7 Dog Breeds That Look Like Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers have long managed to stay in the list of the most popular dog breeds that mankind wants to keep as pets. And there is a good reason for that.

Instantly recognizable by their adorable goofy grin, golden-brown coat, and an astonishingly muscular look, gold retrievers are the heartthrobs of the canine world. No wonder you can’t resist the temptation to pat them every time they come anywhere near you.

Unlike commonly held beliefs, golden retrievers are not all golden in color. And neither are all of the similar tall heights. Golden retrievers may have different fur colors ranging from light tones to even darker ones. Their height and weight are also contingent on their environment and upbringing.

The way they run to you with a wagging tail as their head moves in excitement can make the most cynical of you smile. We know that we speak for you when we say that golden retrievers are an all-in-one package: smart, kind, dutiful and super-friendly.

We understand that it’s only natural to want more interaction with these majestic beasts. Thankfully, our universe has been blessed with many dogs that look just like the golden retriever and we will hopefully provide you the same kind of joy.

Don’t believe it? Well then, you’re in for a treat!

Of course, we know that golden retrievers are one-of-a-kind. But in the next few minutes, you’re about to find out about the top 7 dog breeds that look like golden retrievers. The resemblance is so striking and uncanny that we are sure you have probably confused at least one of these dog breeds to be a golden retriever in the past.

1. Labrador Retriever

If you’re surprised by the fact that we have Labrador retriever at the top of the list, you’re probably not a dog lover. Just a glimpse of this gorgeous dog is enough to confuse you whether it’s a Labrador retriever or a Golden retriever.

This look-alike breed resembles the golden retriever in almost every way. Hanging ears, thick nose, those wide shoulders – you name it! Their wide muzzles, strong necks, and dense coat make their frame as muscular and strong as the golden retriever.

Labrador retrievers were historically employed to retrieve fish, haul nets and fetch ropes. Nowadays, they are used frequently as assistance and rescue dogs. This athletic dog breed that looks like golden retrievers enjoys the status of being one of the most popular companion breeds globally.

Their strength is remarkable and may be intimidating at times. But let this not confuse you about their ability to go to incredible lengths to please their owners.

2. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

This slightly shorter height dog breed resembles the golden retriever so much that you might end up thinking it’s just a short golden retriever. From its lightly colored cover coat to its broad angled shoulders and strong body, the Nova Scotia undeniably deserves its sport in this list.

This breed is joyful and quite the performer. The warm and soft fur makes it dreamy to look at and comfortable enough to cuddle with. Despite being the shortest of all retriever breeds, Nova Scotia has all their qualities. Almost like a small bundle of joy and endurance.

Originally, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers resulted from a mix of spaniels, collies, retrievers, and setters. It may, perhaps, explain how they are more than just cute little dogs. Don’t let their softness deceive you: they are stronger than they look.

3. Great Pyrenees

Sharing the soft, glossy and thick fur coat with the golden retrievers, the Great Pyrenees are a light-colored breed that is beautiful and elegant. Their similarities with the golden retriever include the light fur shades, a tough body and a friendly face draped with an innocent smile that could instantly melt your heart.

This dog breed, that looks so much like golden retrievers, originally came about to guard livestock and farm properties. However, in recent times, Pyrenees have been helpful in therapy and search and rescue. They can be perceived as a unique mix of sweetness and courage that never ceases to amaze.

Their intelligence is another feature that resembles that of golden retrievers. They can work on their own, act smartly in demanding circumstances and be impressive in social situations. But this very trait also makes them hard to train.

This level-headed breed knows how to maintain its calm and control aggression. You’ll be surprised by its overly-friendly nature and sociability.

4. Brittany

Charming and gentle, Brittany is a dog breed that looks like golden retrievers in quite unique and interesting ways. The most common features shared by the two are poise and strength. They are also similar in that both have deep chests, profound eyes, and thick coats.

With an otherwise gleeful and hyperactive nature, Brittany’s strength is unmatched. It maintains itself on the top of hunting breeds with the kind of versatility that even owners can fail to live up to.

American Brittany, compared to other kinds, is a little more physically similar to Golden Retrievers due to its height and speed.

5. Curly-coated Retriever

With a tapered muzzle, wide head and straight tail, Curly-coated Retriever qualifies as another dog breed that looks like golden retrievers. This graceful creature has tight little curls that cover its body, deep almond-shaped eyes, and strong legs.

Curly-coated retrievers have giant bodies that enable them to be great hunters and even better sports companions. Their drive and attitude reflect the level of determination which also resonates with traits of golden retrievers.

While generally social, they may take time to warm up to people but patient training can fetch great results. To win their heart, all you need to do is take them out camping or any outdoor activity.

6. German Short-haired Pointer

German Short-haired Pointer (GSP) is a beautifully balanced dog breed and its muscular back, strong neck and deep chest fairly resemble that of golden retrievers. While its long neck and tight skin make it distinct, the overall persona of this breed gives off a similar vibe to that of the golden retrievers.

This dog breed, since forever, has been considered to be capable of multipurpose hunting. It explains their physical similarity to golden retrievers in terms of strength and builds.

Being highly energetic and greater hunters, GSPs requires regular exercise and is hard to manage it not taken care of properly. Just like golden retrievers, GSPs can be fun-loving and friendly companions.

Be mindful, however, of the fact that they have separation anxiety and hence they don’t like being alone. Their intelligence and sociability make them a more curious breed compared to others and it so it is a nice idea to keep them busy.

7. Flat-coated Retriever

The dark-colored fur will make you think that this dog breed looks like golden retrievers – especially those that have darker coats. But it’s interesting to note that while the flat-coated retriever doesn’t have many similar features to the golden retriever. And yet, it still looks a lot like it.

Its defined muscles and medium-tall height contribute to this accidental similarity because both the breeds are highly active in retrieving activities. Flat-coated retrievers have been considered to serve dual-purposes over the years. They can perform on land and water both.

While they mature slower than most other breeds, this trait makes them even more favorable for households that adore playful dogs. Their long-lasting puppy-like innocence is a treat that compliments with their obedience and agility.

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Our Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a display of skills or absolutely mind-blowing beauty, it is hard to escape the charm of long-haired golden retrievers. Their ever-glowing sweet faces, untamed charisma and unconditional warmth make them some of the most amiable creatures on earth.

And guess what? Now you know 7 more wonderful dog breeds that look like golden retrievers! All of which are equally commendable and loveable. So next time when you go out looking for a golden retriever and don’t find one, know that its look-alike may be around you somewhere to brighten your day.

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