Best Deshedding Brushes for Golden Retrievers: Top 7 Reviewed

Having a golden retriever brings one immense happiness and joy, along with a lot of dog hair. Goldens are large breed dogs that shed A LOT. Dealing with blankets of fur can get pretty exhausting pretty quickly. But you’re not alone in your misery.  All retriever parents face this problem, which can be managed by regularly brushing your fluffy buddy. Here are 6 best deshedding brushes for golden retrievers.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Shedding is a natural process that causes a dog to lose its damaged fur so that new fur can grow in its place.  Every dog on the planet sheds, but the degree of shedding can vary in different breed groups.

The silky smooth coat retrievers possess comes with a cost, and that is heavy shedding. Their coat comprises of two layers, an upper layer that has long hair and an inner layer that is soft and fluffy. These double coats work together to keep your furry friend protected. It also maintains their body temperature to save them from the extremities of harsh weather.

Goldens shed excessively twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. In spring, they shed the heavy coat of winter to make room for the light coat of summer. During the fall, they lose the summer coat to make space for the winter coat.

And if you get a baby retriever then it is most likely to shed abundantly after six months. It is common in golden retriever puppies because as they grow older, they need room for adult fur. Thus, they get rid of infant hair in a few months in order to grow out a mature coat.

Best Deshedding Brushes for Golden Retrievers: Top 7 Reviewed

Shedding is a healthy process as it removes damaged fur from your retriever’s coat. It keeps the dog in good shape and its fur coat shiny. Since retrievers are heavy shedders, managing them is a struggle. Grooming your dog regularly is essential if you want to manage its excessive shedding. Bathing and brushing your furry friend is the best way to keep shedding under control.

There are mainly 2 kinds of brushes that are commonly used for deshedding. One is a slicker brush and the other is a bristle brush.  A slicker brush has pins that are pointy and penetrate the fur easily. Slicker brushes are more often used for large breed dogs. Bristle brushes have soft bristles that massage the skin of the pet and smooth out the coat. Dual action brushes are also used to de-shed dogs. Those brushes save time and reduce shedding.

The 7 Best Deshedding Brushes for Golden Retrievers

Here is a list of the best deshedding brushes for golden retrievers:

Martha Stewart’s Adjustable Strap Massage Bristle Dog Brush

A handy massaging tool designed for large breed dogs with long hair. This dog brush is crafted with soft and smooth bristles that remove loose hair from your pet’s coat.  It also takes away debris from the upper layer of the dog.

The bristles on the brush are covered with rubber nubs that are gentle to the skin and massage it softly.  This grooming tool makes brushing easier for the dog parent as it comes with a hand strap. The hand strap can be adjusted according to your hand’s size and ensures a strong grip.

FURminator  Deshedding Edge Dog Brush

This is an incredibly convenient grooming tool for dog parents, and it makes brushing pets effortless.  The base of the edge dog brush is covered with stainless steel bristles that reach down to the under coat without damaging the upper coat.

To make the process of deshedding as comfortable as possible, this brush comes with an ergonomic handle. And the curved edge of the brush molds according to the dog’s shape. With regular use, the FURminator edge brush can reduce shedding up to 90%.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

This dual-sided grooming brush allows you to easily detangle your pet’s hair and massage the inner skin. One side of the brush holds steel bristles and the second side houses nylon bristles.

The stainless steel pins remove loose hair and knots from your golden’s coat easily. While the nylon bristles redistribute natural oil in the skin, making the coat lustrous. To amplify your comfort, this brush comes with an ergonomic handle that makes brushing the dog supremely convenient.

Wags and Wiggles Silky slicker Dog Brush

Well suited for medium and long coats, this brushing tool comes with gentle nibs for your best pal. The pins on the brush are soft to touch and reach the undercoat easily. They also do not damage the outer layer of the fur and remove loose hair and debris from the coat.

This slicker brush has a long easy-grip handle that makes grooming the dog undemanding.  Since the brush is made with plastic, its super light and easy to carry too.

Burts Bee’s Palm Bristle Brush

If you are an environmentalist, then this brush is for you. Made with bamboo and recycled material, the Burts Bee’s bristle brush is best suited for your retriever puppies. The base of the brush is crafted with hemp bristles which are gentle to your little bud’s skin.

It removes debris and shedding hair from your golden’s fur smoothly. To make gripping easier, this brush comes with a soft strap that facilitates brushing even more.

Burts Bee’s Double Sided Pin and Bristle Dog Brush

This grooming tool offers the softness of bristles along with the efficacy of pins for your golden retriever’s deshedding needs. For a 2 in 1 experience, get your pet this bristle dog brush.

One side of the brush is covered with stainless steel pins that take out debris and knots from the dog’s layers. And the other side offers hemp bristles that soothingly massage the skin of your beloved pooch.

Made with bamboo, this brush is designed for large breed dogs thus, is a great option to manage your retriever’s shedding.

CHI Comfort Flexible Head Slicker Dog Brush

This is a flexible brushing tool that adjusts according to the curves of your pet’s body, making brushing super effective.  It comes with an ergonomic handle for easy gripping and removes loose hair easily and tapers shedding.

The ionic technology reduces static charge in the dog’s hair which makes detangling clumps of hair easier.   Designed for large breed dogs, this slicker brush could be the best for you in winter.

Our Final Thoughts

Shedding heavily is normal for golden retrievers. But if your golden is shedding more than usual, then you might need to consult a vet. Any bald patches after shedding can be an alarming sign indicating that you and your dog need to make a trip to the vet.  Abnormal degrees of shedding can be a sign of a thyroid problem or a skin disorder. So take your buddy for a checkup if you notice something out of the ordinary.

But if there is nothing to worry about, then just order any of the deshedding tools from our list of the best deshedding brushes for golden retrievers.

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