Find Good Local Golden Retriever Breeders

So, you’ve decided that you want to add a fuzzy golden bundle of joy to your family. Obviously, you want it to be healthy, happy, and a good match for your lifestyle and circumstances. But where do you find a puppy that’s perfect for you? The obvious answer to that is to go to a reputable Golden Retriever breeder that takes responsibility for every puppy produced and stand behind every dog they have bred.

Ultimately the breeder of your future puppy will be one responsible for giving the puppy its foundation of confidence and health. The lifestyle and diet you provide will have a major impact on your dog’s health, but the basics are covered by the breeder. For instance, if the breeder picks an unhealthy mother and father for the litter, the puppies will be unhealthy. If the breeder doesn’t socialize the puppy properly, the pup will be fearful, shy, and even aggressive at times. That’s the reason why it’s so important you go to an excellent breeder who knows what they are doing when it comes to breeding Golden Retrievers.

Types of Golden Retriever Breeders

You shouldn’t ever go to puppy mills, as they are large commercial businesses that are only looking to make money. They don’t breed for the betterment of the dogs regarding their health, temperament, and longevity. Puppies coming from such breeders are often the sad and unhealthy pups you mostly find in pet stores. Don’t ever buy a puppy from the pet store or a puppy mill, as you shouldn’t be giving such people your money.

Find Good Local Golden Retriever Breeders

Backyard breeders are another type of breeders that you should be wary about. They are usually in one of three camps where they either think that what they are doing, they either have ‘accident’ litters, or they think that it could be a good way to make money. In general, they aren’t breeding for the dogs’ betterment and know little to nothing about socialization. You will find puppies like these advertised at your local stores, on Facebook or Craigslist.

Professional Golden Retriever Breeders

These are the ones you should be buying your puppy from, as these breeders know what they are doing. They are breeding for the betterment of their breed for temperament, health, conformation, and longevity. They only breed dogs that they personally can use for shows or competitions. Puppies from these breeders come with a contract and a pedigree.

Professional breeders tend to have a passion for only one or two breeds. They only focus on having one litter at a time and no more than two litters a year. That allows them to focus all their attention on the betterment of the puppies. Professional breeders usually only produce a litter of puppies when they know they have homes for all the litter’s potential puppies.

Where to Find A Good Local Dog Breeder

You can find professional dog breeders in many different ways. One of the best ways to find them is by going to a dog show. Once there, you will find breeders and also find loads of information about different breeds and dogs in general. You’re going to see the dogs that the owners have bred in action and get to meet them. You can also see the puppies being socialized at the show.

Another way to find reputable Golden Retriever breeders is by going on to the AKC registry and breed-specific clubs. You can also look on the AKC website for Breeders of Merit, Breeders of the Year, and Breeders of H.E.A.R.T. These are the breeders that have been recognized by the AKC as breeders that only breed for the betterment of their breed. Many breed-specific dog clubs also give out awards to outstanding breeders who have proven to better the breed.

Know the Important Details About the Golden Retriever Breed

The best way to test potential breeders is to have your own knowledge about the breed. That will mean reading up as much as you can and talking to other people who have the breed you are interested in. You need to find as much information as you can on the breed before getting ahead of yourself and bring the dog home.

You should ask your potential breeder about the breed’s normal health problems to understand if they know about the breed. If the breeder claims that they are super healthy and have no predispositions to disease, but your research proves otherwise, you should run the other way.

Be Prepared with Questions for the Breeder

You should ask any Golden Retriever breeder certain questions to get a good understanding of whether they know the breed. Some of the questions you should be asking breeders include the following:

  • What is your training and socialization program for puppies like?

Getting an answer to this question is very important. The puppies should socialize with all kinds of people, animals, sounds, smells, places, and sights. They especially need to be socialized with children.

  • How healthy were the parents of the puppy?

You should ask about the health of the parents and family. Get a full medical history if you can and learn how old the parents of the pup are.

  • How many litters do you have per year?

Professional breeders only have a couple of litters per year as they give importance to the breed’s betterment. They will only breed when they are sure that all the puppies have homes.

  • Can you provide me with some references?

It’s important to ask for references from a breeder as it allows you to talk with previous buyers. You can check with those people and ask them about their dogs’ health from that breeder and their experience working with them.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding a good Golden Retriever breeder can seem like a lot of work, but it will save you headaches and heartbreak in the future. A professional breeder is the best choice when you’re looking for Golden Retriever puppies, and you can easily find them by going on the AKC registry and checking breed-specific clubs. We hope that we have provided you with enough information to get on by and help you find the right Golden Retriever breeder.

As always, do your research and remember to only purchase your puppies from professional breeders as they have the best interests of the breed in their hearts and aren’t going to cheat you.

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