Dark Colored Golden Retrievers: Everything you Need to Know

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. It’s hard not to love them as they’re extremely friendly and affectionate. This is the reason why they make the best family dogs. They’re well mannered and obedient, which makes them easy to tame and train. Their playfulness makes them get along well with kids too.

Regardless of their name ‘golden’, you’d find retrievers of several shades. But we know you’ve got your eyes set on a dark golden retriever. After all, their dark coat can be breathtakingly beautiful.

Their coat makes them no less of a golden. They’re purebred and have similar traits to any other golden retriever. However, they’re a few things other than the coat color that makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. We’ll provide you with all the information you need on dark-colored golden retrievers. This will make you more prepared before you bring your dark retriever friend home.

Dark Colored Golden Retrievers: Origins & History

The dark coat breed of golden retrievers originated back in the 19th century, as Scottish hunters wished for a new type of hunting dog. As the hunting dogs back then would either damage the shot down bird when bringing it back to the hunters or would often end up eating the bird.

We’re not quite sure how this working dog with this specific set of traits was bred. There are various points of view. According to some people, it’s believed to be a result of crossing a Tweed Water Spaniel with an Irish Setter. Whereas others claim that an offspring of a Tweed Water Spaniel and Hunting Retriever was mated with an Irish Setter. Other sources believe that the dark color is a result of genetic background.

This breed quickly became a sought after hunting dog. As it was obedient, fast, tolerant of cold temperatures and loved the water.

How Are They Different from Golden Show Dogs?

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen a dark golden retriever in any of the kennel club shows, here’s why.

Although they’re purebred Golden Retrievers, they were originally bred as hunting dogs. There aren’t many physical differences between a traditional and dark-colored golden retriever. The one that strikes out the most is the color of their fur coat.

A traditional golden is usually tall, big, with a wide chest and heavy-set bones. However, this breed has a leaner and more compact body shape. They have thicker skin so they aren’t sensitive to abrasions. They still have a lustrous and thick coat which is a bit shorter and thinner. And the tail is slightly less fuzzy.

The Look of a Dark Colored Golden Retriever

This hunting breed is strong along with a sturdy build. Their coats shades come in different variations, from dark brown to dark red and even black. They’ve got long and thick fur coats that narrow down towards the end of the body. They can easily stay warm even in extreme winters due to their double-layered coat. Their upper coat also helps them repel water.

Normally a male breed of dark retriever weighs around 65 to 75 pounds and its height is 22 to 24 inches. Whereas females are light in weight, somewhere between 55 and 65 pounds, and their height ranging from 20 to 22 inches.

The Nature of a Dark Colored Golden Retriever

Just like a typical golden retriever, they’re also lively, sharp, faithful and trustworthy. They have an extremely calm and reliable temperament. In spite of any situation, you can expect them to be dependable and predictable at all times.

You can easily read their emotions through their face and body language. They love to stay surrounded by humans and are extremely careful and kind towards little kids. You would find them befriending just anyone, be it strangers or other pups in the neighborhood.

They love when they’re under the spotlight, as they’re quite amusing. However, it can get a little overwhelming at times. Their attention-seeking trait makes them act needy all the time. If you ignore them, it can put them in a bad temper.

Brainy Dark Retrievers

You might find it upsetting that your dark retriever doesn’t mingle as much as other goldens. However, they’re certainly more intelligent than them. This makes them capable of getting a good grasp of their whereabouts. So, whether you live in the city or the countryside, they can adjust to your home easily.

As they naturally have a sharp intellect and are known to be from a working background, this makes them fit perfectly for multiple roles. They serve as therapy dogs, guide dogs and also as search and rescue dogs. They’re also helpful in bomb and drug detection work.

Their Growing Popularity

We’re settled on the fact that golden retrievers rank third on the list of most popular dog breed in the US. It’s not only their long beautiful locks of hair that’s quite impressive but their warm and sweet attitude as well that draws humans to love them.

Although they fall behind In terms of popularity in the UK, we’ve heard that it slowly catching up. According to some polls, they’re ranked as high as the seventh most famous dog breed.

Some websites say that the dark-colored golden retriever is gaining popularity amongst the other coats. While some believe that the cream-colored retriever is trending the charts. In the end, it all boils down to what you seem to prefer. Regardless of what color coat you seem to love, this breed is undoubtedly the favorite pet choice anywhere.

How to Train Your Dark Golden Retriever

You won’t have much trouble training a dark coat retriever. Compared to other coats of golden retrievers, these dark-colored goldens are fairly easier to train. They’re extremely obedient as they belong to a working dog background. They tend to outshine when they have a job at hand. It makes them happy when their trainer is pleased.

The key is that you start their training as puppies. Plan out a daily routine for them and use only positive methods. The little pups are likely to bite and nibble. So, it’ll be a good idea if you keep a toy or something of that sort that he can chew on. Be sure that you always reward him with verbal praise and his favorite treats.

Some Activities You Can Engage Your Puppy With

The dark coats of golden are very active and also known to be natural swimmers. Like every other dog, you can play fetch with them. As they’re a working breed, they need to indulge in daily workouts and labor. You should make sure that they get to stretch and do sufficient exercise. This will help to channel their high energy levels and let them relax at home.

This coat of goldens ten to enjoy the outdoors much more than other retrievers. But they’ll also loosen up and rest when indoors. They’re generally more energetic with well-built structure compared to other golden retrievers. If you happen to be a runner or enjoy hiking, a dark golden retriever would make a good travel buddy.

Our Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t delay its arrival anymore. After all, we’ve updated you on all that there’s to know about dark golden retrievers. If you’re planning to get a pup, it can be tricky to predict their fur color. Take note of their ears. This will help you identify what color their coat will be once they grow up.

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