Golden Cocker Retrievers: Everything You Need to Know

New crossbreeds tend to pop up now and then. A relatively latest breed of two enamored pet dogs is the Golden Cocker Retriever. The breed is increasingly becoming the talk of the town among pet dog enthusiasts.

A Golden Cocker Retrievers is a recent crossbred of the popular Golden Retriever and the American Cocker retriever. Both of these purebred dogs are loved by pet dog owners for their friendly temperament and lush coat. They are active dogs that are fun to train. And the same traits are inherited by the new breed.

The Appearance of Golden Cocker Retrievers

Golden Cocker retrievers borrow appearance traits of both the parents. Similar to Golden Retriever, they come in a range of colors such as dark golden, cream, black, golden, and red-gold. They borrow certain appearance traits from the Cocker retriever as well such as floppy ears and smaller stature as compared to Golden Retrievers.

Golden Cocker Retrievers: Everything You Need to Know

The second generation crosses have lots of fluffy hair similar to the parents. The dogs shed and require constant grooming. Their body weight generally ranges between 25 lbs and 70 lbs. Most fall in the range between 30 lbs. and 40 lbs.

You should note that cross breeding does not result in a predictable result. Your puppy may end up looking a lot like the parent or have an entirely new look.

You cannot know about the color and texture of the coat. The appearance of the puppy will remain a mystery when they grow up. Most dog owners love this mystery element and also the fact that their puppy will remain unique and different from the rest.

Caring for Golden Cocker Retrievers

Cocker retrievers require regular bathing. They also need to be groomed with a good brush every few days. The dogs become unhappy when left alone for a long time. They will develop anxiety issues and will whine when you leave them along. The dogs will also chew on items when left on their own inside the size.

You don’t really have to dedicate hours from your busy schedule. Unlike the Golden retriever, this breed of dog does not require a lot of training. The training requirements are much less as compared to golden retrievers.

The dogs are considered high-maintenance. Regular brushing is important since the dogs have a long-haired coat that shed the entire year. You need to brush the long, lush fur coat several days a week. In addition, you need to give baths and clip the toenails at least once a week. Avoid daily baths as this will dry out the coat.

Training of Golden Cocker Retrievers

Golden Cocker Retrievers love to run around. They are extremely active and require lots of physical exercises. You need to train the retriever for about an hour every day. Some may even require two sessions in a week.

A common question that comes in the mind of dog owners is whether the training is easy.

Training abilities of this dog breed depends on their temperament. This temperament is inherited from the parent breed. For instance, stubbornness or independence may make it difficult to train the dog.

However, most Golden Cocker Retrievers don’t have show signs of stubbornness. They are easy to train due to their playful, friendly, and active nature. Training the dog can be a fun activity both for the pet and the owner.

You should start training the dog when they are puppies. This is because training adults is much more difficult as compared to training little furry friends.

A playpen with the fenced backyard is important to prevent the pet dog from wandering off. These dogs have a hunting drive and quickly run towards a small animal putting it into their mouths. So, it’s important that owners of small cats, birds, or any rodents should not select this dog breed.

The Temperament of Golden Cocker Retrievers

Golden Cocker retriever tend to have a loving and sweet temperament that makes them adoring to most people. These are not overly aggressive similar to some Golden retrievers. When they are properly introduced to other puppies, they can be sociable and friendly when grown up.

Puppies that are not socialized can become aloof when grown up. They don’t actively seek strangers but they are also not likely to growl at people. The spaniel won’t go out of the way to protect the owner against an attack.

So, if you want a pet dog that could also protect the house, you should not buy this dog if you want to keep the dog to enhance the security of the house. The dog won’t bark often and won’t alert you in case a stranger is inside the house.

One thing that you should note about these dogs is that they are easily excitable. Trickles of urine may pass when the dog becomes extremely excited or scared. But this is only one of the few negative traits of this otherwise great dog.

If you are looking for a do that the kids will love to play, you should definitely consider this dog breed. The dog has all the characteristics that make it lovable among the kids — friendly, active, excitable, and intelligent.

Are Golden Cocker Retrievers Aggressive?

Golden Cocker retrievers are generally known to be calm and friendly. They are not known to be aggressive since both the parents have a mild temperament. This makes them safe around the kids.

But, like all dogs, there can be exceptions. Some dogs may have an aggressive trait and nip or bite, especially when they are nervous or afraid. However, if required, you can always buy a muzzle.

Aggressiveness in Cocker retrievers can manifest due to different reasons. Mostly they are due to environmental factors. Abused dogs are more likely to display aggressive temperament.

The good thing is that Cocker retrievers can easily be tamed. You should create a safe and caring environment for the pet dog. A territorial dog may feel threatened when other dogs or even a human comes close to them.  In this case, you need to properly train your dog that protection and boundaries are not necessary.

