Block Head Golden Retrievers: What Makes Them a Block Head?

Golden retriever puppies definitely have a certain charm that makes people fall in love with them. The breed is one of the most popular across the United States because they are known for their friendly personalities and warm disposition. They are easy to train and really affectionate companions that make them the perfect pet.

There are many common types of golden retrievers that people can choose from, but a favorite for many is the block head golden retriever. This article is designed to educate people on the different types of golden retrievers that can be found across the world.

The History of Golden Retrievers

So, how did block head golden retrievers come to be the most beloved type of dog in the world? Golden retriever dogs were bred in the 19th century in Scotland. The need for such dogs arose due to huntsmen being unable to retrieve the game that they were hunting. For centuries, people had been forced to shoot game from a relatively short distance. With the help of better guns, people could now hit game from longer distances. However, this resulted in the birds landing in far off areas or even in streams and cold water.

Block head Golden retriever

The challenges of the terrain could not be handled by just any dog. They could collect the game but weren’t equipped to handle long distances and water challenges. Breeders began to create a new type of dog to meet the gap in hunting.

The first Baron of Tweedmouth was named Dudley Marjoribanks. He took on the challenge and crossed a Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) with a yellow-haired retriever dog. The four pups from this crossbreed were crossed with other breeds such as bloodhounds and Irish setters. After around half a century of breeding and experimentation later, a new standard breed of dog emerged from the small region of Tweedmouth.

The perfect hunting dog was found. The golden retriever loves water and had a fluffy, flowing, thick double coat to keep the dog warm. The dog was extremely obedient and easy to train. The sweet disposition led to a good companionship on hunting trips.

Now, they are the most popular dogs in the world and not just for hunting. Their lovable personality and warm disposition make them a great companion to have in the house.

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Different Types of Golden Retrievers

Many people aren’t aware that golden retriever dogs come in different varieties and types. The ‘type’ of the dogs has emerged over the natural course of breeding. The differences are purely cosmetic and don’t really have an effect on the health or the temperament of the dogs.

Block Head Golden Retriever

The block head golden retriever is mostly the more ‘showy’ dog in the litter. They are graded as a show dog because of their kept fur and large heads. You may not be able to tell the difference between a slender head golden retriever and a block head golden retriever when they are puppies. This distinction is only visible once they have grown up.

In any given litter, some dogs can grow up to be block head golden retrievers while their siblings grow to be slender head golden retrievers.

Slender Head Golden Retriever

Block head golden retrievers are preferred as show dogs over slender head golden retrievers. This is mainly due to their large, showy heads and not because there is something wrong with slender head golden retrievers. The narrow or domed head shape is preferred by many people because they still look pretty cute. The only difference between the block head golden retriever and slender one is the narrower head shape of the latter. When it comes to personality or health issues, the two types are the same.

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Different Varieties of Golden Retriever Dogs

Golden retriever dogs are medium to large breeds that are built in a slender but strong way. Their wavy coat is dense and repels water, making them the perfect dog for hunting. Since the dog breed has spread all over the world, some varieties of golden retriever dogs have emerged, which have been discussed below.

However, it is important to remember that all varieties are lovable and great dogs with no difference in personality or health issues. As stated earlier, the differences are purely cosmetic, so the type of golden retriever that you want comes down to how you want your dog to look.

Canadian Golden Retriever

The Canadian golden retriever is kind of different from the other varieties of golden retrievers. The hair of this particular type is thinner and shorter than the others. The coat can also be darker since the light color of the dogs comes from the long light-colored overcoat. This can be great for people who don’t want the dog to shed a lot but not for those who want a really fluffy dog. Canadian golden retrievers aren’t as feathery as the other two types.

Canadian Goldens are usually taller than the other two types. Some can be a complete two inches taller than the other varieties. The male of this species can grow to a height of 23 to 24 inches while females can grow up to a height of 21.5 to 22.5 inches. The females weigh around 27 to 32 kg while the males, at full health, can weigh 29 to 34 kg.

British Golden Retrievers

British golden retrievers are also known as English golden retrievers. They are popular all over Australia and Europe. They have really handsome coats with long, feathery fur, which has become a distinctive characteristic for this type of breed. English golden retrievers are a little smaller than the Canadian golden retriever variety, but there isn’t a lot of difference.

The American and English varieties are pretty much the same with minor differences. They have similar sizes and roughly the same temperament. The biggest difference that you can see is the build. British dogs have powerful, muscular forequarters and broader skulls, much like those of  block head golden retrievers. The dogs also have darker and rounder eyes than their American counterparts. The coat of the British dog is also lighter in color compared to the American ones.

British dogs have a well-chiseled and balanced muzzle. Males can grow up to 22 to 24 inches while the female dogs can grow to a height of between 20 to 22 inches. There are no set standards for expected or acceptable weights in the UK. The Kennel Club checks the dogs for straight hindquarters and a level topline to pass them as British puppies. They look out for the slight rear angulation that American dogs usually have.

The coat of the British golden retriever is gold or cream. Colors like mahogany and red are not permitted. Previously, even the cream color wasn’t accepted under the UK standard, but this ruling was changed in 1936. In show rings, the color white is unacceptable, like it is with American standards as well.

British golden retrievers originate directly from gun and hunting dogs, which is why they have great endurance and muscular bodies.

American Golden Retrievers

American golden retrievers have less muscle than other golden retriever varieties. They look lankier as well with narrow heads and bodies. Their coat is usually darker than their British counterparts, and it comes in all sorts of lustrous golden colors. They have a moderate amount of feathering, so you will have a long-haired fluffy dog to love.

American golden retrievers have a triangular or slanted shape as well. Their eyes are more slanted and narrow as compared to the rounder eyes of the British dogs. The males of the breed tend to grow to a height of 23 to 24 inches tall. The females are shorter in height and grow to a maximum of 21.5 to 22.5 inches tall.

When the American golden retrievers start trotting, they have a well-coordinated, powerful, free, and smooth gait. Their feet also converge on the center of the line of balance when they run. This makes them perfect as show dogs. The American standard has different requirements for all sorts of things such as hindquarters, forequarters, head and skull, neck, body, substance, proportion, and topline.

Golden retrievers are some of the best dogs in the world. They are beloved by everyone and tend to garner love in just a few seconds. It is important to remember that it doesn’t matter if you get a well-groomed American golden retriever or a block head golden retriever; they are all loveable, fun, unique dogs who will offer great companionship.

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