Is Coffee Bad for Dogs?

Is Coffee Bad for Dogs?

Do Dogs Love Coffee?

If dogs love humans, it is almost natural to expect that they also love everything attached to them. As dogs are the friendliest of all animals in the animal kingdom, there are multiplications of their dogs treated on an equal level as humans. On an equal level, you can witness how humans do not prefer to refer to them as dogs.

Instead, they urge their fellow humans to use the dog’s name if they have to address it. Similarly, a lot of times, you must have seen videos, as well as real-life instances of dogs, are seen to be sharing the same food as their owners.

Owners quite unhesitantly give their food to their dogs who are the same to enjoy a lot. But to the Love the One beverage that humans love a lot? Yes, we are talking about coffee. Do dogs love coffee? The answer is yes! Dogs love coffee. This is the one food that, if you leave lying around, you’ll see your dog is going to sniff its way to it and finish it all up by himself.

However, the question goes beyond the liking of a dog for coffee. It is about whether this likeness should be taken benefit of or not. Generally, cats and dogs are attracted to caffeinated foods, specifically our coffee.

A Must Keep Away

Giving your dog coffee is not a good idea, even though he may seem to have a strong interest in drinking your coffee and may look quite adorable as they enjoy the flavourful caffeine from your beautiful mug. Dogs should not consume coffee. Caffeine is found in coffee beans, grounds, and brewed coffee; nonetheless is unsafe for cats and dogs to consume.

Gut Health Can Be Severely Affected

The gut health of your dog is of the utmost importance. Caffeine is a component that is harmful to cats and dogs, and it may induce indigestion, which can be life-threatening for your pet. Caffeine-containing products should be avoided at all costs.

And it is not just in the form of coffee that you keep away to protect from your dog.  In today’s world, caffeine may be manufactured into various products. You are responsible for preventing your pet from consuming chocolate, tea bags, soda, energy drinks, or diet pills.

Yes! All these delicious items you enjoy so much for yourself can be life-threatening for your dog.  Make sure your dog does not go near the chocolate bar that you now enjoy so much, regardless of how adorable it may seem to him when he pleads with you for a piece while you are eating it.

The Dosage Varies for All Breeds

Caffeinated items cannot be kept away from a pet, no matter how dangerous they seem. Caffeine is harmful to the health of all animals, regardless of the breed, so dog owners must be aware of this fact if they have more than one dog.

Even the tiniest breeds, like Chihuahuas, can become gravely sick from ingesting as little as one ounce of coffee beans or three ounces of standard brewed coffee. Chihuahuas are the breeds with the lowest tolerance for coffee.

There is very little caffeine to take to have such significant side effects. While dogs of bigger sizes, such as golden retrievers, would have to eat higher amounts of caffeine to reach dangerous levels, owners should still steer clear of the substance. Be it 1 oz or 10 oz; caffeine must be kept away from your canine friends by all means possible.

Caffeine is Poisonous! Symptoms You Need to Be Alert About

It would be best to keep an eye open for dangerous symptoms of caffeine poisoning in your dogs. If your pet has consumed any caffeinated product, it may show certain symptoms that should alarm the owner. A few of the symptoms of caffeine poisoning include:

  • Vomiting and Diarrhea
  • Loss of Muscle Control
  • Tremors and Seizures
  • Collapse

Does it sound dangerous enough now? Indeed, something which gives so much energy and pleasure to human beings can be such a lethal product for canines. And these symptoms are not something that would show up after hours and hours of digestion, but they can start as early as 30 minutes after ingestion.

How To Deal with Caffeine Poison?

If you think you have noticed something odd in your dog, which might be due to ingested caffeine, you need to take immediate care. Make sure you take your pet to the wet as soon as possible. Your pet might have consumed or ingested caffeine by drinking coffee, eating coffee grounds, or some other product that contains caffeine, such as soda or chocolate, as you mentioned above.

Contact Professional!

You are highly mistaken if you think you can deal with such a case at home. Do not be fooled by online hacks, and make sure that you contact a professional at your earliest. Pseudo doctors post these hacks, which must not be followed, especially when your pet’s life is at risk. Do not take this lightly!

Make sure that your pet is taken care of by professional persons. If you cannot find a veterinarian immediately, make sure that you contact a pet poison control center. You need to take your dog to the nearest emergency facility and ensure that it is catered to as soon as possible. Extremely important that you deal with this at your earliest, as caffeine poison can even take your pet’s life.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope this article was helpful and that you learned a lot about how dangerous caffeinated products can be for your pet. Make sure that you follow these precautions and always keep your pet safe. Please do not give in to the cuteness of your dog eating or drinking chocolate or brewed coffee, and protect its health first and foremost.

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