Why are Golden Retrievers so Friendly? They Are the Perfect Family Dog

There is an endless variety of absolutely adorable and beautiful puppies out there, but what is it about golden retrievers that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people?

Every time you head to a park or a playground, you are very likely to find at least one golden retriever wagging its tail, being utterly playful with kids or excitedly running after a tennis ball.

Most of you who have a cute, little golden retriever puppy at home have probably wondered at some point in your life, why are golden retrievers so friendly?

If you were to ask for one simple answer to your question, we simply wouldn’t be able to give it to you! That’s because there isn’t a single reason for their friendliness, but there are actually a number of reasons why the golden retriever is such a sweet and loving breed.

Why are Golden Retrievers so Friendly? They Are the Perfect Family Dog

If you don’t have any pet and are looking to get a pet puppy, we suggest you don’t look beyond this delightful breed! With their characteristic lustrous golden locks and their unmatchable energy, they will fill your life with so much fun, laughter and liveliness!

Understanding Why Golden Retrievers are So Friendly

We all know that there are hundreds of things to love about golden retrievers, but one does wonder why it is this particular dog breed that has such a loveable personality.

There is no denying the fact that every pet is unique with its own quirks and habits, but there are special reasons that make golden retrievers who they are and that contribute to their uber-friendly nature.

They Love to Please Others

If you have ever spent time with golden retrievers, you’ll know that they have this burning desire to please human beings. They are always looking for ways to please and delight their owners and just make them happy at all times.

This is probably the main reason why golden retrievers are so friendly and why they exude such levels of sociability.

In their attempts to please their owners and sometimes other people, too, they tend to obey all your commands and orders both willingly and enthusiastically.

They like Being Attentive to Their Owners

Golden retrievers have this interesting tendency to be exceptionally attentive to their owners, and we think that this is one of their biggest strengths. These cute and lovable companions love bonding with their owners, and in doing so, they display great interest, enthusiasm, and consideration toward them.

Interestingly, they also crave human attention in return and get downright needy, which is also why golden retrievers are so friendly. They use their friendliness to get their owners to fulfill their needs, and they return the favor by listening to them, obeying their commands and displaying a considerable amount of affection.

They Enjoy Making Us Laugh

One of the golden retriever’s most interesting traits is that these dogs love making their masters laugh! They do this by being silly and funny, which is likely to end up making you laugh.

Golden retrievers do amusing things like running around the house like nobody’s business or even trying hard to fit a lot of toys in their mouths at the same time. They do this to bring great laughter and joy in our lives, which just adds to their friendly and playful nature.

They Are Open to Company

One of the biggest reasons why golden retrievers are so friendly is that they love having fun and playing with other pet animals.

There are many dog breeds that prefer keeping to themselves and don’t exactly enjoy the company of others. But golden retrievers are the exact opposite of that! They are more than happy to share their space with other dog species, and they do it with a very open and welcoming heart.

So, if you are looking for a dog that is trustworthy around other animals and big on maintaining harmony in the house, the golden retriever is your best choice!

They Love Being Playful and Making Friends

There are some dogs that take ages to be comfortable around others and make friends, but the golden retriever will give you a very easy time in that aspect.

These dogs absolutely love making friends, which is why both kids and adults love these dogs.

If you take your golden retriever out to the park to play or walk, they will disappear from your sight within seconds, and the next thing you know, they have already made friends and are busy playing with them!

They are also quick learners and have the ability to pick up certain games really fast. One reason why golden retrievers are so friendly is that they always want to have a good, fun-filled time, and they will not waste a second when it comes to making friends and getting others to like them.

They Want to Be Our Therapist

If you have this four-legged furry creature dawdling around in your home, know that you have your own personal therapist that will be on call 24 hours a day!

Golden retrievers aren’t sociable just so they can make friends and get attention from others. They are also friendly so that you can rely on them in times of need. They have impressive intuitive abilities, and they know exactly when you’re down or upset. When they sense that your mood is off, they will do their best to comfort you by giving you a warm, comforting, hairy hug.

You can talk to your golden retriever for hours on end, and they will simply sit still and listen to you with absolute patience and a calm demeanor.

Isn’t it just so incredibly comforting to know that there is a fuzzy and a fluffy little friend waiting for you to come home every time you are out?

The only downside to having a golden retriever as your therapist is that it won’t be able to offer you any advice; otherwise, they are excellent listeners!

They Love Everyone and Want to Be Loved Back

As a golden retriever’s owner, you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog at home for hours when going to work because they will be waiting at your door, ready to greet you once you are back.

Golden retrievers take immense pleasure in doing such little things for their owners, and they seem to have an almost immeasurable capacity to give love and receive love.

They don’t only love their families and owners, but they extend the same level of affection and warmth to anyone that they meet. But they also want the same in return. They love it when we ruffle their hair, give them cuddly hugs, and allow them to lay right next to us. This makes perfect sense, really. We’ve been asking why golden retrievers are so friendly; the answer is because they love unconditionally, and want to be loved in the same way.

Keep Your Golden Retriever Happy and Joyful

As enthusiastic, full of life and energetic as golden retrievers are, it might be surprising to know that even they have their bad days. There may be times when you notice that your pet dog isn’t as playful and cordial as it usually is. In such situations, it is very important that you recognize the signs and take immediate action.

A sad and an unresponsive golden retriever is one of the saddest sights ever, and you certainly don’t want to see your furry little friend like that.

These are some sure-shot, easy ways that you should follow that will help bring back the sparkle in your golden retriever’s eyes and restore its friendliness and playfulness!

Show Them Excessive Love

We are in no way implying that you don’t already shower your puppy with all the love and care that you can possibly muster, but in times when it is down and gloomy, you must show them extra attention and affection.

Not just golden retrievers, but most types of dogs get thrilled when their owners give them extra attention, and they truly enjoy it.

Provide Them with Mental Stimulation

Did you know that one way to keep your golden retriever healthier and happier is to keep them mentally stimulated?

This can include teaching them tricks and basic dog commands, taking them swimming, doing any physical exercise with them, or playing their favorite games with them. Another great option is to arrange a play date for your dog where it likely to get along with other dogs, play with them, and have a good time.

This kind of mental stimulation prevents these dogs from getting bored and keeps their mood up.

Feed Them Their Favorite Food

Our mental health is often associated with our daily food intake, and the same can be said about our canine companions. If your golden retriever isn’t acting like its usual self, try feeding them their favorite food as that is likely to boost their mood and uplift their spirits.

Now that you know exactly why golden retrievers are so friendly, you must take good care of your adorable, furry little companion and enjoy their company. Keep their friendly and entertaining nature alive by showering them with love, care, and attention because it is important to keep your pup healthy and happy at all times.

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