Best Golden Retriever Training Books: Top 5 Reviewed

Did you know that the golden retriever is among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the world? Golden retrievers are intelligent, handsome, and charming. Because of their amiable personalities, they are the favorite dog breeds of most pet owners.

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However, as it is with every dog breed, golden retrievers need to be trained so that they become more obedient, happy, and always head in the right direction. Since golden retrievers are smart and intelligent, training them never seems like a chore. They like to learn new things and please their owners, which makes training them even easier. That being said, golden retriever training necessitates you to be patient, have an enjoyable attitude, and be equipped with the right training book.

The 5 Best Golden Retriever Training Books

First-time pet owners may have little to no knowledge of how to go about training their golden retriever – which is completely normal and acceptable. If you find yourself wondering how to properly train your golden retriever or what is the best way to train them, here is a comprehensive list of the best golden retriever training books you should know about.

1. Golden Retriever for Dummies by Nona Kilgore Bauer

Are you an enthusiastic pet owner but don’t have time to read through 500 hundred pages of a training book in one sitting? We feel you, and this is why we’ve placed “Golden Retriever for Dummies” by Nona Kilgore Bauer at the very top of our list.

This book serves more as a reference book, divided into proper chapters, each of which deals with common aspects of pet ownership, the various challenges a pet owner faces, and an essential guide to becoming a successful pet owner.

“Golden Retriever for Dummies” is a dog bible to swear by. Being a new pet owner, it is common to have countless dog-related questions. In times like these, you should look no further than this complete guidebook! You’re likely to find answers to a lot of your golden retriever-related questions in this comprehensive guide. Plus, it has detailed chapters on training golden retrievers such as “crate training and house training,” “homeschooling your golden puppy,” etc.

If you follow the instructions laid out in this trusty golden retriever training book, training your dog will never seem like a chore. One the contrary it’ll be a very pleasant experience, and you’ll come out the other side with a well-trained and obedient golden retriever.

2. Golden Retriever Training by Susan Reid

Looking for a complete guide on raising and training Golden puppies? Golden Retriever Training is your ultimate guide. Many pet owners don’t know that puppies are capable of learning from an early age. When it comes to golden puppies, they are excitable and full of energy, so training them in their early years is the best way to go about this task.

Susan Reid’s Golden Retriever Training guide begins by shedding light on the overall personality of the golden retriever. Through this book, you’ll learn how friendly, playful, and jolly golden retriever puppies are. You’ll discover ways to take care of your furry pet, including their feeding, grooming, training, and exercise. You’ll also come across major drawbacks of not being careful with the overall care of your puppy.

Reid bluntly discusses common behavior problems you may come across while training your golden retriever. But that’s not all; the wonderful author points out tried-and-tested strategies to overcome these challenges. Effective potty training techniques and obedience training methods are also discussed in detail.  Although the book focuses on training golden retriever puppies, older dogs can also benefit from Reid’s successful techniques.

The book also entails the rich history of the breed and how it has evolved over the centuries. In this regard, the book is supremely informative and worth a read.

3. Tom Dokken’s Retriever Training

History shows that golden retrievers were initially bred in Scotland to be hunters. While they are pleasant, sweet-natured companions, they can be great hunters with proper training. If you want to have a golden retriever as your hunting partner, you can consider reading Tom Dokken’s Retriever Training: The Complete Guide to Developing Your Hunting Dog.

By religiously following the time-tested techniques discussed in this training book, your obedient retriever will be efficient at upland hunting, steady to wing and shot, retrieving birds and delivering them to your hands, obeying hand signals, obeying your commands, and many more!

Tom Dokken brilliantly covers all the major and minor aspects of training retrievers in a comprehensive and clear manner. Even if you don’t plan to train your retriever to be a hunter, this book can still be a good guide for training your dog. In it, you can find various day-to-day commands that you would like your dog to obey, and using tried-and-tested methods, you can train your dog to obey those commands.

4. The Everything Golden Retriever Book by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz

The Everything Golden Retriever Book, written by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz and Paul S. Bielakiewicz, is one of the best golden retriever training books out there. The guide has expert advice on how to raise, look after, and train golden retrievers. Written in simple and concise language, this book is easy to follow even by a novice pet owner.

Some of the basic yet significant pieces of information you will come across in this how-to book are the best way to select a golden retriever for yourself, kids, or family, different ways to socialize with your new pet, how to raise them in a friendly environment, ways to cope with serious health conditions, and how to discover the right exercise routine and diet for your precious companion.

The book is full of varied, colorful photos that show golden retrievers in action. Looking at these interesting photos gives you a sneak peek into what life is like with a golden is like.

5. Dog Training Books Golden Retriever by Dave Peterson

Dog Training Books Golden Retriever by Dave Peterson strictly focuses on positive reinforcement as the ideal method for training a golden retriever. In this book, Dave explains how the most powerful training technique positive reinforcement) can be used to train your dog to listen to your commands and obey them. You’ll also discover the primary reason why positive reinforcement has been a dominant training method in recent times.

Other than that, the book enlightens readers about common potty training mistakes that weaken the bond between pet owners and their pets. The most significant aspect of the book is the “5-Week Training Program” – a step-by-step guide to shape the behavior of your golden retriever.

The book comes with a surprising bonus – a trick that can completely turn around your dog’s behavior for the better. But you’ll need to read the book to find out what that trick is! All this and more just goes to show why this is one of the best golden retriever training books that you can read.

Our Final Thoughts

Golden Retriever training books are a great way to learn how to raise, take care of, treat, and train your dear pet. If written in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand language, they can be extremely informative for new or interested pet owners.

But that’s not all. In order to be listed as one of the best golden retriever training books, the guide has to have up-to-date and revised information so that it can be relevant in the current market. We highly believe that the books mentioned in this blog post are all that and much more!

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