Are Golden Retrievers Good with Kids?

It’s no secret that dogs are the best companions for kids. They are sweet, friendly, and above all, playful, keeping your kids happy and occupied.

These four-legged companions also help instill in children good character traits such as compassion, loyalty, responsibility, and cooperation. That being said, not all dog breeds exhibit a pleasant disposition. Therefore, you need to be cautious about the kind of dog you are bringing into your house. It is important to always research the best dog breed for your family and lifestyle before you get any dog.

People often select the golden retriever as their most-preferred pet. The question is – are golden retrievers good with kids? This article discusses significant details that every parent must know about golden retrievers before they surprise their kids with one!

A Short History of Golden Retrievers

Known for their golden coat and medium size, golden retrievers are a popular dog breed in the United States. They were first bred in the late 1800s in Scotland by Lord Tweedmouth – a Scottish baron and politician.

The breeder wanted a handsome hunting dog with high stamina, swimming ability, and tracking skills. Hence, the earliest generation of the golden retriever was produced by in-breeding Irish Setters, flat-coated retrievers, bloodhounds, St. John’s Water Dogs, and a Tweed Water Spaniel – a dog breed that is non-existent today.  The breed turned out to be everything that Tweedmouth was looking for along with added characteristics like handsome physical traits and a pleasant personality.

In 1903, the breed made it to the list of the Kennel Club of England. However, it wasn’t until 1932 that the breed was added to the list of the American Kennel Club. Today, there are thousands of golden retrievers around the world that continue to become more popular with every passing day.

What Makes Golden Retrievers Good with Kids?

1. They’re Loving and Cuddly

There is no denying that golden retrievers are caring and loving dog breeds, bringing endless joy and laughter to those around. One of their best qualities is that they can instantly sense your mood. If you are feeling low or troubled, they can lighten up your mood immediately.

They give the best cuddles and love that can have a positive impact on your child as well. Having them around will keep the atmosphere light and chirpy. Your kids will also stay in a happy mood at all times.

2. They Like to Please their Owners

Golden retrievers are a people-pleaser breed, so they are easy to train as well. They desire to impress their owner, which is why they learn fast during their training.

Golden retrievers are always willing to obey their owner and act according to their demands. Owing to this fact, they create no disruptions in the house. Hence, you can let your child spend some fun time with them without any worry or issue.

3. Highly Energetic and Love Playing

Golden retrievers are large, athletic dogs that love to exercise and play. Hence, they are the perfect companion for highly-energetic kids that like to spend their time outside.

Many children tend to get bored at home as they don’t have anyone to play around with. However, with golden retrievers around, your kids won’t have anything to complain about. The high energy and stamina of golden retrievers will keep your kids happy and satisfied all the time.

4. Super Sweet and Gentle

Although the golden retriever is a giant dog, their temperament is sweet and gentle nonetheless. Generally, some strong and robust dog breeds come with dangerous personality traits such as barking loudly, showing aggression, and biting their owners.

However, golden retrievers have a steady, cheerful temper, and the best part is that they can easily get along with other animals.

5. Quiet and Peaceful

Commonly, highly energetic dogs are loud and noisy and more so when kids come along and play with them. Due to that, most parents are reluctant to get such dogs, out of fear that they will ruin the comfort and peace of their home environment.

However, this is not the case with the golden retriever.  This type of dog breed is usually quiet and chill, which is why it doesn’t make for the best guard dog.

6. Best for Keeping Your Children Active

If your child is lazy and likes to do nothing, getting a golden retriever dog/puppy will be the best decision you can possibly make. Since golden retrievers are energetic and safe, they will motivate your child to get them out and about. Your kid can play with the dog in the backyard or take the pet out for a walk to the nearest park. In this way, your child will become more active and responsive.

Please note that golden retrievers like to walk for at least an hour a day. If you let your kid play with the dog for this amount of time every day, they’ll surely grow up to be strong and fit.

7. Trustworthy and Tolerant

You won’t have to worry about your child’s well-being when left alone with a golden retriever dog. Since it is harmless by nature, it won’t cause any trouble. Golden retriever dogs are pets who love their owner with all their heart. Their first priority is to keep their owner happy and engaged. Hence, your child will learn to be loyal, loving, and caring when around the golden retriever.

Another commendable trait about golden retrievers is that they have a high pain tolerance level. Hence, they can easily bear injuries that most dogs are unable to. This is the very reason why they make for great rescuers and hunting helpers.

How to Train Your Golden Retriever to be Friendly with Kids

If your golden retriever has only ever socialized with adults, it may be a challenge for them to get along with kids. At times, children tend to scare the dogs away with their eccentric behavior. Hence, it is important to train your golden retriever in the following ways:

1. Engage Your Pet in a Fun Training Game

The best way to increase the communication level between your dog and kids is by involving them in playful training games. One exciting game that your kid and dog can play together is the “inside the rope” game. It is played in the following way:

  • Make a circle with a rope on the floor.
  • Ask your child to throw a treat inside that circle.
  • It is natural for the dog to run toward the treat and catch it. Once inside the circle, your kid should praise him.
  • Keep repeating this game until the dog gets the hang of it.

Some other training games that can be played are a tug and sharing game, hide and seek, fetch the toy, etc.

2. Encourage Positive Reinforcement

Your dog should be praised and rewarded every time he or she behaves appropriately around your children. Ensure that your kids give them a nice treat as a token of appreciation.

3. Consider Obedience Training

Your golden retriever needs to obey your kids, especially when they are out, or else, these highly energetic dogs may be difficult to control when in public. Hence, obedience training is crucial in this respect. Throw some basic commands at them such as “sit down,” “lay,” etc. and instruct them to obey those commands right away.

Are golden retrievers good with kids?  It is safe to say that yes, they are. This is especially true if they are properly trained. All in all, golden retrievers are family dogs – supremely kind, devoted, affectionate, and full of life.

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