Best Nylabones for Golden Retrievers: Our Top 5 Nylabone Chews

Those who have Golden Retrievers as pets are well aware of their natural urge to chew. To meet this need, some owners get a chew toy for them. If you own a Golden Retriever, you might be thinking to get a dog chew toy for them too. Care should be taken when searching for a chew toy because not all brands make high-quality chew toys. Some dog owners have given very bad reviews to these toys, which is why it is essential to get a chew toy manufactured by a reputable brand. One brand that has managed to live up to the expectations of dog owners is Nylabone.

Nylabone makes healthy edibles and high-quality, reliable dog chew toys. The dog chew toys from this company are developed to prevent anxiety and destructive behavior. They can also strengthen your Golden Retriever’s teeth. Nylabone treats are delicious, natural, and last longer. If you want to get a chew toy for your Golden Retriever, we suggest you choose Nylabone dog toys. We will review some of the best Nylabones for Golden Retrievers to show you why they are so great.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Nylabone Comfort Hold X Bone Power Chew Durable Dog Toy, Beef, 1 count, Large Can Golden Retrievers Chew Nylabones?

Your Golden Retriever would love to chew any toy you give it. They might even try to eat it. Nylabones can be eaten by a Golden Retriever, provided the toy is edible. Nylabone makes both edible toys and inedible ones. Obviously, inedible toys shouldn’t be consumed by a Golden Retriever as this can lead to harmful consequences. On the other hand, edible Nylabone toys are safe to be consumed by your pooch as they are simply made in the shape of a chewing dog toy.

Ingredients Used in Nylabones

Ingredients used in edible and inedible Nylabones are different. Inedible chew toys are usually made from rubber, plastic, or nylon. Ingesting them is dangerous so they should only be chewed and not consumed. On the other hand, edible Nylabone toys include proteins, flavorings, minerals, fruits, and carbohydrates.

Best Nylabones for Golden Retrievers

1. Nylabone DuraChew X Bone Beef Flavored Dog Toy

This X-shaped dog chew toy is a good chewing companion for a Golden Retriever. Many dog owners who have used this product say that the X shape provides their dog with a better grip while it is chewing the toy. The Nylabone DuraChew X is beef flavored which means that your Golden Retriever will love to chew it again and again. The construction of the Nylabone DuraChew X Bone Beef Flavored Dog Toy shows that it is made to last. Even the most powerful chewers like Labradors will take a while to completely destroy this toy. Despite being built to last longer, it isn’t intended for canines that weigh over 50 pounds.

The textured surface of this chew toy cleans off tarter and plaque during the chewing session. This helps with the dental hygiene of the Golden Retriever. This product is available in major online stores.

Golden Retriever chewing a piece of wood

2. Nylabone DuraChew Ring Flavor Dog Toy

If you want to redirect your Golden Retrievers need to chew from your clothes and shoes and towards a toy, consider getting the Nylabone DuraChew Ring Flavor Dog Toy for them. One of the most impressive features of this Nylabone chew toy is its longevity which keeps the Golden Retriever occupied. Built with high-quality materials to last long, it can withstand aggressive chewers.

The textured surface of this Nylabone toy helps rub off tartar and plaque while your Golden Retriever is chewing it, thereby promoting dental hygiene. Since the toy is pretty tough, chewing it frequently strengthens your Golden Retriever’s jaws and teeth.

The size of the Nylabone DuraChew Ring Flavor Dog Toy is adequate for large dogs and your Golden Retriever should be able to hold it down on one end with their paws while keeping the other end in their mouth to chew. The toy is also flavored with beef or chicken tastes, which will keep your Golden Retriever keeping back for more. Since this chew toy is tough, we advise against buying it for a Golden Retriever puppy as your pup may break their teeth from chewing this hard toy.

3. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Bone Treats

If you want to reward the good behavior of your Golden Retriever or give it a treat after a tiring exercise session, the Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Bone Treats are a perfect choice. These are a healthy option because they contain no salt, added sugar, or artificial preservatives. They are laden with all the good stuff including vitamins, minerals, and bacon flavor. The edible itself is made from a real bone which means that your Golden Retriever will find it very hard to resist it.

Since this treat is completely edible, it includes highly digestible ingredients. So your dog will be able to chew and at the same time enjoy a healthy snack. The bacon flavor ensures that your Golden Retrievers keeps chewing the edible for hours. The Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Bone Treats are best suited for dogs that weigh 15 pounds or less and have developed all their teeth. This makes them a great treat for a Golden Retriever.

4. Nylabone DuraChew Dinosaur Dog Toy

Although Golden Retrievers are friendly, loving, and caring dogs, they occasionally experience boredom and anxiety. They cope with these issues by chewing things. That makes getting a long-lasting chew toy for your Golden Retriever so important; they can chew it every time they experience anxiety or boredom for relief.

The Nylabone DuraChew Dinosaur is made for aggressive chewers. It is nearly indestructible and can stand up to the chewing prowess of almost any dog including a Golden Retriever. If you can’t find a chew toy that can last long and withstand aggressive chewing habits of your Golden Retriever, consider getting the Nylabone DuraChew Dinosaur Dog Toy. The dinosaur shape should arouse curiosity in your dog and compel them to take the toy in their mouth. Due to the unique shape, your Golden Retriever should be able to set its paw on it easily and chew it. The Nylabone DuraChew Dinosaur Dog Toy is chicken-flavored which makes the chewing experience tastier for your Goldie.

The only problem with the Nylabone DuraChew Dinosaur Dog Toy is that bits and pieces of the toy will break after some time and fall down. Your dog may ingest them. However, Nylabone claims that the Dinosaur Dog Toy is made from a non-digestible, non-harmful material so ingested bits and pieces will be excreted without causing any harm.

5. Nylabone Flavor Frenzy DuraChew Dog Chew Bones Triple Pack

Dogs like a certain flavor on their treats more than others. This means that your Golden Retriever may favor the beef, bacon, or chicken flavor. If you want to explore different flavors and see which one your pooch likes the most, get the Nylabone DuraChew Dog Chew Bones Triple Pack.

Nylabone Puppy Toy Bundle with Puppy Starter Pack, Puppy Chew Toys, Teething Chew Toys, and Bacon Puppy Treat Some chew toys are made from poor-quality materials so they can’t stand up to aggressive chewers. The Dog Chew Bones from Nylabone are built to last and they are safe for even the most aggressive chewers. Tough and durable nylon is used to make these chew bones which makes them ideal for dogs that love to chew longer. Most Golden Retrievers quickly get bored with an activity or a toy. The bone shape of Nylabone chew toy should keep your pooch interested in it for longer. This shape also makes it easier for your Golden Retriever to hold the chew toy with paws.

Since the Nylabone DuraChew Dog Chew Bones are very strong and built to last, you should only give it to your Golden Retriever if they have strong teeth. Otherwise, their teeth might break while trying to chew the toy.

Our Final Thoughts

Some people are skeptical about dog chew toys and edible treats. They think that all these products are bad and can harm their dog. However, this isn’t the case. Dog chew toys and treats from reputable brands like Nylabone are safe and healthy for dogs. They are great for keeping your Golden Retriever occupied and attend to its chewing needs. If you want to get a chew toy and healthy treats for your Golden Retriever to keep them occupied, we suggest you choose Nylabone’s product. They are safer, stronger, and better than most of the other chew toys and treats available in the market.

We have listed some of the best Nylabone dog chew toys and edible treats. Use this list to select a chew toy or treat that your Golden Retriever would love to chew.

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