Best Puppy Toys for Goldendoodles: Top 4 Reviewed

Like their parents (Golden Retrievers and Poodles), Goldendoodles are a bundle of energy and full of life. They don’t like to sit in a corner or be indoors all the time. On the contrary, Goldendoodles like to stay outdoors, running around, or playing in the field with other dogs or kids.

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When it comes to Goldendoodle puppies, you must know that they are extremely active and mischievous. They have high energy levels and enjoy engaging in various activities and exercises. They love to play a variety of games, such as tug-of-war, hide and seek, the sprinkler game, learn the names, etc. In addition to these games, and in the event that there’s no one around to play with them, Goldendoodles also like to play with toys.

The 4 Best Puppy Toys for Goldendoodles

You can find a plethora of pet toys in a pet supply store, but then the problem is deciding which of them will be loved and enjoyed the most by your pup. If you’re looking for the best puppy toys for your Goldendoodle, then read on. Here, you’ll find the best puppy toys for Goldendoodles that you can consider for your furry companion.

1. OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

OurPets IQ Treat Ball is a two-in-one toy that acts as a brain-stimulating game and a yummy treat for your Goldendoodle puppy. Take some of your puppy’s favorite kibbles and add them to the toy. Your puppy will need to roll the ball with his paws and mouth to get the treat to fall out.

It is a clean and easy-to-use toy that puppies can play around with. Made from hard plastic, this customizable treat ball allows you to adjust the difficulty level using the interior disc of the ball. Since it is designed from good-quality plastic, it’s also easy to clean the toy after your pup is done with his play session. All you have to do is rinse it in some warm soapy water and dry it out. One of the best advantages of this dog treat/toy is that the dog stays active and healthy. Pet owners that have given this toy to their Goldendoodles have observed a decrease in bloating and indigestion in their pets.

Best Puppy Toys for Goldendoodles: Top 4 Reviewed


  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Keeps your pet from getting bored
  • Offers controlled feeding
  • Can be played at various difficulty levels – easy, medium, and hard


  • Puppies may get bored of the puzzle once they become a pro at solving it
  • Pets won’t play with it unless hungry

2. Nylabone Dura Chew Dinosaur Toy

Being an attentive dog parent, you probably know that chewing is a natural activity for all puppies and dogs – the Goldendoodle is no exception. If you want fun and enjoyable chew toys for your dear pet, you can consider the Nylabone Dura Chew Original Dental Dinosaur Toy. At a Nylabone store, you can choose from a wide variety of fun and adorable chew toys for Goldendoodles.

This dental dog chew toy comes in many textures (soft, tough, etc.) that help clean your puppy’s teeth and control the formation of plaque and tartar. The dog chew has a yummy chicken flavor, which Goldendoodles absolutely love. With a dental dino, you get two benefits for the price of one. Your puppy’s natural urge to chew will be satisfied, and it’ll also have cleaner and healthier teeth.


  • Available in various textures to suit all kinds of puppies
  • Chicken flavored dog chew
  • Cleanses a puppy’s breath and keeps dental illnesses at bay
  • Perfect for snacking, chewing, or killing boredom


  • Bits and pieces of the toy may come off and might be eaten by the puppies

3. ZippyPaws Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Dog Toy

This cute and adorable dog toy comes in lovable characters that will entertain your dog to no end. These dog toys from ZippyPaws feature fun woodland characters like foxes, squirrels, and raccoons.

Made from premium quality material, ZippyPaws make high-quality sounds when pressed. This will amuse your furry little friend for hours. Each toy is 18 inches long and has no stuffing – factors that contribute to the durability and longevity of the product.


  • Fun, durable toys
  • Unique design
  • Makes high-quality sounds
  • Plush set


  • Not ideal for aggressive chewers

4. KONG Flyer Puppy Toy

If you want your Goldendoodle to develop a habit of running, playing, or exercising regularly, KONG Flyer Toy is a great option. This Frisbee is made from a good-quality rubber, which makes it soft and easy for your furry little friend to grab and chew on.

This is a great toy if you want to play fetch with your dog. Simply throw the Frisbee far away, and the puppy will grab it with their mouth and bring it back to you. Your Goldendoodle will thoroughly enjoy retrieving this toy as it is gentle on the teeth and gums and easy to fetch. Since it is made from natural rubber, the toy is durable and long-lasting.


  • Pups get to run and exercise
  • Gentle on the gums and teeth
  • Soft due to the natural rubber used to make this toy
  • The KONG red rubber formula is designed to be durable


  • Puppies may take some time to get the hang of the game
  • Prone to wear and tear

What to Look for When Buying Puppy Toys

1. Get Puppy-Specific Toys

Don’t go for toys that aren’t designed for dogs/puppies, such as children’s toys. They may not be safe for use by your pets. Also, be sure that the toys you choose are made in the United States. Toys made in China aren’t always made with the highest standards. They may contain chemicals that can be dangerous for your pup.

2. Make Sure the Toys You Buy Stimulate Your Pup’s Mind

Introduce puppy balls to your pet, and their excitement is bound to wear off after a few rounds of play. Since Goldendoodles are a highly smart and intelligent dog breed, they won’t be too impressed by simple toys. It is necessary to provide them with mind-boosting games. This will keep them active and their minds stimulated. Therefore, it is best to get puzzle toys for your Goldendoodle.

3. Stock-Up on Teething Toys

It is natural for puppies to undergo teething at some point in time. During puppy teething, your pet may suffer from gum pain or mouth bleeding. If your pup is going through its teething phase, make sure you get edible chew toys as they will be more beneficial to your dog. Many of these toys can be stored in the refrigerator, which also serves to cool your pup’s mouth and gums when they’re playing with the toy.

4. Look for Toys that Encourage the Family to Get Involved

Goldendoodles like to play in groups with kids and other family members. So get a toy that your Goldendoodle and your family can play with. Such toys can be rope toys, fetch toys, etc.

Our Final Thoughts

Getting the perfect dog toy for your Goldendoodle may not always be an easy feat. With so many play toys to choose from, deciding on what to buy can be quite difficult. Therefore, it is always best to consider the temperament and needs of your dear pet.

If your Goldendoodle is moody and gets bored easily, a wide variety of mind-stimulating toys are a great option. And in case your Goldie loves to play with your kids, get a toy that both your pet and your kids can play with!

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