How to Find Golden Retriever Breeders

So, you’ve decided that you want to adopt a golden retriever puppy but have no clue where you can find them? The obvious answer is to visit a golden retriever breeder who knows what they are doing and has helped breed countless golden retrievers. They know how to breed pedigree dogs and will look after the health and conditioning of the breed. 

Ideally, you want to visit professional breeders who make it their mission to ensure that they breed pedigree-specific puppies. They will socialize them and ensure that the puppies are in the best health possible. They know all the tips and tricks of the trade and will ensure that you’re taking home healthy golden retriever puppies. These professional breeders know everything there is to know about the breed and will ensure that you’re taking home healthy golden retriever puppies with you. 

The Different Types of Breeders 

There are several different breeders that you will come across in your search for golden retriever puppies. There will be puppy mills designed to breed as many puppies as possible, and you should avoid going to them at all costs. They don’t look after the puppy’s welfare and only look to make as much money as possible by breeding dogs. 

How to Find Golden Retriever Breeders

Then there are pet stores where you will find sad and unhealthy-looking puppies, which are kept in the worst possible conditions. You should avoid buying your pedigree golden retriever from such places as that only enables them. These people don’t have the best interest of the puppies at heart and are only looking to make as much money as possible by breeding and selling dogs. 

Only Opt for Professional Breeders 

You should always go to professional breeders when you’re looking to find golden retriever puppies, as these people have the puppies’ best interests at heart. They will not only look after the puppies properly but will socialize them so that they are not shy or fearful or aggressive. You will find professional breeders at most dog shows, where you can find their specimens in top condition. 

Professional breeders don’t breed for its sake and only breed about one or two litters per year, and only when they know, the puppies will have homes. They take care of the temperament and health of the puppies and will train them accordingly. You will have no room for complaints regarding the health of your golden retriever puppies if you purchase them from professional breeders. 

Where Do You Find Professional Breeders?

There are several ways to find professional breeders for golden retrievers. One of the best ways is to go to a dog show where you can meet these breeders and see all their dogs and puppies in action. You will find lots of information about the breed and can sit down and chat with the breeders about their dogs. That way, you can have no doubts that the breeders you are talking with are genuine and care about bettering the breed instead of trying to make money. 

You can also visit the AKC website and visit breed-specific clubs to get a good idea of professional breeders. There are rankings of the breeders on the registry that will give you a decent idea of which experienced breeder you should work with and which ones you should avoid. You can look for breeders that have won awards over the years for their outstanding work in bettering the breed. 

Test Your Knowledge of the Breed 

You should keep in mind that buying a golden retriever puppy isn’t going to be an easy task because you will have to take care of the puppy. Therefore, you must be prepared to handle the breed’s requirements and test your knowledge. You should know about the temperament and general health of the breed before you take them home, as it will be unfair to the puppy if you’re not prepared for them. 

There are plenty of resources that can help you in this regard, and there are several professional dog breeders that are willing to go the extra mile to educate dog owners about the breed. You can find them at most dog shows, where you can see the dogs in action and understand how to care for them. The last thing you want is to take home a pedigree golden retriever puppy and not be able to care for them. 

Ask Questions from the Breeder 

A professional golden retriever breeder will know all about the health concerns and temperament of the breed and will inform you about them. If the breeder claims that there is nothing to worry about and the pedigree dog doesn’t have any health concerns, but you think otherwise, then it’s not a good idea to purchase your golden retriever from them. Here are a couple of questions that you should ask a professional golden retriever breeder:

Do You Train and Socialize Puppies?

You must get an answer to this question because all golden retriever puppies need to be socialized. They should be familiar with sights, places, sounds, smells, animals, and people and be good with children. 

How Healthy Are the Puppy’s Parents?

You must inquire about the health of the puppy’s parents, as they must be in good health and have no major health concerns. The professional breeder should give you a straight answer to this question and not beat around the bush. 

How Many Litters do You Have Every Year?

A professional breeder will only have a litter once or twice a year because they care about the puppies and will only breed them when they have homes for the little ones. They won’t be breeding for its sake or trying to make money by breeding as many litters as they can. 

Our Final Thoughts

Golden retrievers are incredibly friendly and social dogs, and that’s why they are one of the most popular dogs to own in America. However, many shady backyard breeders are selling golden retriever puppies, and you should avoid buying from them. It’s best to do your research and visit dog shows so that you can be introduced to professional breeders.

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