Best Age to Breed a Golden Retriever

Do you own a Golden Retriever and want to breed it? Are you wondering whether or not you should? If you’ve decided to breed your Golden Retriever, you probably want to know the best age to start the breeding process. If you’re new to the breeding world, it’s common to have these questions. It’s also common to feel overwhelmed at the amount of information related to breeding Golden Retrievers.

Breeding can be quite a fulfilling and rewarding experience. However, most individuals are unable to breed their dogs due to a complete lack of understanding of pet breeding. This is why we’ve composed this blog post. Continue reading it to get the right insights into dog breeding – how to breed, when to breed, and the best age to breed a Golden Retriever.

The Mating Process of Golden Retrievers

The mating process of Goldies largely depends on your female Golden – whether or not she is willing to breed. If in case, your female Goldie is not ready to mate, she’ll let you know by her behavior – growling, moving away, or not moving at all, etc. For the mating process to begin, acquaint a male Goldie with a female one and give them some time to get along with each other. They could either hit it off in the first go, or it’s likely for the female Goldie to have a “touch-me-not” attitude. If the latter is the case, then we recommend that you give your Goldens some time to get along. When the time is right, your male retriever will mate with your female Goldie from behind. Some inexperienced Goldies may try mounting your female Golden from the side or by their head.

The next stage lasts from as short as five minutes to as long as thirty minutes. This is when both the dogs are apparently locked together. It’s normal for dogs to get stuck together during breeding. Don’t panic and try to separate your pets. They will eventually move away from each other once they are done mating.

What is the Best Age to Breed a Golden Retriever? (Female)

When it comes to breeding, both male and female dogs must be sexually mature. The question is – when do dogs reach sexual maturity? The answer to this question varies from dog to dog. Most female dogs reach puberty at or around the age of six months. Small dog breeds usually have their first heat cycle at around four months of age. However, larger breeds, like Golden Retrievers, take up to two years to come into heat before their heat cycle becomes regular. Generally, heat cycles usually happen two to four times a year.

The most appropriate breeding age of a dog entirely depends on its breed. Different dog breeds have different mating ages. The ideal age of a female Golden is from 18 months to 24 months. The ideal time for female Golden Retrievers to mate is after they have finished their second or third heat cycle. This is usually when they are 24 months old.

If you’re not sure whether or not your female Goldie has reached the breeding age, look for the following signs that indicate that the female Golden Retriever is ready to breed!

Signs That It’s Time to Breed Female Goldens

  • Showing flirty behavior
  • Flagging her tail
  • Holding her tail high
  • Moving her rear end when you pet her
  • Vaginal discharge changes to pink from red

What is the Best Age to Breed a Golden Retriever? (Male)

As far as male Golden Retrievers are concerned, Goldies as young as 6 months old can get female Goldies pregnant. However, just because they can doesn’t mean they should. A male Goldie needs to reach the standard breeding age to consider breeding. Ideally, male Goldens need should mate when or after they turn 2.

Breeders need to ensure that their male Goldies have healthy hips, eyes, and elbows. This ensures successful mating. If in case, your pet has hip dysplasia or any other illness that can hinder the mating process, you shouldn’t even think of breeding your dog.

Signs That It’s Time to Breed Male Goldens

The following are some of the major signs to look for when you’re considering breeding your male Golden Retrievers:

  • Your Goldie may mount other dogs
  • Your Goldie may appear clingy or anxious
  • Urinating frequently
  • Licking the genital area
  • Attracted toward female Goldies

Prepare Male Pups for Breeding

As stated above, it’s better to avoid breeding male pups. But, if you want your pups to breed in the future and don’t want them to get startled by the idea of breeding, you’ll need to get them used to the act of touching. This is something you can do on your own. For instance, you can touch their mouth, feet, ears, nose, or genitals. Doing so will make your pups accustomed to the idea of touching, and thus, they won’t freak out when you will leave them with another dog for breeding purposes.

Please note that you can do this with your female Goldies as well.

Ensure That Your Golden Retrievers are Safe When Breeding

Most novice breeders think that their dogs know what to do once they come together to mate. However, that’s not always the case. If it’s the first time for both male and female Goldies, then mating can be quite a challenge, given that they both are inexperienced. As a result, they can injure themselves in the process.

Bear in mind that the male retrievers are more at risk since they are trying to grab the female’s attention. And if the female retriever is not ready, she can be quite aggressive and may attack the male Goldie in response. Some female Goldies may not even be open to the male’s advances and may reject the male Golden Retriever.

Male Goldies that are full of excitement and energy may also hurt the female while mating. In the heat of the moment, male Goldies might not be able to control their emotions and may injure female Goldies. Another instance where a male Goldie may end up hurting a female Goldie is when they are inexperienced. It’s possible for your Golden Retriever to be unsure of how to go about mating. As a result, it may get frustrated and take out its frustration on its mating partner. Hence, breeders need to keep a close eye on the mood and behavior of both the male and female Golden Retrievers.

In case you don’t wish to breed your female Goldie, but your male Goldie is ready, you should take precautions to keep your male Goldie away from the female. A male Goldie, when kept around a female Goldie for too long, can develop feelings for her and may go to great lengths to fulfill his desires. He may even stop eating, pace uncontrollably, and whine or bark to no end.

Our Final Thoughts

Breeding Golden Retrievers is not as easy as most people think. Plus, not every pet owner can be successful at breeding their dogs. If you have two years (or more) of experience of petting, training, and working your dogs, you’re competent enough to become a breeder. Keep in mind that mating pups is considered highly inappropriate. Both your male and female Goldies should be at least two years old (or older) to ensure successful mating!

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