Dark Brown Golden Retrievers: Everything You Need to Know

Dark Brown Golden Retrievers: Everything You Need to Know

Adorably affectionate and super easy to train, golden retrievers are no doubt one of the most loveable dog breeds out there. It is hard to not fall for their obedient and gentle nature coupled with their general cuteness.

Most people hear golden retrievers and automatically think of a golden-haired dog. Interestingly, not all golden retrievers are actually golden! Which brings us to this article where we talk about dark brown golden retrievers and everything you should know to take care of one as a pet.

Introducing Dark Brown Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers with dark brown coats are often also referred to as just dark golden retrievers. Due to the much darker shade of fur than the standard golden retriever, this breed qualifies as one of the three types of golden retrievers that are allowed to participate in American Kennel Club shows.

The difference in color is genetic, sometimes because the genes responsible for the color end up diluting the pigmentation. And sometimes, the color results from the genetic diversity added to the bloodline during the breeding process.

How Are They Different?

Fortunately, despite the apparent physical difference in color, dark brown golden retrievers are no different than traditional golden ones. They may actually look pretty much like the red golden or mahogany retrievers except that they don’t have a red hue.

In fact, these dark brown golden retrievers leave no stone unturned when it comes to being perfectly built and breathtakingly handsome. They have the same gentle brown eyes, tapered muzzle, poised body, and heartwarming smile, just like all golden retrievers. Their medium-sized bodies are covered in dense, water-resistant fur that may range from being feathered to long and even wavy.

Being primarily hunting dogs, they master at the art of hunting, tracking and sniffing easily. They are being increasingly used for assistance and therapy recently. Like all other golden retrievers, they are great athletes and you’ll be surprised at the amount of agility and strength they possess.

They also happen to share the same history as the golden retrievers. Dudley Coutts is said to have developed the breed during the late 19th century in Scotland.

Caring for a Dark Brown Golden Retriever

Dark brown golden retrievers are built for action, and even though they are extremely snug when cuddling, you might not want to keep them indoors all the time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • They can be perfect companions to you if you enjoy your time trekking or go out for regular jogs.
  • Engage them in rigorous physical activities for at least 20 – 30 minutes every day. Failing to do so may result in behavior issues.
  • Don’t worry if your dark brown golden retriever is too mouthy – almost all retrievers are. Find them at their happiest by giving them something that they could hold in their mouth. It could be anything ranging from a ball to a smelly sock!
  • Puppies of this breed are very susceptible to bone disorders. Don’t let them play on hard surfaces until they’re at least 24 months old.
  • Be prepared to have quite some hair around the house because this breed sheds heavily during fall and spring.
  • Bathe your dark brown golden retriever at least once a month. The outdoor activities make it necessary for you to do so or you might open it up to the risk of disease.
  • Due to a thick coat of hair, daily brushing is best. It makes detangling easy and reduces the amount of hair shed.
  • ‘Trim’ their nails. Don’t ‘cut’ them! Dogs have blood vessels in their toenails. Cutting them too deep can cause immense pain and bleeding. If your dog doesn’t wear its toenails down naturally, make sure you trim them carefully.
  • Brush their teeth at least once a week. It is better to do it regularly to avoid gum disease or mouth odor.

Pro Tip: Get your dark brown retriever used to being groomed from the very time it’s a puppy. Dogs are usually very sensitive to touch especially when it comes to their feet. If grooming becomes a positive experience for them, they are more likely to co-operate. And with golden retrievers, we know that their obedience knows no bounds!

Fun Facts

  • Their color darkens over time. Regardless of the dark brown color, your golden retriever’s fur coat color will darken with age. The tip of your newborn puppy’s ears can help you figure out the color your puppy will have at an older age.
  • They have two layers of fur! The inner layer is meant to keep them warm and the outer layer is the one that is waterproof.
  • They are remarkably tolerant of pain. No wonder they are commonly used by police for assistance and rescue missions.
  • They have webbed paws. Their toes are joined by a very thin web of skin which makes them useful in water-related tasks too.
  • They are extremely intelligent. Along with the rest of the golden retriever breed, dark brown ones are also considered the 4th smartest dog breed.
  • They are adorably caring. In addition to their amiable reputation among humans, they are also considered to be good to other animals. Don’t be too surprised if you see your dog taking care of your neighbor’s cat.
  • They can be attention-seekers. When left alone for long periods of time, they can get sad or even depressed. Be careful and don’t leave your dog to be lonely or you might come back to a cute sad face displaying the lowest of energy and excitement.
  • They make great movie stars! Their gorgeous dark brown fur gives them the perfect star look. But a real bonus is their capability to learn fast which makes them easy to train. And hence, casting them in movies is a lot easier compared to other breeds.

Why You Need a Dark Brown Golden Retriever!

Sharing the sweet and calm nature of golden retrievers, this breed is strikingly attractive on its own. We can guarantee a skipped heartbeat on the sight of a dark brown golden retriever! That lush, thick and silky layer of dark brown fur coat coupled with a hairy straight tail and a sturdy muscular body is enough to make it a pet of your dreams.

And yet, this beautiful dog breed offers you so much more. They reflect energy, passion, and compassion all at once. They’re good enough to cuddle with, strong enough to trust and truly versatile to experiment. Their quick learning abilities will astonish you and their friendliness will force a smile on your face.

We’re Not Done Yet!

Dark brown golden retriever or dark golden retrievers are a striking overall package. This rare breed is bound to fill your life with love and colors. They make wonderful family dogs and have all you admire in golden retrievers.

If you like shades of brown, you should definitely go for a dark brown golden retriever without second thoughts! Don’t let their coat color make you think of them as any different. If anything, their unique color makes their beauty stand out even more. Plus, now you know exactly how to take care of them, groom them and what their personalities are like so you’re good to go!

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