Dogs for Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are known to be one of the most playful, fun, loyal, and affectionate dog breeds. These furry pets are incredibly cute, and they give off such positive and happy vibes.

One of the most amazing things about these dogs is that they are so charming and gentle that they get along with everyone, be it little kids or other furry dogs. Everyone loves the golden retriever, and they return all this love with equal zeal and warmth!

If you have a pet golden retriever, you might want to get another little furry companion for it. If anything, the two dogs together will fill your home with energy, liveliness, and laughter!

The 4 Best Companion Dogs for Golden Retrievers

Let’s take a look at the following list of dog breeds that make for the best companion dogs for golden retrievers.

Of course, another Golden Retriever is the best companion dog for a Golden Retriever. They seem to love playing with their own breed, but they’ll also get along well with most other breeds of dogs.


This dog breed probably needs no introduction; poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds of all time and have been a mainstay in American households for more than a century.

These adorable, fuzzy little dogs are known to be super energetic, fun-loving, and intelligent. Some poodles are really shy and reserved around strangers, but once they get comfortable and relaxed, they will bond with them almost immediately.

Poodles are super well-behaved and proper at home, and they easily get along with other animals in the house. They are great companion dogs for golden retrievers, especially considering both of them share such similar personality and behavioral traits.

Poodles and golden retrievers are almost the same in terms of their compatibility levels and traits like friendliness, playfulness, and sociability. They make excellent friends and love to mingle, as long as they are properly socialized with each other first.

Rest assured, being the parent of a cute poodle and a sun-kissed golden retriever will bring you immense joy and fun.


Just like poodles, pugs are also excellent companion dogs for golden retrievers. While they thrive on human companionship, they make great friends with other dog breeds. You’ll be pleased to know that pugs were initially bred to be companions, and that’s one of the many things that they do to perfection.

Pugs gained significant popularity throughout Europe in the early 1600s, and they became an absolute favorite in many European Royal households. Ever since then, they have become much-loved companion dogs, and you are very likely to find a pet pug in many homes today.

Socialization is very important for pugs because it helps expose them to different experiences, sounds, people, pets, and sights. When they are around other dogs, they exhibit great friendliness and affection, and will also show eagerness to play with them and engage in their favorite games. This quality makes them truly amicable companions for golden retrievers, who are also equally friendly, warm, and loving.

Although pugs often tend to be quite shy and quiet some times, which makes them relatively inactive indoors, as a pet owner, you can always train them to be energetic and lively so that both your pug and golden retriever can have a ball of a time together!


Although beagles aren’t as popular or common as poodles, they have proven to be an ideal furry companion for golden retrievers. One of the biggest similarities between the two dog breeds is that they are even-tempered, which makes them neither too timid nor too aggressive.

Beagles were originally bred as scent hounds since they are known to have one of the best senses of smell among all dog breeds. For this very reason, they were often taken on hunting missions in Great Britain back in the day.

Apart from their strong hunting skills, beagles are also famous for being incredibly friendly and gentle. They are quite well-known for their soulful expressions and their happy-go-lucky nature. Since they were initially bred to work together in packs, beagles make excellent companion dogs. They greatly prefer camaraderie and love getting along well with other dog breeds. Interestingly, they think of their owners, families, and other pet dogs in the house as their new “pack,” which is what makes them so caring and kind.

If you notice closely, beagles are very much like golden retrievers, which is why the two breeds absolutely love each other’s company. Yes, they might drive you crazy with their barking and deep howls, but they will also melt your heart with the way they will play with each other and bring so much vigor wherever they go.

Boston Terriers

Originally bred as fighting dogs and ferocious pit-fighters, you’ll be surprised to know that the Boston terrier is a true lover and far from a fighter. Yes, male Boston terriers do tend to get a little aggressive sometimes, but that’s only when they are provoked unnecessarily. Otherwise, they are extremely gentle and quiet dogs that are great companions for your golden retriever.

Boston terriers are known for their extremely lively and affectionate nature, which is the main reason behind their ability to get along so well with not just golden retrievers, but many other dog breeds, too. They have huge, round eyes that always seem to say “I love you” to their owners and families.

These dogs are quite small in size, which has a lot to do with their high energy levels and liveliness. Their small size and the resulting qualities make them wonderful family pets as well as must-have companions for other dog breeds. Like golden retrievers, Boston terriers are also quite even-tempered and have similar adaptability levels. They are both cat-friendly and dog-friendly breeds and are two adorably friendly pets to have in your home.

Introducing a New Companion Dog to Your Golden Retriever

There is nothing more exciting and pleasurable than bringing home a second pet dog, especially for new pet owners. Considering that you already own a golden retriever, you are likely to be ecstatic about having another furry animal in the house.

However, not all pets respond to a new pet member in a friendly or cordial manner. Although the golden retriever’s personality is extremely welcoming and easy-going, you can still expect a little hesitation and confusion from your golden pup in the initial stages. This kind of behavior is normal for a dog, and you must give your furry friend some time to welcome the new member with open arms.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when introducing a companion dog to your golden retriever.

  • Do not force your golden retriever to accept the new dog the minute you bring it into your home. Give them a few days till they get comfortable around each other and find common ground.
  • Have your golden retriever meet the new pup in a neutral environment first. The best option is to introduce them to each other in a fully-fenced outdoor space, where there is enough room for them to roam around and get to know each other.
  • Allow them to interact with each other at their own pace and don’t be upset if they don’t warm up to each other in the first go. Give them a few minutes to sniff one another and keep encouraging them while they do that.
  • Once you bring the new dog home, keep an eye on both your pets for at least a few days till you know for sure they are going to be okay on their own.

Now that you know which breeds are the best companion dogs for golden retrievers, are you ready to bring home a new furry buddy for your golden retriever?

Let us tell you; once you do that, your home will be full of laughter, love, and liveliness!

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