Do Dogs Shed Hair?

You need to know that shedding is a completely natural process. Even if your dog has little to no hair, it will shed in a specific season, and there is nothing you can do to 100% prevent it from taking place. The shedding season might be a hassle for many human beings as dog hair tends to get everywhere, in your clothes, furniture, you name it! However, if you are a dog lover and have decided to keep a dog as your pet, be mentally prepared to deal with this shedding problem.

Breeds That Shed the Most Hair

Of course, we do not have to emphasize that the hairier a dog is, the more it will shed. However, let’s look at a few breeds that shed the most hair.


These adorable dogs come from Japan, and as adorable as they are to look at, it is just as much of a hassle to deal with their shedding. They have a court, a really big furry coat that keeps them warm as they originate from mountainous regions. Therefore, it is not that long. However, it has a double layer, which constantly sheds throughout the year.

Do Dogs Shed Hair?

Alaskan Malamute

Though this breed largely originates from the icy lines of Alaska, it has a very thick double coat that keeps them warm in the icy region. Even though it keeps them warm throughout the year, it still sheds a lot, we can say that it has plenty of prefer to lose, so it should not be an issue. This is almost similar to the Siberian husky, which sheds for obvious reasons. When it has so much fur on its body, there is no drawback for the dog itself to be losing a few here or there.

German Shepherd

This dog breed is one of the most popular in the world! Even if you are utterly clueless about other dog breeds, you will still be familiar with the German shepherd. This dog is a beloved family pet maintained primarily to provide protection. This breed currently has interesting double quotations and sheds a lot throughout the year. This feature is common in this breed.

You are responsible for taking care of your German shepherd and brushing it numerous times daily to prevent the dog’s hair from tangled or matted in undesirable places. German shepherds are incredibly loyal and gentle dogs. As a result, they do not mind being pampered by their owners to assist their owners in managing the large amount of hair that German shepherds seem to be always shedding.

White Hairy Dog Laying Down

Can You Prevent Shedding?

It is unlikely that you will ever be able to stop your dog from shedding completely. However, if you are ready to take a few measures and put in the effort to fully spoil your dog, you will be able to handle the situation effectively.

Every single one of your furry companions expects not just love but also special treatment and attention. You will need to brush their coat often, sometimes even several times a day, and give them pleasant warm showers to prevent their hair from falling out all over your home and the yard.

You need a special brush that suits your dog’s unique quote. It is important to pick the right brush for your very little fellow so it does not suffer by losing too much or having an uncomfortable experience while the coat is being brushed. Your pet should be most comfortable during such an experience, so you can have a healthy relationship with your pet while you deal with its furry problems!

You Can Also Use a Shedding Tool

All pet owners, whether they have a dog or a cat, will find the invention of shedding tools incredibly beneficial. Even if you are at home and there is no grooming parlor for your dogs nearby, you can still take care of your pet’s needs by purchasing a shedding tool and using it at home.

It normally helps remove the dead hair from your dog before it starts to shed on its own and gets all over your clothing, blankets, and precious carpets. This should be done before the hair begins to shed on its own. Therefore, you should use a shedding tool and make it a priority to eliminate any unnecessary or undesirable hair, as it will only give you difficulties in the long run.

When To Worry About Shedding?

Though yes, shedding is normal for all breeds, you must keep in mind that there are certain cases where your dog might be shedding due to a problem. When sharing leads to hair loss, which makes your dog almost go bald either in patches or completely, you need to do something about it.

Make sure you contact a professional and take your pet there as soon as possible. Due to parasites like fleas, mites, or lice, many hair loss problems can be found in pets. Other problems such as bacterial and fungal infections may also cause unnatural shedding.

Some allergies may be in any shape or form, which causes hair loss in pets. Make sure to monitor your pet’s diet and activity patterns to ensure that your food does not have any strange allergies or allergies from your pet’s environment.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope this article was informative and that you will now keep a closer eye on your canine companions than you did in the past. As was noted previously, chatting is a normal process; nevertheless, if it results in significant hair loss in addition to other issues, you must seek the advice of a trained specialist as soon as possible and take care of your dog.

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