Can Golden Retrievers Live in Apartments?

Have you been wondering about getting yourself a golden retriever but haven’t had the courage to take the first step because you live in an apartment? Are you worried that their larger than usual size and high demands will be hard to meet?

All these limitations and yet you just can’t get your mind off that cute little golden retriever pup you saw at the pet shop!

Being the charmers that they are, Golden retrievers make it hard for anyone to walk past them and not want to get one of their own. Their handsome double-coated fur layer, unavoidably beautiful eyes, and heart-warming smiles have won them an undisputable reputation as the ultimate house dog.

Can Golden Retrievers Happily Live in Apartments?

However, it can be a bit intimidating to have them over. What if your apartment is too small to accommodate a golden retriever’s powerful and energetic personality? It is only fair to imagine all these limitations given that we rarely imagine large-sized hunter dog breeds to live in small spaces.

But guess what? It’s time you finally go get that golden retriever you’ve wanted for so long. We are about to shatter all your doubts and prove that not only can golden retrievers live in apartments but also become great apartment dogs!

What You Should Know About Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are primarily hunting dogs that were originally bred as gun dogs. This medium-sized breed can be found in various shades of gold. In fact, the very name of this breed of dogs was inspired by the underlying golden fur coat that it has.

Recognized by the American Kennel Club as a sporting breed, Golden retrievers are brilliant on land but their webbed feet allow them to be surprisingly good in the water as well. They have double fur coats – the underlying coat keeps them warm while the outer coat acts as a water-repellant.

The strength, beauty and amiable nature of golden retrievers make them one of the most famous dog breeds all over the world. Anyone can vouch for their intelligence and compassion. Don’t be too surprised if you see one of these socializing with other animals or smartly working around in challenging situations.

Consider This Before Having a Golden Retriever in an Apartment

Size of Golden Retrievers

Although most golden retrievers are medium-sized, there is still a possibility of ending up with a large-sized dog. On average, they stand 24 inches tall and weigh about 75 pounds. This size is larger than that of common house dogs.

Yet, space can be an issue only when your apartment is already crowded. In such instances, you may look into getting a female instead of a male dog. Females are much smaller in size and weigh less as well.

These dogs like to have their own space and it’s enough to make them feel comfortable, regardless of how big or small the rest of the place is.

Inherent Energy Level

Being hunter dogs by nature, it is inevitable that golden retrievers are going to be loaded with energy. They have the most energy-packed in them during the early years of their life. So be prepared to have a puppy run around and play more often than an older dog.

While an apartment in itself is not a hindrance to their energy, enclosing them in it for long periods and providing them with little space to play can be an issue. Golden retrievers necessarily need opportunities to release their energy or they can easily become hyperactive and start displaying troublesome behavior.

But don’t let this bring you down. You may have less space in your apartment, but you can always find plenty of places outdoors where you and your pet can rejoice their time.

Need for Training

Whether you live in a huge house or a tiny apartment – the adjustment of golden retrievers will always be contingent on the quality of training. You can start with obedience training and move on to conditioning them into doing daily chores.

For example, potty training and taking their feed on time is a must and should be carried out as early as possible. Golden retrievers of all ages can be trained, but it is recommended you start when they are still in their puppy phase.

Believe it or not, training will solve more than half of the issues that you have with regards to the size of your apartment. Well trained golden retrievers living in apartments will manage their activities within the confined spaces as opposed to untrained dogs that make the space seem chaotic.

Separation Anxiety

This dog breed is known to be very social and friendly. So, in instances where they are not given much attention or are left alone, golden retrievers can suffer separation anxiety that eventually results in sadness and depression.

This trait of being people-oriented necessitates that you don’t leave your pet alone for hours. Research has shown that a golden retriever should not be on its own for more than 7 hours a day.

If you live in an apartment, you are lucky! Having greater proximity to your neighbors makes this issue way easier to handle. Other than this, you can always hire a pet sitter to look after you cute furry bundle of joy.

5 Easy Tips to Raise a Golden Retriever in Your Apartment

By far, we’ve established that golden retrievers can live in apartments and seen all that needs to be considered when getting yourself one. The following tips make it easier to raise your own golden retriever in your house.

Appointments with the Vet

Make sure you don’t miss out on setting up regular appointments with the vet. Living in an apartment facility, your dog will constantly be interacting with many people and animals. Any embrace or touch can accidentally result in transfer of diseases. Vaccinations will prevent any intense health issues and keep your pet healthy and fit.

Be prepared for shedding

This breed is famous for shedding more than other breeds. While they shed fairly in summer and winters, the amount of hair shed during fall and spring is considerably larger. You will have to be on your toes during this season regardless of whether you’re in an apartment or a bungalow.

Feed them carefully

Golden retrievers are prone to getting obese and facing issues related to obesity. It is wise to feed them low-calorie food and keep them away from eating leftovers from dustbins. Be careful with what you feed them and maintain an eating schedule.

Safe Space

Make sure that pets are allowed in your apartment and that there is nothing overtly harmful to pets i.e. violent behavior of neighbors towards animals, etc. Golden retrievers do a fair job as watchdogs but due to their friendly nature, they may not be too great for it.

Help it settle in the apartment

An apartment can be a tricky place for a golden retriever to settle in. Make sure that you introduce your dog to the variety of sights and sounds in and near your dwelling so that it doesn’t take it off guard.

Conclusion: What makes Golden Retrievers Great for Apartments?

We hope that you will no longer feel the need to ask if golden retrievers can live in apartments. Because it is pretty much clear that they totally can.

Just like any other pet, you only have to make sure that you know your golden retriever inside out. Keeping all the important considerations in mind and by following the tips to raise your pet, we are sure that you will make a wonderful dog owner!

The good news is that this breed of dogs equally makes sure that things go well. Golden retrievers live in apartments as great companions. Their intelligence and obedience help to train them into a routine that fits the environment well. They are also not too fond of barking which will keep your apartment-mates happy. Being working dogs, they can also be “helpful” to you in many household chores. Our Golden likes to help us weed the garden…

So, if your apartment is the only reason you’ve kept yourself from buying a golden retriever, now is the time that you march out and get one!

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