Best Dog Food Brands for Golden Retrievers: Top 4 Reviewed

Finding the right food brand for your dear dog may seem an easy task, but it isn’t so when you come across hundreds and thousands of pet food brands on the market. You can’t risk choosing average or below average dog food, as what you feed your dog will ultimately affect its physical and mental health. Therefore, as a dog owner, you should invest in a reliable food brand that will keep your pet happy and healthy.

This blog post specifically targets the owners of golden retrievers that are looking for the best dog food brands on the market. We’ve selected a few brands for golden retrievers. Have a look at them and buy dog food from the brand that aligns with the needs and requirements of your pet.

1. American Journey Dog Food

American Journey Dog Food is a propriety brand for (get 25% off your first order of American Journey). Over the past couple of years, this pet food has garnered a lot of attention due to its premium quality ingredients and affordable prices. But is the hype surrounding the dog food worth it, you wonder? This can be assessed by determining the overall quality of their pet food.

The dog food is made in the United States using real and excellent-quality meat and chicken. Along with these two primary sources of protein, the brand features a lot of tasty fruits and vegetables. These natural ingredients help enhance the overall flavor and quality of the food. Because the brand’s dog food is made using healthy ingredients, it offers a lot of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers.

Apart from dog food, the brand offers nourishing dog treats, too. The well-recognized dog food brand has expanded its food options by manufacturing wet dog food as well. Therefore, you can find many food options for your golden retrievers – tasty treats, wet food, dry food, etc.


  • Available at an affordable rate compared to other brands
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • The food is easy to chew and digest by golden retrievers of all ages
  • Nutritious and wholesome
  • Made from real meat, chicken, fruits, and veggies


  • Recipes are limited
  • May contain one harmful ingredient – menadione sodium bisulfite complex (a synthetic version of vitamin K)

2. Eagle Pack Dog Food

Considered as one of the best dog food brands, Eagle Pack Dog Food has been around for over 25 years. Eagle Pack makes its dog food using only the best ingredients – those that are necessary for the growth and wellbeing of your precious pup.

The brand’s dog food formulas have been regularly researched by vets and trainers, ever since its origin in 1985. This adds a sense of credibility to the dog food produced by Eagle Pack and firmly cements them as one of the best dog food brands out there.

Eagle Pack’s dog food has the perfect balance of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. These nutrients are crucial when it comes to keeping golden retrievers on top of their game. The daily nutritious food elevates the spirit of your dog and keeps its coat as shiny and beautiful as ever.


  • Eagle Pack is a veteran of the industry and has been manufacturing dog food for over 25 years
  • Best for performance dogs like golden retrievers
  • Made in the United States
  • Excellent source of protein
  • Commendable nutritional value


  • Some recipes may use controversial ingredients
  • Not all formulas are grain-free

3. Fromm Family Dog Food

Fromm Family is another top-notch brand whose dog food is ideal for older golden retrievers. It boasts all those nutrients that are necessary to strengthen the immune system and digestive system of adult dogs.  Daily meals comprising of Fromm Family dog food keep golden retrievers cheerful and energetic.

The premium brand boasts 100% real ingredients, such as lamb, chicken, brown rice, pearled barley, potatoes, duck, eggs, cheese, and lots more. The thick coating of salmon oil takes the pet food to a whole new level, making it completely different from its competitors.


  • Excellent-quality ingredients
  • Goes through rigorous processes to offer the desired quality and taste
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Grain-free
  • Lacks by-products


  • Do not mention the source of the ingredients
  • Some recipes may include tomato pomace, alfalfa meal, and brewer’s yeast

4. Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Taste of the Wild dog food features grain-free formulas, natural antioxidants, and suitable flavors – three qualities that promote the overall health of golden retrievers.

This dog food is prized for its ability to support the immune system and the digestive system of pet golden retrievers. The wholesome dog food is available at a reasonable price with gluten-free ingredients such as sweet potatoes. Feeding your golden retriever food from Taste of the Wild will surely bring up their energy levels and keep them happy and energetic. The pet food will help nourish them with nutrients like beta-carotene and dietary fiber.


  • Comes in various flavors and formulas
  • Made in the United States
  • Packed with healthy nutrients
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • No artificial preservatives, flavoring, or coloring


  • May contain ingredients from China
  • Use low-quality oil – canola oil
  • May contain controversial ingredients such as tomato pomace

What to Look for in a Dog Food Brand

1. Check the Nutritional Guarantee

The dog food brand you choose must come with a label from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This label guarantees that the product provides “complete and balanced nutrition.” Make sure the main ingredients of the pet food are real chicken, lamb, or beef.

2. Must Not Contain Grains or By-Products

Grains of any form and by-products of meat and chicken are not as healthy for golden retrievers as you may think. Many pets are allergic to these ingredients, so it is best to avoid brands that feature them. For further help, you can ask your vet to help you figure out which ingredients to look for when buying food for your pet.

3. Expensive Is Not Always Better

Just because one food brand costs more than another doesn’t mean it’s the best. You’ll still have to check for the ingredients and nutritional profile of the product. Find out what your golden retriever is allergic to and avoid getting pet foods that may have controversial ingredients.

Our Final Thoughts

The terrific pet food brands listed here provide an extensive range of dog foods in terms of flavors, formulas, and other specifications. Before you start buying dog food from any brand, be sure to do your research. Look up the brand’s products, the ingredients they use, how long they’ve been in the pet food industry, as well as reviews from other customers. Doing all this will ensure that you choose a dog food brand that makes food that your golden retriever will love. Different brands offer different kinds of dog food, so you need to keep this in mind when you’re making a choice.

For instance, American Journey pet food includes both wet food and dry food. Keep in mind that dry food is easier to manage and store than wet food. That being said, wet food is easier to chew. If your dog has chewing issues, you can consider wet food instead of dry food. As long as you consider the needs of your dog, the quality, content, and overall nutritional profile of the product while shopping for your pet food, you are on the right track. The best dog food brands will provide food that will keep your pup happy and healthy for a very long time!

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