train golden retriever to drop it

train golden retriever to drop it

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Your Golden Retriever to “Drop It”

Training your Golden Retriever to “drop it” can be a game-changer when it comes to managing unwanted behaviors or preventing destructive chewing. But where do you start, and how do you ensure that your pup understands the command?

As someone who has worked with thousands of dogs through dog shelters and breeders, I can tell you that learning how to train your dog to “drop it” requires patience, consistency, and the right tools. In this article, I’ll take you through the step-by-step process of understanding the “drop it” command, preparing for training, introducing the command to your Golden Retriever, reinforcing it through repetition and rewards, and addressing common challenges and troubleshooting during training.

If you’re a Golden Retriever owner who loves dogs and wants to teach your pup new skills, then read on to learn more.

Understanding the “Drop it” command and its importance.

As someone who has worked with thousands of dogs through dog shelters and breeders, I can attest to the importance of teaching your golden retriever the “drop it” command. This simple yet crucial skill could save your furry companion’s life in an emergency situation.

The “drop it” command is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly and easily retrieve dangerous objects from your dog’s mouth. Whether they’ve picked up something poisonous or harmful, or they’re simply carrying around something valuable that shouldn’t be chewed on, this command can help prevent serious injury or illness.

To teach your golden retriever to drop items on command, start by offering them a tempting treat in exchange for whatever object they have in their mouth. As soon as they release the item, say “drop it” firmly but calmly and reward them immediately with the treat.

Repeat this process several times until your dog associates the words “drop it” with letting go of objects. Once they understand what you want them to do, gradually phase out treats and use positive reinforcement instead – lavish praise and affection whenever they comply with this important obedience cue.

In addition to being potentially life-saving for dogs (and humans!), mastering the “drop it” skill can also make daily life easier for both you and your furry friend. No more chasing after toys or shoes that have been snatched away – just a quick verbal cue will do!

So if you’re a new golden retriever owner looking to build a strong foundation of obedience skills with their pup, don’t overlook teaching them how to drop things on command. It may seem like small potatoes at first glance but trust me: when push comes to shove (or rather when Fido picks up something he shouldn’t), having this tool at hand could make all the difference!

Preparing for training: tools and settings.

Preparing for training your new golden retriever to “drop it” is an important step in ensuring success. As someone who has worked with thousands of dogs through dog shelters and breeders, I can attest that setting the right tools and environment is crucial in teaching your furry friend this command.

Firstly, make sure you have the proper treats or rewards on hand. Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement, so having something tasty like small pieces of chicken or cheese will motivate them to learn. Additionally, having a designated training area free from distractions such as other pets or loud noises will help keep their attention focused on you.

It’s also important to establish a clear communication system with your golden retriever before starting any training sessions. This means using consistent verbal cues such as “drop it” when asking them to release an object from their mouth. Reinforcing these cues with physical gestures like holding out your hand can also aid in understanding.

Lastly, remember that patience and persistence are key when working with any dog – especially puppies who may be easily distracted or uninterested at times. Consistent repetition of commands paired with positive reinforcement will eventually lead to success in teaching ‘drop it’ command.

By following these tips and establishing a solid foundation for learning, preparing for training your new golden retriever becomes much easier – resulting in a happy pup eager to please its owner!

Introducing the command to your golden retriever.


Training your Golden Retriever to drop it is an important command that can help prevent destructive behavior and keep your furry friend safe. As someone who has worked with thousands of dogs through dog shelters and breeders, I can attest to the importance of teaching this command early on in a dog’s training.

First, it’s important to understand why dogs may resist dropping items. Many dogs have a natural instinct to protect their possessions, which means they may be reluctant to let go of something they consider valuable. Additionally, some breeds like Golden Retrievers are known for having a strong prey drive and love chasing after objects.

To teach your Golden Retriever the “drop it” command effectively, start by offering them something they enjoy holding onto such as a favorite toy or treat. Once they have taken hold of the item in question offer another item that is more desirable than what he currently holds- e.g., if he has grabbed onto his leash you could try offering him his favorite toy instead.

As soon as he drops one object for another reward him with praise! It’s essential also always use positive reinforcement when training any animal – even if sometimes mistakes happen!

With patience and consistency during training sessions (try 10 minutes at least twice per day), You’ll see progress as long as you stay consistent through repetition & rewards every time progress is made until eventually dropping becomes second nature!

Reinforcing the command through repetition and rewards.

Reinforcing a command through repetition and rewards is a crucial aspect of training any dog, including Golden Retrievers. As someone who has worked with thousands of dogs through dog shelters and breeders, I can attest that this method works wonders in helping your furry friend learn new behaviors.

To begin with, you should choose the specific behavior you want to teach your Golden Retriever. In this case, let’s say it’s teaching them to “drop it” when they have something in their mouth that they shouldn’t be chewing on. Once you’ve chosen the behavior, start repeating the command consistently every time your dog engages in that particular activity.

Next comes the rewarding part – every time your pup drops whatever object they’re holding onto after hearing “drop it,” give them a treat or lavish praise upon them as positive reinforcement. Over time, these rewards will help reinforce their understanding of what “drop it” means and encourage them to respond positively each time you issue the command.

It’s also important to note that repetition is key here – consistency is key when training any animal; if you only repeat commands intermittently or forget about rewarding good behavior altogether for some sessions/periods then progress may stall dramatically! Stick with regular practice sessions until both yourself (the trainer) and pooch are comfortable executing ‘command’ without hesitation!

In conclusion: reinforcing commands through consistent repetition combined with positive rewards can go far towards teaching golden retriever puppies new behaviours like dropping objects from their mouths!

Addressing common challenges and troubleshooting during training.

Training a golden retriever to drop it can be a challenge, even for experienced dog owners. However, there are some common challenges that you may encounter during the training process, and troubleshooting them can help you achieve success.

One of the most common challenges is getting your dog to let go of an object once they have picked it up. This behavior is often instinctual for dogs and can take time to unlearn. To address this challenge, try offering your dog a treat or toy in exchange for dropping what they have in their mouth.

Another common challenge is teaching your golden retriever to only pick up certain objects and not others. For example, if you want them to retrieve a specific toy but not shoes or socks lying around the house. To address this issue, try using positive reinforcement when they pick up the correct object while ignoring any other items.

Lastly, many new dog owners struggle with consistency during training sessions which can cause confusion for their furry friend leading them astray from learning desired habits like ‘drop it’. Make sure that everyone interacting with your golden retriever follows the same commands and techniques when teaching them new behaviors like ‘drop it’.

By addressing these challenges head-on through consistent training sessions incorporating reward-based methods will yield better results than punishment-based methods that use forceful techniques making learning more stressful than fun!


With the right tools and skillful guidance, teaching your Golden Retriever to obey the “drop it” command can be a manageable task. Start as early as possible so that your pup can learn this important command throughout its life. If you follow these steps carefully and be consistent with training regimens, you will build a stronger bond between yourself and your four-legged companion in no time.

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