Taming Cocker retrievers is easier as compared to training other types of dogs. You will not face much difficulty in training an aggressive retriever to behave appropriately.

Grooming of Golden Cocker Retriever

The chest hair of the Cocker retrievers is prone to matting if not groomed regularly. This is also the case with the parent breeds. To avoid the fluffy coats from becoming matted and tangled, you should brush out the chest, trousers, and ears every day.

A thorough brushing is required at least once a week if the dog sheds a lot of hair. Make sure that you brush the dog outside. Brushing them inside the house will kick up dog hair all over the house.

By brushing the dog outside, you will be helping the eco-system in a way as the hair will be picked up birds that they will use to build their nests.

The Health of Golden Retriever

Golden Cocker Retrievers have a lot of advantages when it comes to health since they are crossbred. Mixed breeds have a longer life span as compared to purebred parents. Crocker retrievers can live up to 15 years. In comparison, golden retrievers have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

However, you should also note that crossbreed can inherit certain diseases from their parents. For example, golden receivers are prone to cancer such as lymphoma, bone cancer, and blood cancer. About 60 percent develop cancer and rarely live their full lifespan. Cocker retrievers are also susceptible to cancer. But there is no test to determine whether a Cocker puppy will develop cancer.

Golden Cocker Retrievers whose father is an older male Golden Retriever are less prone to developing cancer. Puppies that are bred from a female or young Golden Retriever are more likely to develop cancer.

Apart from cancer, Cocker retrievers are also prone to vision loss. This occurs due to progressive retinal atrophy that these dogs have inhered from Golden Retrievers.

Most Cocker retrievers are also prone to ear infections. The large furry and floppy ears make them susceptible to ear infections. Cleaning the ears regularly is recommended to reduce the risk of ear infections. Vets often recommend a diet with low carbohydrates for the dog as it can reduce the risk of yeast infection.

Feeding Your Cocker Retrievers

A healthy diet can prevent ear, skin, and coat problems. Make sure that the dog is given a proper diet.  Crocker retrievers are considered an adult when they are one year old and must be feed adult food. The amount of food that you should give to the pet dog depends on the weight. A healthy adult Cocker retriever weighs between 13 to 14. 5 grams, and you should consider feeding 175 to 260 gram every day.

A raw diet is also recommended for the dogs. You should feed meaty bones instead of cooked bones and muscle meat like ground beef.

Cocker spaniels are prone to obesity since they eat a lot. Obese dogs are at risk of a number of health issues that range from liver diseases and joint problems. So, you need to be careful when feeding the dog to ensure that it doesn’t pack the pounds.

Most Cocker retrievers are allergic to dairy products. Other food items that can trigger an allergic reaction include egg, beef, lamb, rabbit, soy, wheat, and pork.

You should remember that these dogs can develop allergy for different types of food items. Consider talking with a vet about possible food allergy.

Should You Adopt a Rescued Cocker Retriever?

Adopting a Cocker retriever is a great thing. You will feel good that you are helping the dog have a good life. A lot of people buy rescue dogs that become part of the family member.

However, you should also note that Cocker retrievers bought from certain rescue centers may be difficult to handle since they are sometimes traumatized due to neglect. That’s why it’s important that you buy the dog from a reputable rescue center that takes great care of the dog. Ask the rescue center if you can return the dog if it’s too difficult to handle.

Rescued Cocker retrievers may be difficult to train. But the effort is worth it. You should call the nearest rescue shelter to known if a Cocker retriever can become your new furry friend.

Things to Consider When Buying a Golden Cocker Retriever

Cocker retriever price can vary depending on where you buy the dog. You can expect to pay $1000 for good care for Cocker retriever puppy.

Always ask about the parents of the Cocker retriever. You might get clues about the dog’s health by knowing about the parents. As mentioned earlier, a Cocker retriever crossbred by mixing a Female Golden Retriever is more likely to develop cancer early in life.

Never buy Cocker retriever with aggressive parents. The puppy will inherit the aggressive trait that will be a risk to the family.

Make sure that you get the dog checked up by a vet after buying. The vet can identify health issues early on that can lead to problems and perform appropriate treatment.

Our Final Thoughts on the Golden Cocker Retriever Mix

Cocker retrievers make a great pet. Pet dogs require extra care and attention. But the effort is well worth it in the end as they provide endless joy due to their playful antics.

Make sure that you consult with a vet to know the best way to take care of your retriever puppy. The right diet is critical to ensure that the dog remains healthy. In addition, you need to make an effort to socialize the puppy early on. Introducing the dog to new people is essential to avoid aggressive or nervous behavior.

Cocker retrievers need regular check-ups more than other breeds.  The dog is susceptible to certain diseases particularly cancer. Regular check-ups will ensure that the dog remains healthy and happy.

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