How Do Golden Retrievers Sleep?

No doubt about it, we love our Golden Retrievers! This friendly and affectionate breed is the ideal family dog. Like other canines, Golden Retrievers sleep a lot. They use a variety of sleeping positions, but their favorite tends to be on their backs. Let’s learn about that and other facts about how golden retrievers sleep.

Golden Retrievers Often Sleep on Their Backs

Golden Retrievers sleep on their backs relatively more often than some other breeds. Their thick coats play a part in this. Your pooch wants to stay cool, and the fur on his belly is thinner.

That’s right, your Golden Retriever loves to keep a cool belly! How cute is that? Your dog is more likely to sleep like this during warm and hot weather than when it’s cool or cold outside.

How Do Golden Retrievers Sleep

Your pooch is also showing submission by sleeping on his back. Remember, he sees you as the top dog!

Animals in the wild never fall asleep showing their bellies if they have the slightest inkling of danger. Showing the belly is a major sign of trust. Your beloved pet knows that you would never hurt him.

Your dog is probably in a deep sleep when he’s on his back. In other words, he’s in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Do you see his eyelids fluttering and his body twitching, or maybe even his legs moving? He’s dreaming.

Other Dog Sleep Positions

Of course, your Golden Retriever may use other sleep positions. They often sleep on their sides and sometimes on their stomachs.

A dog needs to feel comfortable and safe to sleep on his side. After all, his tummy is exposed. If your pooch is feeling a little chilly, he may roll up into a ball.

While dogs can fall into deep REM sleep in these positions, they usually don’t.

Golden Retriever Like to Sleep On the Bed

We Golden Retriever parents know how much these pooches love to sleep with you on your bed. In fact, it’s one of this breed’s favorite things in the world.

You make your Golden Retriever feel safe, and that is why he loves sleeping with you. Sleeping is a vulnerable time for animals in the wild, and domestic animals still carry this instinct.

And of course, your canine companion loves to snuggle. Your body heat helps to keep him warm.

Get a Dog Bed for Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have lots of hair and they’re heavy shedders. If this is a concern for you, get him a comfy dog bed so he doesn’t spend quite so much time on your bed and living room furniture.

All this shedding and the fair amount of drooling you can expect from this pooch means you should get a dog bed that is easy to clean. Look for other special features that will suit your dog’s needs, too. For example, an elderly Golden Retriever will especially appreciate an orthopedic dog bed.

Can Golden Retrievers Sleep Alone?

The Golden Retriever isn’t the right dog for you if you want a dog that can sleep alone. This canine companion will always want you or someone else he knows close by when he rests. Try to bring his dog bed into your bedroom so he can at least be in the same room (even if he’s not up on your bed).

If you want your Golden Retriever to sleep in a dog bed and not on yours, you’ll have to begin training for this from puppyhood.

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Sleep Every Day?

Dogs sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day. Elderly dogs may sleep even more than that.

How Much Do Golden Retriever Puppies Sleep?

As they’re still growing, Golden Retriever puppies sleep more than adults. They generally sleep between 18 and 20 hours daily.

Do Golden Retrievers Sleep At Night?

Whether your Golden Retriever sleeps at night depends on his routine. There is a good chance he will sleep through the night if you get him in the habit of sleeping at the same time you do. This is especially true if you let him sleep on your bed or in the same room.

A dog that seems restless at night probably isn’t getting adequate exercise and interaction during the day. Make sure your dog gets a minimum of 90 minutes of daily exercise. Give your pet plenty of opportunities to walk, run, and play. You want him nice and tired (and happy) before you get your shut-eye.

Don’t forget that this is a sporting dog breed. It was specifically bred to handle (and need) large amounts of physical activity. There are plenty of ways to give your Golden Retriever exercise beyond the required walks, including:

  • Playing fetch
  • Agility training
  • Running in a fenced yard
  • Frolicking with the family

How to Help Your Golden Retriever Have the Best Night Sleep

Your dog probably won’t have any trouble sleeping if he’s well-exercised and sleeping with you. If he sleeps in a dog bed, add a cuddly toy for him to snuggle up to. This will be a source of comfort and make him feel more secure.

He’s also less likely to feel anxious if you have a strong relationship with him and show him plenty of affection during the day.

Take steps to avoid your dog having to go potty after you’ve gone to bed. It’s simple. Just pick up the water and kibble bowls at least a couple of hours before you turn in for the night. Do this at the same time every day, so your pooch knows what to expect. And give your dog one last chance to go potty before bed.

Your Dog’s Eyes May Stay a Little Open

New dog owners are surprised to see their pets’ eyes a little bit open during sleep. This is completely normal. Canines can sleep with their eyes closed, too. This is part of how Golden Retrievers sleep.

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