Best Glucosamine for Golden Retrievers: Top 5 Reviewed

Best Glucosamine for Golden Retrievers: Top 5 Reviewed

You’ve probably heard of glucosamine levels in dogs. Maybe the vet mentioned it, or you saw it on the can of food you buy for your golden retriever.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance in your dog’s body that’s mostly found in healthy cartilage – that’s the spongy bits between the joints to cushion them during movement. Because it protects the joints, all the hits during movement are taken by the cartilage. Over time, the tissue gets damaged, and the joint becomes inflamed, causing your pet to experience pain and stiffness.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Glucosamine is what helps repair this damaged tissue, and lets your dog stay healthy. But over time, as your dog ages, the glucosamine production in the body naturally slows down. As a result, the cell repair process becomes slower and causes problems like arthritis and impaired mobility.

This is where glucosamine supplements come in. If your golden retriever is aged, they are probably not getting the amount of glucosamine they need. The supplements help bridge this gap and soothe the pain that the damaged cartilage may be causing them and encourages the rapid repair of these cells.

Golden retrievers are also the second most likely breed of dog to have joint problems than others, so it is within your pet’s best interests to take these supplements so you can prevent any problems before they begin.

Of course, since our pets are so important to us, we want only the best quality supplements for them so we can be sure that they will remain safe from any negative side effects.

The 5 Best Glucosamine for Golden Retrievers

Here is a list of the best glucosamine supplements for golden retrievers:

Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus

The Nutramax Cosequin supplement contains chondroitin sulfate, which is a natural chemical that is an important component of cartilage and is a major contributor to the cartilage’s resistance to compression. It also helps the cartilage retain water.

The pill also contains methylsulphonylmethane, more commonly known as MSM, which is another natural substance that helps improve flexibility in the joints and lessen inflammation and pain.

The combination of all these natural ingredients makes Nutramax extremely beneficial for your retriever’s joints. It is particularly helpful for dogs who may have joint or hip problems that restrict movement or suffer from arthritis.

It supports the production of cartilage and helps protect existing cartilage from breaking down.

The pill comes in the form of chewable tablets and is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. It can also be easily crushed and mixed with your dog’s food.

Doggie Dailies Glucosamine

Doggie Dailies are chicken flavored soft chew tablets that are specially formulated for healthy joints and improved mobility in your dog and to alleviate pain caused by aging, arthritis, and hip dysplasia.

It has a blend of ingredients that include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid for lubricated joints, and the coenzyme Q10 that supports the circulatory and renal systems. There is also Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin C and E and salmon oil to support the health of the skin.

The chicken flavoring makes the tablet a treat for your dog, so you don’t have to worry about hiding it within their food.

However, this supplement is only suitable for retrievers that are at least six months old, so you may not want to feed it to your puppies.

ProSense Glucosamine


ProSense tablets contain a blend of glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin for hip and joint problems, and to safeguard the dog’s joints from everyday wear. It also contains vitamin C to promote collagen growth. Collagen is a protein that is used to improve skin health and relieve joint pain and is also known to increase muscle mass.

These supplements provide a higher dose of each ingredient per tablet and therefore are best suited to older and overweight dogs that may have joint conditions. However, they are also safe for dogs of other ages to help maintain healthy joints and mobility.

The pill is flavored, so it can be fed to your pets as a treat. Feed this oil to your canine pal during or after a meal so that any stomach or intestinal problems can be avoided.

Zesty Paws Senior Advanced Glucosamine

You want to make sure that your canine friend ages gracefully, and Zesty Paws Advanced supplements are the best choice to make. It contains a mixture of ingredients that aim to increase flexibility, motion, and comfort in aging dogs.

Besides glucosamine, the supplement contains chondroitin sulfate and MSM to relieve joint pain and stiffness. Black pepper, green-lipped mussel, hyaluronic acid, hemp extract, and vitamins C and E are all part of the composition of this tablet. All of these are known to play a significant role in improving mobility and helping them walk around easily during their senior years.

These pills come in chicken flavoring and can be fed to dogs of all sizes. They are easy to chew and soft so that elderly dogs can enjoy them.

Terramax Pro

The liquid supplement Terramax Pro is formulated with the usual ingredients – glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM for joint support and cartilage health. It also contains hyaluronic acid for better cushioning and thus reduces pain and stiffness. The supplement does not contain sugar, salt, wheat, milk, or any soy derivatives.

Being a liquid, it has a superior absorption rate than chews, tablets or powders, and also acts as a natural anti-oxidant. It is also beneficial for skin, eyes, nails, and bones.

The taste of the liquid seems to be such that the dogs don’t mind it. Therefore, it is easy to administer, but you can also add the liquid to your pet’s water or food.

Many reviewers claim that you can see improvement in mobility within a short period, and this is likely due to it being in liquid form.

Our Final Thoughts

Of course, there are other brands of glucosamine supplements out there, but there are many factors to consider when picking one for your pet.

The efficacy of the supplements depends on the inclusion of quality ingredients that are known to work. Most glucosamine supplements come in combination with MSM and chondroitin, and there should be a sufficient amount of each of these to have a beneficial effect. Sometimes these supplements may contain various oils, fatty acids, or yeast, and you must make sure that your pet is not allergic to any of these ingredients.

It is also recommended to look at any product’s certifications to make sure it is safe to administer to your pet. If your dog is already on any other form of medication, it is always best to make sure that the supplements you are selecting are not in any way incompatible with the other medicines.

You may also have to make your selection based on the different forms in which the supplements are administered. If your dog is picky, you may have to consider flavors, and based on their temperament, you must look into the easiest way to administer the supplements.

Most supplements come with fixed dosages on the container, depending on age and size. As always, it is best to get a professional opinion from the vet before you make any decisions.

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